The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1021 - Soul

1021 Soul

Baili Jia Jue turned his face and glanced through their faces, his eyes gleaming with extremely deep and cold light.

Just then, the mermaids withdrew their gazes and began to concentrate.

Pure and ethereal voices could be heard from the surface of the river, creating layers of thin fog.

This was the only moment in which the human eyes could catch the sight of the sinking souls at the bottom of the river.

Baili Jia Jue must hide his magic if he wished to find them.

The temperature of the Styx River was extremely low and it was completely impossible for common people to endure the bone-piercing cold with mortal flesh and body.

As such, a thought began to form in the minds of those evil spirits who had a rebellious heart.

“Eat him, eat him!”

“He won’t have any magic for a short while after entering the Styx River!”

They wanted to grab this opportunity to finish up Baili Jia Jue as his blood was literally an absolute tonic for them.

There’s absolutely no way such a situation could happen again!

It was true.

Helian Wei Wei would never know.

The arrogant and cold man had revealed his weakness for the very first time for her sake.

The evil spirits stabbed at his back brutally by using their sharp claws.

Supposedly, he could have dodged the attack easily with his ability, albeit not having any magic. However, he simply leaned slightly to one side to protect the First Soul that he just scooped up, letting the sharp claws penetrate his left shoulder and stab right into his sphenoid.

The evil spirits laughed as if they had succeeded.

However, before they could have enough taste of the wonderful blood…

They turned into fireworks in the air while howling, as though they were burnt by the raging fire.

It turned out that Baili Jia Jue’s blood was filled with magic that none of the spirits would find bearable.

The power was so strong and perverse to a certain extent, it was totally beyond their limits of endurance.

The lips of all the other evil spirits who originally wanted to join the action turned pale as they witnessed the scene. They dared not take a step forward, and all they could do was begging Baili Jia Jue for his mercy.

However, this time, Baili Jia Jue did not punish them, nor did he ask them to leave. Instead, he appeared as though he was unaware of their existence. He kept on bending his body and concentrating on scooping something.

Apparently, he did not feel any pain, even though the blood was dripping down, drop by drop, from his shoulder. He carried the Second Soul nicely and carefully in his hand, without letting his blood stain any part of the soul.

No one had ever seen Baili Jia Jue in such a state.

His fingers which used to be elegant were frostbitten to red and there was a lot of black silt on it.

Nonetheless, he did not care about it at all.

He looked so serious and persistent as if he was afraid that he might have missed out on something once he lost focus. He had been standing in the Styx River for a total of four hours.

He only went ashore when the water of the Styx River wetted his hair as well as his body. Coldness transmitted all over his body as he stared without blinking at Helian Wei Wei who was lying in the sea of flowers. In his heart, there was something cooling down bit by bit.

The mermaids continued singing and pouring out the melody.

However, there was an unknown flame burning in his chest, dashing madly around his body as it could not find a way out.

Not waking up.

She…is not waking up.

His favorite flower, equinox flowers were growing vigorously and blooming all over the riverbank.

Finally, he had his wish fulfilled and obtained a complete rebirth.

However, the person who always loved and cared for him would never come back again…

“I want you to be blessed, happy, and no longer be alone. This is what I wished for.”

Why? Why didn’t I stop earlier when I heard the sentence?

Baili Jia Jue moved his throat with great difficulty. He could feel his hand covering in blood, but he did not move at all. His whole body appeared to blend into the darkness in the dark of the night.

The night breeze was blowing silently.

The sea of flowers was shaking in the shadow.

Yet, Baili Jia Jue was still standing on the original spot.

The blood on his body dripped onto the white snow.

Except for the day he had fallen from heaven and wallowed in the chaos for a few days, he had always been cool and elegant, and he had never looked as miserable as he was right now.

His upbringing would never allow him to do anything beneath his dignity.

Nevertheless, he was burying his head in Helian Wei Wei’s chest with his eyes closed. How eagerly he wished for this person to wake up, so much so that he was willing to do anything to bring her back.

He smashed his fist fiercely onto the ground, the black feathers falling down lightly.

Uncountable wraiths surrounding him were affected and burnt to ashes in an instant.

The enormous aura of resentment above the sky of Styx River was cut off by the black smog, the limit of the great barrier was broken and shattered into pieces of slag.

At this moment, all the mermaids halted their singing and headed above the river water. For no other reason than the fact that they had never expected that the superior man would cry one day.

It is a well-known fact to everyone that regardless of whether you are a human, God or Buddha, you will cry for sure the moment you are born.

The only exception was Baili Jia Jue, who was born in chaos. He came to this world with a smile on his face. That curved lips on his face illustrated that he was born with a rebellious attitude.

Surprisingly, such a person was actually shedding tears here.

Not only the mermaids but even the evil spirits from a hundred miles away had also stopped hovering.

Baili Jia Jue’s eyes were filled with red marks and the dark Qi emitted from his body had risen and pressed up the Mountain Tenya in Buddhism.

All the Three Realms were shocked, but none of them could handle Baili Jia Jue at this moment.

The Underworld was shaking violently, even the King of Hell could not stand on his feet. He then took the opportunity to hold the woman he loved into his arms.

The judge could not bear it anymore and fell into the Fourth Level of Hell by accident.

The Underworld was in complete chaos. Many spirits began to flee in random directions and even the reapers were in a state of great disorder due to the tremble.

Meanwhile, in the human world, Baili Shangxie was walking in the snow, clumsily holding a little guy who was just one head shorter than him in his hands. The ghoulish aura he used to have was nowhere to be seen, he was now noble and cold while standing in the Coffin Shop that he least wanted to be at.

Little Qingchen stayed quietly in his arms, his lips were pale and he had lost all the color in his little face. All he could do now was to lie on Baili Shangxie’s shoulder.

The owner of the Coffin Shop was known by a single name, Bing. He was dressed in a black suit with a black notebook in his hand, wearing zero-degree flat spectacles on his nose solely for the purpose of weakening his ghoulish aura. In spite of that, his cold and handsome side profile still revealed the fact that he was not a human.

“Wake him up and I’ll pay you accordingly.” Baili Shangxie said in a low voice, looking exactly like a grown-up.

Bing raised his eyebrows upon hearing that, subconsciously sensing Helian Qingchen’s ears.

His little ears were hanging down, but they looked empty as there were no silver earrings as decoration.

Bing wrinkled his thick eyebrows. No?

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