The Alchemist God


Alchemist God’s prologue that’s been done for a long time, but I just couldn’t find the time to edit this. Anyways, this was completely translated by Qwekya, and all I did was revise it. Hope you guys enjoy this!

On a sunny morning, Silvermoon City bathed in a warm sunlight, creating a lazy atmosphere inside the only main city within the China servers of <>. As the morning slowly rolled over, more and more players started to come online. Everyone, both male and female, were chattering about bosses and equipments, everyone seemed abnormally busy.

At the center of the city, a majestic hall echoed the sweet rings of bells throughout the city.

Holy Cathedral, the location where only players with the title of God could come online. All of the members of the Holy Cathedral were a source of pride and respect for all players. However, the daunting obstacles barred most, almost all players from joining the Holy Cathedral. In fact, only 7 players in the China servers were a member of the Holy Cathedral. All of the members had the title of God!

Sha sha…

FalLi Leaves, under the influence of wind, slowly rolled onto the stairs of Holy Cathedral. Not far from the steps, a young man dressed in full armor walked leisurely towards the hall. Traces of loneliness were seeping out from under the charming face of the man, his eyes revealed an elusive sorrow, with light flame surrounding his armor, a large cloak swaying in the wind, and an ID which everyone was familiar with—–

[Ling Mu Yu] LV-255

Title: War God

Affiliation: Silvermoon City

Guild : Heroes Guild

Position: Guild Leader

World ranking: 1


“It’s still as quiet like before?”

Ling Mu Yu raised his head and looked at the World Tree, located in the middle of Holy Cathedral. He had brought this World Tree from the North a long time ago, and with the years, the tree had finally blossomed. In fact, his title of War God, which allowed him to stand side by side with the Magic God, Fang Ge Xue at the apex of , was due to this tree.

“It’s about time to end.”

Evidently he had something gnawing at him, and walked out of the Holy Cathedral.

Outside of the Holy Cathedral, there were countless players running around. Alone, Ling Mu Yu slowly walked next to the city’s walls.

While walking, suddenly he felt a pat on his shoulders, which was followed by an affectionate hug around his shoulders. Without any doubt, there was only a person who dared to do this in Silver City – Li Le, Ling Mu Yu’s best friend who grew up with him since childhood. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, Li Le traveled abroad and couldn’t stay with Ling Mu Yu. But as luck would have it, they played the game together all the time, and he was the Guild’s deputy chief.

“Ah Le?” [1]

Ling Mu Yu turned his head and smiled, saying, “Why are you such a sneaky bastard?”

Li Le laughed, “Ah Yu, I saw that you’re unhappy. What’s wrong? Why do you as if your dad just died? But I thought I saw him healthy and well last time and shouldn’t you be happy if he’s dead?.”

Li Le had always been living life relaxed, as if he had no worries at all. Ling Mu Yu envied him for his freedom.

“I’ve made my decision. I think it’s time for me to leave.” Ling Mu Yu softly said as if he wasn’t sure of his words.


Li Le was taken aback by this, “Ah Yu, you’re not joking right? You just obtained the title War God, and you’re planning to leave already? Or…. Is it because of your father?”

Ling Mu Yu could only smile helpless, “Yup, my father gave me an ultimatum, I must leave the game, and help him in family matters. I promised him earlier, that I would reach the top in this game within 2 years. Now that I’ve done it, it’s about time to fulfill my promise, and start to do things that I’m supposed to be doing. Honestly….. I’m ready to stop playing yet!”

Li Le laughed loudly, as if there was nothing funnier than this situation, and patted on Ling Mu Yu’s shoulders, said, “The War God, Ling Mu Yu, also the second son of the president of Long Kan Company, can’t believe you have such a tough life when your worth over 100 Billion. Seems like not everything is good for rich people, but…… Have you really decided?”


Ling Mu Yu nodded his head heavily, his determination flashed in his clear eyes, “This is my responsibility. I can’t escape it anymore. Come with me, I want to sell all my equipments, and from now on the future of the Heroes Guild will fall upon your shoulders. I will ask the others to help you succeed.”

“Are you also selling Fire God set and Seven-Wonder sword?”

“Yup, once and for all, otherwise I would not be able to fall asleep because I’ll be thinking about them constantly.”

“Haha, that’s fine that’s fine, let’s go. Before leaving you can still earn money from clearing your account. Your equipments are known as the best among the servers. Oh yeah, are you not going to play the game that is soon to be released, <>? According to rumors, Fang Ge Xue, Wen Jian, Yan Zhao Wu Shuang are all going to join this game, are you really not playing ?!”



Arriving at the auction house in Silver City, which is known as the largest auction house in the game, Ling Mu Yu took off his equipments one by one, and placed them into the auction house——

Fire God set: a five Super God equipment set, starting bid at: 22000 thousand RMB.

Seven-Jue Sword: Super God equipment, starting bid at: 10000 thousand RMB.

God-Killing Chain: Super God accessory, starting bid at: 7000 thousand RMB.

Consonance Ring: Five Stars God equipment, starting bid at: 4000 thousand RMB.


In the blink of an eye, Ling Mu Yu sold all his equipments, leaving him with a set of clothes from Beginner Village. However, his title War God was still shining, marking his irreplaceable mark on the history in this game.

“Lulu, come out!”

Ling Mu Yu called softly and suddenly a flood of light was in the air in front of him. Then a cute spirit lady appeared there. She was Ling Mu Yu’s personal spirit. Every player was given a spirit like her when they entered the game, in reality she’s an advanced help system given by the system, guiding every player in completing all kinds of movement in game.


Lulu hugged Ling Mu Yu’s neck happily. Even though she’s just a bunch of data, she had a delicate stature. The body, which was nearly 30 cm tall, sat on Ling Mu Yu’s shoulders, smiling and said, “What do you need Lulu to help with?”

Ling Mu Yu smiled, “Lulu, please delete all my skills.”

“Ah? Brother, really?” The female spirit looked at him with shock.

Ling Mu Yu nodded, “Iris scan, after confirming my identity again, delete them!”


The female spirit used a machine voice and reported the result of each deletion—–

God-Drinking slash, SSS ranked skill, Grand Master level, deleted successfully!

Blazing Fire slash, SSS ranked skill, Grand Master level, deleted successfully!

Ice Shield, SSS ranked skill, Grand Master level, deleted successfully!

Stars Tactics, SSS ranked skill, Grand Master level, deleted successfully!


Dragon-Hold Spear Technique, SS ranked skill, given by the title War God, unable to be deleted!

Falling Star Footsteps, SS ranked skill, given by the title War God, unable to be deleted!

Refining Skill, SSS ranked skill, Grand Master level, exclusive professional skill, unable to be deleted!


In a short moment, of the 24 main skills all that were left were the 3 that couldn’t be deleted, the others had been erased successfully.

Ling Mu Yu frowned, Falling Star footsteps, Refining Skill, were obtained with much difficulty. Oh well, there’s no need to delete profession, might as well delete the account with these skills!


Ling Mu Yu called out again, and said, “Activate self-destruction command, I’m leaving.”

The little spirit lady looked at Ling Mu Yu silently, her eyes became watery, “Brother is going to leave? Does brother not want Lulu anymore?”

Ling Mu Yu wasn’t sure to cry or laugh, since he never saw the spirit cry before, so he decided to smile and said, “No, maybe….. We could find each other when we turn at an intersection. Lulu, help me to activate the self-destruction command. I’ve already made my decision!”

“Alright, brother.”

Lulu had to do her duty in the end, in the next moment, Ling Mu Yu passed his Guild Leader title to Li Le, then his body was slowly vanished into piles of data. It’s not a good feeling looking at his own body vanishing slowly.

But Ling Mu Yu had to withstand this. He understood, a man must know how to take responsibilities, and must do what he’s supposed to do. Escaping is only for cowards.



As the light disappeared, replaced with darkness, Ling Mu Yu appeared in a closed space, without a body. Calling out the system, and said “Offline!”

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds.

Half a minute had passed, but nothing had happened. Ling Mu Yu had a bad feeling “Offline, what’s happening?”

Nobody answered his question, it was empty around him.

Ling Mu Yu couldn’t stay calm anymore, and shouted, “System spirit? Lulu? Let me go offline!”

There was no notice of offline, but he felt a strong dizzy feeling, in front of him it felt like it turned into a spiral force field, sweeping Ling Mu Yu’s consciousness into it.

System Notification: The codes for exiting were edited, system is now installing program!

System Notification: Installation completed. You will now be disconnected from the internet forcefully!



Ling Mu Yu was at loss. A stronger dizziness was felt, pulling him into the darkness in front of him, and he could only feel he’s falling non stop, falling further and further.

“Who’s the bastard that removed my internet wire?”

Before fainting, these were the last words by a person.

锚点1. Ah Blank is a common name for people close to each other, it’s the equivalent of a nickname.

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