The 99th Divorce

Chapter 699 - Shocking Turn

Chapter 699: Shocking Turn

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“Excuse me, which of you is Miss Yu Lili?”

“I am,” Yu Lili responded.

“I am the director of the dealership. My family name is Wu. Just now a gentleman sent this machine to our inspection department to check. I verified the serial number and the style and found it to be a secondhand machine that we sold half a month ago. The price was 48,888 yuan. I heard that you asked for the price of a new machine, 120,000 from the gentleman. The gentleman felt it was very unreasonable, so he entrusted me to check it out and talk to you about the situation.”

“Secondhand? Just over 40,000?” Yu Lili looked at Xu Jing and blurted out. “Isn’t the laptop worth 120,000? So you lied to me?”

Xu Jing’s face changed suddenly, and she roared, “Nonsense! I bought it for 120,000! Now it is damaged by this woman.”

The expression of the man became a bit weird. “You are the original owner of this machine?”

Xu Jing’s expression changed slightly, but she soon became calm, nodded, and said, “Yes.”

The man took a piece of paper out of his pocket and asked, “Ms. Xu Jing, right?” Xu Jing did not speak. Looking at the him spreading that piece of paper, her expression changed at once. “This is the records that you bought the laptop at our company half a month ago. It has your ID number and your autograph. The price is 48, 888 yuan. Since at the time in our domestic branch, there was not this model yet. So, it was imported from the United States by direct mail.”

Yu Lili widened her eyes and took the bill over. The name Xu Jing was right next to buyer. And she was more than familiar with the signature, which was exactly Xu Jing’s handwriting. In other words, this computer was actually purchased by Xu Jing, and she lied to her. She had wanted to defraud her! Yu Lili saw it clearly, bristled, and pointed at the signature on the piece of paper. “Xu Jing, how do you explain this!”

Xu Jing’s face changed greatly, and for a time she was rendered speechless. Everyone was speechless and looked at Xu Jing differently. Just now, it was a fact that Yu Lili broke Xu Jing’s computer, and the car accident was also a fact. Seeing that Xu Jing was so angry, everyone subconsciously thought that the laptop was authentic.

This sudden change was unexpected to everyone. What was happening? Just now, Xu Jing was threatening Yu Lili about throwing her in jail. Now suddenly everything had turned around, and Yu Lili was actually the victim.

“What? It turned out that she wanted to defraud Yu Lili. Isn’t Sister Xu very rich? Why do you want to get money this way?”

“Oh, I’m afraid it’s not just about cheating money. She was just saying that Lili stole her computer and would go to jail.”

“Ha, what is happening now? Isn’t Xu Jing herself a fraudster, with conclusive evidence!”

The colleagues were on good terms with Yu Lili and had been oppressed by Xu Jing, and they all became angry, making Xu Jing’s face more and more pale.

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