The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1019 - Wei Wei’s Wish

1019 Wei Wei’s Wish

The demonization was completed.

With the dark mist exuding from his body, Baili Jia Jue was strikingly handsome, just like the equinox flowers blooming in the magical realm.

He slightly raised his head while sucking the blood. His jawline was like a quiet water bay and huge wings abruptly spread out behind him.

Those black feathers that symbolized sin, darkness and greed fell one after another.

The devil’s song was played with its melody drifting in the air along with his wings, as if it could embrace the boundless horizon of stars.

Knowing that she could not stop him anymore, Helian Wei Wei endured the pain and stretched out her arms to wrap around his waist. She tried to give him warmth, as usual, but her breath was turning weak.

At that moment, her lips were pale and only the tears in her eyes were gentle. “I want you to be blessed, happy, and no longer be alone. This is what I wished for.”

Shock jolted through Baili Jia Jue upon hearing what she said!

No one had ever made such a wish for him.

He remembered the agony that he suffered when he was thrown into the Flame of Hell on the day he fell from heaven.

The real fall started at the Third Level of Hell, where the soul would be completely crushed and almost every single bone was aching.

No one had ever been considerate to him.

However, what was he thinking of at that moment?


Baili Jia Jue held Helian Wei Wei tight in his arms with his stiff fingers and the sparkles in his eyes started to converge gradually, forming a bloody mark.

The soft and gentle creature in his arms made him stop.

It seemed like something important was disappearing as blood gushing out from her chest.

He had never felt like this for a long time.

Lying in his arms, her once vibrant face was now deadly pale, like an obedient wooden puppet.

He used to think of destroying her countless times.

Nonetheless, he started to feel an unprecedented emptiness at the moment she lost her body temperature.

Is this feeling good or bad?

No one would restrain him anymore and his chest would not be as irritable and restless as before.

He desperately wanted to get rid of this feeling in the past and finally he did it.

She would no longer appear in front of him.

Somehow, he felt drained.

Something started to rise gradually as her blood slowly seeped through.

There was such a person who would never leave him in peace.

She was shrewd ever since she was young, wearing a kasaya that did not fit her at all and she could never get those sleeves right. Nevertheless, she loved to run around the Mountain Tenya as she carried the water. She looked nothing like a little shami.

Resembling a cat, she would throw you a bun when she first met you and observed you for a while. Once you started to treat her nicely, only then would she approach you.

Thereafter, you would realize that she was not a cat, but a canine.

She tended to give without asking for return. Those eyes were always full of trust coupled with a desperate tenderness.

She would take whatever you said to be true.

She was very smart, but still she would clumsily lean on the table and carefully jot down the memories they had made together.

It was then Baili Jia Jue began to remember.

He never thought of taking revenge when he became a devil upon his fall.

Instead, he was thinking whether his Little Phoenix would be bullied in Buddhism without him.

Amid the languid dusk, what he thought of the most was how she used to push him down and slowly lean into his arms before hugging him domineeringly.

How could he forget such an important bit of his memories!

Baili Jia Jue’s fingers that were in black gloves, pressed hard into his palm. Hurriedly, he wiped off the blood of the person in his arms, and no one could see his expression clearly.

There he was, kneeling down with one arm holding Helian Wei Wei while the other one was hanging down. At the same time his head was drooping listlessly.

This man who had never pleaded with anyone and had no fear for anything, collapsed at this moment.

The glaciers cracked around him, forming lines of huge crevasses.

Countless cannibalistic black crows rose instantly into the air along with the big birds flying across as they swayed through the snow mountain and wailed.

Suddenly, a hoarse sound resonated between heaven and earth, whistled and spread to every corner of the world. In this world where the demons started to run rampant, all the terror-stricken ghosts and monsters had uncontrollably turned into their original forms.

That was the roar of their king, the King of all demons.

That was the sorrow that struck deep into the human heart!

That was the resentment that could penetrate through the eighteen layers of hell!

The growl shook the Gates of Hell, causing the reapers to jerk involuntarily. Puzzled, they looked at each other as the iron chains that they used to lock the souls were shattered into pieces by the invisible demonic aura.

Meanwhile, in the garage, Helian Qingchen who was washing his hair, immediately sat upright. He then sprang out without bothering Baili Shangxie who was still helping him to rinse his hair.

Baili Shangxie quickly pulled him over and patted his back with his little fingernails, which had now turned black. He kept himself quiet and aloof.

Helian Qingchen suddenly realized that his brother was the one who suffered the most at the moment. He turned around to hug Baili Shangxie and his voice was dull, “It will be alright. Believe in pretty Wei Wei, okay?”

“Okay.” Bali Shangxie did not tell Helian Qingchen that his changes were actually the sign of their Imperial Father losing his humanity. Even if anything went wrong, he had to stay calm and take care of his younger brother…

Helian Qingchen did not trouble Baili Shangxie and he even knew that he had to help his elder brother to hide his identity in this critical period. He covered Baili Shangxie’s ears with his little hands and took a huge coat to cover up Baili Shangxie after entering the garage.

The two little ones leaned against each other as they sat in the corner. This was the first time where they behaved in such an obedient manner.

The sun gradually set with colorful hues spreading across the sky. The dusk had come.

Baili Jia Jue walked toward Zha Xi with Helian Wei Wei in his arms. His long hair fluttered in the dark and his footsteps were crunching. That was the sound of the ground being trampled.

The man could no longer feel anything, be it arrogance, elegance, contempt, mockery, fragility or cruelty.

He just walked along as the white snow fell on his long and thick eyelashes.

On the other hand, Zha Xi was too stunned to react. He could not believe that all the glaciers had collapsed, but only those around him were still intact.

Zha Shi would never know that it was Helian Wei Wei’s last glance that saved his life…

No one could have predicted things to turn out like this.

Those hikers who were eventually buried in the massive avalanche would never expect to lose their lives here just because they did not listen to others’ advice.

If it were not for the female hiker’s approach and her dirty thoughts, perhaps Baili Jia Jue would not demonize in advance.

Nonetheless, everyone was clear that things would come to this stage sooner or later.

In the dark night, those red spider lilies were daunting and vigorous, just like a raging fire as they drifted along the dark river that stretched up to 81 miles long. It was a rather ineffable magnificent view.

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