The 99th Divorce

Chapter 700 - I Called the Police!

Chapter 700: I Called the Police!

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The person who came to deliver the computer, after seeing such a scene, took out a thick yellow paper envelope from his bag and said, “This is the compensation that the gentleman gave you, a total of 50,000 yuan. Please count it.”

Then, he handed it over to Yu Lili. Yu Lili snatched the envelope and saw the five stacks of bills inside.

Taking out 1, 100, she threw the rest at Xu Jing and said, “Here, this is you. However, we are not clear yet. Now we have both the evidence and witnesses. Everyone knows that you want to defraud me of more than a hundred thousand. Sister Xu, do you know what the sentence of that is?”

Xu Jing’s face became as pale as a piece of paper all of a sudden.

Yu Lili saw this and smiled brilliantly. “Weren’t you just arrogant a while ago? What’s happening now? Didn’t you want to sue me? Go ahead and sue, Xu Jing. You can be a bad person, but don’t be so blatant here” Obviously, Yu Lili was even more haughty than before.

The sudden turns came one after another, catching Xu Jing off guard. Originally, she was thinking of using this second-hand laptop to frame Yu Lili, saying that she had stolen her computer parts and accusing her of being a thief. Just when she heard that the girl had broken the computer, she felt very pleasantly surprised. Wasn’t this slut proud? She will send her into the prison to see how proud she could be!

But she could not think of the possibility that this Yu Lili had help! Her help was actually able to invite the dealer to come over and publicly expose her plan, giving Xu Jing a hard slap in the face! The victory in her mind was reversed in a flash. This made Xu Jing, who had always had a sense of superiority as everyone’s boss, feel hard to swallow. Her expression suddenly changed, and she said, “How can you prove that this laptop is mine!”

The man from the dealership had not yet gone. Hearing Xu Jing’s words, he immediately said, “We have a record of the hard disk and the CPU inside, with matching serial numbers. If you think this not your computer, we can check the system, you will know it at a glance. This is very difficult to fake.”

Xu Jing had nothing to say, her face darker. At this moment, she heard the voice of Yu Lili. Everyone looked over and found that she was on the phone. After she told the other side the company’s address, she said: “The computer department has a supervisor named Xu Jing, she…”

Then everyone understood that Yu Lili was calling the police! No one thought that Yu Lili would be so straightforward, including Xu Jing.

Xu Jing’s first reaction was to rush over and shout, “Bitch, what are you doing!”

Yu Lili was injured and caught off guard. She did not manage to dodge the sudden attack. With Xu Jing throwing herself on top of her, she stumbled and took a small step back.

However, the phone fell to the floor because of this. On the interface of the call, the three-digit number was displayed which was a shock to see.

Xu Jing picked up the phone and said, “It’s okay now, sorry.”

“It was me who called the police, and it was you that I was accusing. Sister Xu, that was not a wise thing to do!”

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