The 99th Divorce

Chapter 1002 - Inappropriate Behavior

Chapter 1002: Inappropriate Behavior

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The atmosphere was quiet and somewhat strange. Yu Lili still hadn’t looked at him. It was as if he didn’t exist.

Ye Qianqian felt nervous. As she opened the door, her hands trembled a little. After she finally opened the door, she felt relieved and immediately slipped in the room.

When Yu Lili was about to enter the room, Ou Ming suddenly took her hand behind her and said, “Yu, let’s have a talk.”

Yu Lili wanted to pull her hand back but she failed. She then turned around to glance at Ou Ming. Under his eyes were light cyan circles. Compared with previous days, they showed his tiredness. He looked serious, with a clean and white face.

Yu Lili raised the corners of her lips slightly and smiled. “There is nothing that we can talk about. Master Ou, you think too highly of me.”

Her tone was not unfriendly at all. However, when Ou Ming heard those words, he felt they were extremely sarcastic. It seemed Yu Lili was satirizing him, which made him uncomfortable.

Ou Ming’s face became gloomy. There was some dissatisfaction flipping around in his beautiful peach blossoms eyes. He said, “Speak in a normal way.”

“Is there a problem if I speak in this way?” Yu Lili’s voice was a bit sharp. Even Ye Qianqian inside the room felt that her tone was defiant.

Ou Ming’s eyes became darker. He tightened his hand on her palm and said, “I miss you so much.”

Ye Qianqian felt embarrassed and silently hid to the side.

Yu Lili felt her heart blocked as her eyes became slightly hot. Unable to maintain the smile on her face, she tried to pull her hand back. Ou Ming didn’t let go.

Ou Ming stared at her. At that moment, there were only deep and dark brown hazelnuts in his peach blossom eyes. It was like they contained a sparkling lake.

“Master Ou, it’s inappropriate for us to behave like this.” Yu Lili didn’t try to pull her hand back any more. She just looked at him with an alienated smile on her face. “You know, you are soon getting married. Just now, your fiancée gave me the invitation card, but I forgot to take it. When you hold your wedding ceremony, I’d better not show up, right?”

As her smile grew brighter, Yu Lili landed her eyes on Ou Ming. “After all, as your former mistress, I can’t be considered an ex-girlfriend. In what identity should I attend your wedding ceremony? I can’t even think of an identity for myself.”

Ou Ming’s heart ached. He then held her hand more tightly. “There will be no wedding, Yu Lili. Give me some more time. I will definitely achieve what I said.”

He had said that he would marry Shen Manting. But, was that truly something he could change? The Shen and Ou families were matched for marriage. Ou Ming’s mother liked Shen Manting very much, so he had no reason to not marry her.

Yu Lili had nothing. She now suffered from sexual apathy, so she couldn’t give him physical pleasure. At best, she could only give him psychological satisfaction.

He had both a mistress and a fiancee. What a happy life he lived.

Yu Lili smiled as she pulled her hand back. “I don’t need that, Master Ou. I dare not dream of what you have said. Now, I only have one request for you.”

Ou Ming squinted and seemed to have faintly guessed something.

Yu Lili continued, “Please don’t entangle me in the future, OK?”

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