The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1020 - Being Spoiled By His Highness

1020 Being Spoiled By His Highness

Out of nowhere, a tiny boat appeared on the river.

The river was named the Styx River, it was the river of life in the Underworld. Souls that could not reincarnate drifted like clouds on its surface.

Baili Jia Jue wore a black cloak and stood at the helm of the boat.

He held a bamboo pole silently and looked at Helian Wei Wei who was on the boat. Although her eyes were shut, he could hear her voice.

“What is this place?” she asked.

Baili Jia Jue reached out and smoothed her long hair that had been ruffled by the wind, he then answered with an unprecedented soft tone, “Styx River.”

Then, he gently placed a kiss on her forehead.

Her small face still did not show any sign of consciousness or grief. Her visage was calm and peaceful, the trace of a smile played on her lips.

“It is the place where demons devour souls.” Helian Wei Wei was shrouded in a dark mist and could not see anything. All she could feel was his chilly lips along with his signature coldness as he tried to comfort her.

Helian Wei Wei asked again, “Are you going to eat my soul? I think I can feel them leaving my mortal shell.”

“Shh.” He pressed a finger to her pale lips to keep her silent. “Don’t talk, sleep a little longer. You need to rest.”

Before her deep slumber, Helian Wei Wei heaved a great sigh, “Ok.”

“Good.” He had always spoiled her rotten, and it was no different now even as he was about to devour her.

Baili Jia Jue reached out and cradled Helian Wei Wei in his arms. He had wrapped her with his black cloak to keep her warm so he was now bare-chested. His excellent physique was clear for all to see.

However, Helian Wei Wei did not want to sleep, she still wanted to talk to him.

However, as mentioned by Baili Jia Jue, she did not have the energy to do so.

If it was not for the frigid temperature in Hoh Xil, she would probably have met her death in the snowy glaciers and not survive to this moment.

Helian Wei Wei realized her light of Buddha was weakening. Soon, she would sink into the depths of Styx River, just like the other creatures.

The difference was that the other souls could be reincarnated, but she would disappear forever…

No one knew what Baili Jia Jue wanted to do. The reapers, whose duties were to escort the souls of the deceased, were helpless. They did not know why His Highness suddenly came to the intersection of the Underworld and the Magical Realm. In the past, Baili Jia Jue had always been disdainful of the Underworld. A person like him who suffered from mysophobia would never come to the Underworld which was full of souls of the deceased.

What had happened?

If he was here, those souls of the deceased would not dare to approach, not to mention be able to be reincarnated.

Even the evil spirits which hid under the eighteen layers of hell began to tremble and tried to escape this place.

The Underworld would become chaotic if someone did not figure a way to convince His Highness to leave.

“What is he doing here? To pick a fight?” The King of Hell was tall and strong, so he easily lifted the judge with a single hand. His face was scrunched up with displeasure.

The judge stammered out, “I-It d-doesn’t l-look like it. B-But if someone…approaches him, I guess he w-would explode.”

“Am I supposed to be scared of that? I have found this kept man unbearable for a long time. I will deal with him today!” The King of Hell flung his subordinate away and went out with a malicious grin on his face.

The woman who sat behind him interrupted, “You asked me to come here, just to let me watch you fight with the Emperor?”

“Of course not!” The King of Hell swiftly changed his direction and sat back down in his original spot. “I asked you here because Little Seventh misses you so much, he really wants to meet you.”

The judge was speechless.

Why did the bosses of the Magical Realm and the Underworld like to use their son as an excuse to lie to their wife?

Furthermore, Master! Don’t laugh when you say that, you’re showing your hand. Oh my, it’s too much for my eyes!

“But something must have happened for the Emperor to come here.” The woman was lost in her thoughts. “Go and help him.”

Just a second ago, I was planning to kill him and now you ask me to give him a hand… The King of Hell pondered irritatingly in his heart.

“Absolutely not!” he replied succinctly in two words.

The woman gave him a long stare and after a moment she said, “Alright, then there is nothing to talk about between us.”

“Y-you…” The King of Hell gave his fangs a bite. “Fine! I’ll go now!”

The judge witnessed this whole scene and mused internally. Master, can you have some self-control? You aren’t always like this. Are you sure you can resist initiating a fight with His Highness? He is your rival for thousands of years after all!

Of course, the King of Hell could not pass up this chance, thus he sent a reaper to spy on the Emperor.

When the reaper told the King of Hell that Baili Jia Jue was on a boat that carried the Great Lord Phoenix’s corpse inside it, he finally deduced what had happened.

The King of Hell had hoped with all his heart that Baili Jia Jue could live a long peaceful life with Helian Wei Wei forever. This would ensure no one else was endangered!

Hence, the King of Hell had generously let the reapers guide the souls of the deceased to the other place first and prevented them from jumping into the Styx River.

There were equinox flowers all over the banks of the Styx River.

Everyone said that it symbolized misfortune and despair.

Even so, there were still many people who longed for it.

Rumor had it that it grew in spots that were fully occupied with souls, and a faint song could be heard when the breeze blew.

This was the voice of the mermaids.

One should never think of the mermaids as beautiful creatures.

It was true that they were very attractive. They possessed the most ethereal voices and had the most enchanting faces in the world.

When they looked into your eyes, you could not help but promise them the world.

However, after they bewitched you into an agreement, they would bare their rows of razor-sharp teeth and immediately drag you into the murky depths where they would feast on your flesh with only bones remaining.

Baili Jia Jue walked toward the mermaids, they obediently parted to make way for him.

He placed Helian Wei Wei in the sea of flowers and fixed the mermaids he had summoned with a leveled stare. He barked out a simple order, “Sing until she wakes up.”

The mermaids did not dare to disobey him. They looked at his elegant yet impassive side profile admiringly, clasped their hands together and sang softly. The ethereal voices resonated all around the sea of flowers.

Rumor had it that a mermaid’s song could summon souls.

However, the truth was, the probability of this happening was very low.

Baili Jia Jue lowered his head and bit his wrist. He placed it on Helian Wei Wei’s lips and waited for the blood to drip over and stain her pale lips.

After this, without any notice, he swiftly jumped into the Styx River.

The mermaids were flabbergasted, some of them even forgot to continue their singing.

After all, a neat freak like their king had never approached the Styx River, let alone touch the water.

However, now, he waded around in the Styx River, surrounded by dirty and unbearable cold water. He looked like he was fervently trying to catch something …

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