The 99th Divorce

Chapter 1003 - We Have Broken Up

Chapter 1003: We Have Broken Up

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Ou Ming’s heart seemed to be broken by her words. He couldn’t restrain the agony in his heart.

However, Yu Lili smiled happily and said, “Your badgering will make me very embarrassed. Since others may ask me, “Hey, Yu Lili, who is he?’ Do you know that I have no answer to this question?”

As she spoke, her eyes became redder. She tried to keep smiling and put the other hand gently on his palm. “So, let’s stop our relationship here.”

With a frigid smile, Yu Lili pulled his hand away. Ou Ming loosened her hand. He raised his hand and put it on her shoulder. He used the other hand to fix her hair. He then lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Yu Lili was astonished by his sudden action, which made her heartbeat suddenly speed up. Ou Ming moved his hands on her waistline, gently sucking her lips, which were soft and tender.

Such a kiss was not for sexual passion. He just gave her a light kiss and released her.

“In the future, I promise that you can answer that question.” Ou Ming caressed the side of her side with his big hand.

Yu Lili pushed him away and turned her head. She quickly entered the room and slammed the door.

As Ye Qianqian saw Yu Lili coming in, she blinked at her. Yu Lili’s eyes were still red, but when she saw Ye Qianqian, who curiously staring at her, she smiled.

“Are you in a cold war?” Ye Qianqian looked at Yu Lili and asked.

Cold war? Cold war means that couples or lovers ignore each other because of quarrels. But, Ou Ming and I… We are not lovers, nor a couple, are we?

Yu Lili seemed to sneer and said, “We are not in a cold war, but we have broken up.” She then walked toward her room.

Ye Qianqian sighed. She then said in a high voice, “What is love in life, for which people live and die?”

In the following days, Ou Ming didn’t appear any more.

Yu Lili began to work as an executive editor. Her performance was just as good as Ye Qianqian’s. Chief Editor Zhou had praised her for several times and even held a victory party for her.

Though old Mrs. Shen didn’t badger her, Shen Zhilie pursued her more crazily. In the past, he had sometimes waited her at the gate of her company during her off hours. Recently, he had waited her at the gate of her neighborhood.

At 7 a.m., when Yu Lili arrived at the neighborhood gate, she saw Shen Zhilie there.

He smiled happily and said, “Hello, you also run in the morning. It’s such a coincidence!”

Yu Lili laughed in her heart but unrelentingly exposed him. “It would take you 30 minutes to drive from your neighborhood here. You run really fast! Great!”

Shen Zhilie seemed to not realize that he had just been taunted. He laughed happily, as if he was somewhat complacent. “Just so-so. How about having breakfast together after a while?”

“No, I’m gonna buy some food and take it home for Qianqian,” she said.

“OK, then let’s go to your home and eat together,” Shen Zhilie said brazenly, without any embarrassment. “Just let it be. After breakfast, I will send you to your company. I happen to go in the same direction.”

It was actually not the same direction at all. Yu Lili gave him a supercilious look and ran faster.

Since Shen Zhilie was tall with long legs, he easily caught her up and went ahead of her. He then said, “By the way, last time, you went to a doctor for your disease. Are you getting better now?”

He meant sexual apathy.

“I don’t know!” Yu Lili snorted. She then turned her head toward him and jeered at him. “Have you been fired? Why are you so free all day? Don’t you have to go to work?”

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