The Alchemist God

Chapter 1 – Seven Luminary Demon King

A body was falling downwards into a tunnel of darkness at full speed. After God knows how long, with a brilliant flash of light, Lin Mu Yu no longer suffered from the splitting pain in his body, instead, he was engulfed by a burning sensation.


He fell onto a relatively soft surface. But when he extended his hand, he could feel nothing but heat.

“Eh? What is this place? It’s so d*mn hot, I feel like I’m a roasted duck in an oven!”

When he opened his eyes, Lin Mu Yu was greeted with a terrifying sight. Surrounded by streams of boiling lava, he sat amidst a sea of fire. He was fortunate that he had landed on a rock protruding from the lava.

Didn’t I just disconnect from ? But where the hell is this…This is definitely doesn’t seem like my living room…

He sat there, stunned. Suddenly, he was engulfed in a suffocating atmosphere. From above him came an insidious voice. “Hehe, Seven Luminaries Demon King, you call yourself a demon emperor, but you’ve never thought you’d fall to where you are today, no?”

An old man wearing a long green robe stood on a horoscope of stars in the air above him. He was flying! With every step he took, a spectrum of rainbow stars manifested beneath his feet. It was an incredibly beautiful sight. There was no mistake that he was a Master!

The Master looked smugly at the sea of lava before his expression suddenly changed to one of extreme hatred.

“When you single-handedly murdered more than a thousand of us, you never thought this day would come, did you? You would never have expected that I would gather twenty four God Masters and a hundred Sacred Masters to spend a century hunting you down!”

Against the raven-black sky, lights flashed one after another. Within a blink of an eye, almost two hundred Masters appeared in the sky, forming an iron wall. Each of them had a suffocating killing intent in their faces. Even the atmosphere they emitted was enough to choke Lin Mu Yu. Perhaps because of their overwhelming strength, they completely overlooked Lin Mu Yu. Or perhaps…it was because Lin Mu Yu did not even amount to a speck of dust compared to them so that they did not bother paying attention to him.

Lin Mu Yu was completely dumbfounded. Was this a movie? It has got to be a dream. A dream! I won’t be fooled. As long as I pinch myself, I’ll definitely wake up.

Without reservation, he pinches himself. Aiyo, the pain! But when he lifted his head, the Masters were still there.

Was this not a dream?

It was at that moment that the sea of lava started seething, forming countless huge waves. Suddenly, the lava culminated into a titanic wave! At the crest of the wave, a person stood proudly. It was a man who wore a jet-black robe. He appeared around thirty and was unbelievably handsome. With a contemptuous yet furious expression, he yells, “Qin Yi, you despicable villain! You slaughtered your way into the seventeenth level of hell when I was sleeping. Even if you destroyed my Magic Veins, do you really think these mere hundreds of people before me can resist the power of my Seven Luminaries?”

He raised his palm slowly with a war-like expression on his face. The surrounding seas of fire surged violently.

With a face of concentration, Qin Yi bellows, “Righteous friends, the opportunity to walk the right path has appeared! Let us combine our power and destroy the Seven Luminaries Demon King to restore peace to all the lands!”


The surrounding people yelled as one as they burst into action one after another, each brandishing their swords. Immediately, the sky lit up with streaks of colour, enough to dazzle Lin Mu Yu.

But even as the Masters’ killing intent exploded, it was not fast enough to match that of the Seven Luminaries Demon King.


As the demon king raises his palm to the heavens, numerous pillars of lava shoot upwards. With a resolute expression, he roars:

The great waves of Hellfire ascended like sharp blades, frightening Lin Mu Yu to the extent that he could only cower against the rock and watch while the airborne Masters gathered their energy and whirled their swords to block the demon king’s attack. As the fiery blades collided with the Masters’ swords, a loud boom filled the sky and shook the entire area. With only one strike, the bodies of weaker Masters had already exploded, showering the surface below with fresh blood.

The Seven Luminaries Demon King swiftly followed up with a second attack. The waves immediately formed the shapes of various demons who rushed towards the Masters. But the swords of the Masters also pierced the waves, creating countless explosions of fire and light around the demon king. It was the light emanating from the bisection of Chi energy.

The third strike! Numerous spirits appear in the empty air, shrieking furiously before dissolving into waves, sweeping all the people away. With the exception of the front line God Masters, more than a hundred Masters who had been standing at the back were killed in the blink of an eye. As the demon king’s energy attacked them, their armour shattered into pieces, until only their skeletons were left. And even then, the bones were swiftly ground into dust and scattered like smoke.

With the fourth strike, the space twisted under the strength of the demon king. Three God Masters let out rage-filled roars as they used the split second before their bodies exploded to deal death blows to the demon king.

“Uuuuh…”The demon king’s howl of pain was like the cry of a ghost. But he still spread his arms. The blood-soaked energy from all around rushed towards him as he bellowed:


The energy exploded, once again shattering the bodies of several Masters who were unable to withstand such power.

But Qin Yi had already tossed his sharp sword at the demon king.


It pierced his chest as blood spurted wildly from the wound. While the demon king slaughtered his opponents, his injuries had also been worsening.

The Seven Luminaries Demon King’s roar shook the whole of the purgatory as heaven and earth reversed and the universe spun. Another roar split the air. With the exception of Qin Yi, all nineteen of the remaining Masters melted into flesh and blood. But before they perished, they used the last of their spiritual energy to surround their swords with life essence and unleash them as arrows towards the demon king.

“Puff, puff…”

Instantaneously, the demon king’s body was riddled with numerous holes. He seemed to be on the brink of collapse as blood flowed from his mouth. And yet he still let loose a loud burst of laughter. “Qin Yi, you despicable villain. To steal my power, you’ve even sacrificed the lives of countless heroes…But I will definitely not let you succeed. The power of the Seven Luminaries will definitely not fall into your dirty hands!”

Qin Yi’s face was rapidly distorting into a wild visage. He raised his left hand, creating a giant sphere of blood-red light energy.


Golden chains started to form around his body as he bellowed, “The Seventeenth Level of God-Binding Chains, Demon-Vanquishing Technique! With the addition of the spiritual energy I’ve put my life force into this; I refuse to believe that this will not kill a foul demon like you!”

As he spoke, he suddenly leapt forward, pushing all energy towards the opponent.

But the Seven Luminaries Demon King only laughed loudly before angrily shouting, “Don’t forget! My Seven Luminaries grants me a total of seven techniques. In all my years, I have never used the seventh technique. But today, consider yourself lucky! I will allow you to witness it!”

As he spoke, The Seven Luminaries Demon King’s body suddenly trembled wildly. The space above him created starlight which shone upon his body. Instantaneously, his body and his surroundings were covered by glittering starlight. He raised his palms and roared:


Numerous rays of starlight coalesced into a sharp blade before it shot towards the opponent. The God-Binding Chains which were simultaneously Qin Yi’s weapon and shield shattered one by one as they came into contact with the Seventh Luminary’s power. Qin Yi’s body started to disintegrate as strips of flesh and bone were broken into tiny pieces but he continued to push the energy sphere in his hands forwards until it reached the chest of the Seven Luminaries Demon King.

Just before Qin Yi died, there was a surprising smug look on his face. “Seven Luminaries Demon King, you may have killed me but your body has been irreparably damaged. You will die!”

As he spoke, Qin Yi disintegrated entirely, becoming specks of dust buffeted by the wild howling winds.


The Seven Luminaries Demon King spat out another mouthful of blood. As he killed the last of the powerful Masters, he was already unsteady but his pride kept him from collapsing to the dusty ground. He started to laugh loudly. “Qin Yi, all you’ve ever thought about was stealing the power of my Seven Luminaries. You were simply dreaming and now you’re dead. It was a great death! Ahahahaha…This emperor transcends all, defeats all…Cough cough…”

He coughed harshly as fresh blood spread around his body.

It was at this moment that the demon king suddenly noticed Lin Mu Yu on the large rock not far away. He couldn’t hold back a grin. “Brat, you look so weak and yet you’ve managed to reach the seventeenth level of hell. You must be seeking death.”

Lin Mu Yu was horrified but his body refused to move. He was already under the immense pressure of the Seven Luminaries Demon King. He felt as though his body was going to be ground into powder at any moment, an incomparably uncomfortable feeling.

Although there was a fierce expression on the Seven Luminaries Demon King’s face, his body continued to disintegrate. He looked at Lin Mu Yu as if he was looking at prey before he said, “Good boy! It’s a lucky thing you’re here. This emperor’s godly body has been badly damaged so there is no way for me to manifest my spiritual power. Heh! Count yourself lucky. Your body…This emperor requires it!”

As he spoke, the Seven Luminaries Demon King suddenly roared. A ray of spiritual light shot towards Lin Mu Yu’s body.


Lin Mu Yu was terrified. Just then, his whole being felt like it had crashed straight into hell as his soul burned away. Or rather, his soul was burning away because the Seven Luminaries Demon King was cleansing it for he wanted the body!

“Haha! You don’t need to waste your energy defending yourself!” The Seventh Luminary Demon King laughed wildly. “To become this emperor’s body, this is a great honor for you! Disappear now, for your insignificant soul does not deserve to persist on this Earth!”

Heat assaulted his consciousness as Lin Mu Yu felt like he was being plunged into tens of thousands of needles. It was a kind of pain that no normal human would be able to endure. He howled uncontrollably as he kneeled on the rock, his whole body trembling. His soul was being corroded!

After half a minute, the process still had not ended.

“Hmmm?” The Seven Luminaries Demon King hummed in doubt. “What’s wrong?”

It was at this moment that Lin Mu Yu slowly raised his head. Although his whole body was immobilized by the power of the Seven Luminaries Demon King, his eyes were still clear. He ground his teeth as he refused to back down. He yelled loudly, “By what right?! What right do you have to murder me?! What kind of bullsh*t Seven Luminaries Demon King! What gives you the right to be so high and mighty to think of destroying my soul? I also walk the path of a King!”

With a roar, Lin Mu Yu endured the soul-splitting pain and stood up on the rock.

A few seconds later, the horrified one became the Seven Luminaries Demon King. His body was already disintegrating and his soul had also been hurt badly. But what surprised him most was the crazy youth before him, yelling into thin air. His will to live had already caused his spirit to go out of control. The demon king was greatly shocked and at a loss of what to do. The power of his Seven Luminaries had already entered the youth’s body but the demon king’s soul had been chased out by the youth’s will to live.


The Seven Luminaries Demon King bellowed angrily.


With a loud crash, his body disintegrated into blood, flesh and dust and even his soul was scattered to the wind.


Lin Mu Yu knelt heavily against the floor, his senses burning. The damage his soul had taken caused him to grip his head in his hands and howl with grief. Suddenly, a wave of energy erupted from behind him, sweeping his body from the surface. As he passed from surface to surface, Lin Mu Yu once again fell into a state of deep unconsciousness.

When he woke up, he already had no idea where he was and what time it was. As he slowly opened his eyes, he could hear the cheerful voice of a young lady. “Grandpa! Grandpa! He’s awake!”

What entered his sight was a slightly swaying candle and a plain bed.

The door opened and an old man with a white moustache entered the room. He wore a grey robe and reeked medicine yet his complexion was rosy. The old man smiled. “Young boy, you’ve finally woken up. I was beginning to think that you never would!”

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