The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Good-For-Nothing Genius

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That horse carriage was entirely out of the ordinary. It was luxurious, pure white, with vaguely discernable gold sparkles.

“Ah, is there something wrong with my eyesight? A good for nothing also came to buy a school hat?”

The Helian Mei who was recently stung by bees had just stepped down from the carriage when her eyes opened wide, mockingly said, “Father, quickly come look, Oldest Sister also wants to attend White Academy, don’t know if she’ll be driven away!”

Helian Guang Yao also stepped out of the carriage, after seeing Helian Wei Wei, he creased his eyebrows, it seemed like even taking a glance at her disgusted him. “What are you doing still standing there, want to lose face? Go back!”

“Father, calm down.” Helian Jiao Er looked up, eyes brimming with tears “Elder Sister, how did you follow us all the way here? Is it because Master Murong is also with us?

Standing beside her, was Murong Chang Feng, the sleeves of his robe fluttered, with an elegant demeanor, shifted his gaze to sweep past the dark skinned woman, slowly knitted his brows, unable to conceal his disgust, “This Lord would also like to know what this is about.”

“From what I see, Eldest Sister has followed Master Murong all this way, pestering him like a ghost that’s unable to let go! Why doesn’t she make use of her time to reflect on all the embarrassing things that she had done? What man would place her in his eyes? Maybe if he was blind!

Helian Mei purposely shouted the ridicule in public, almost everyone at the big market street who saw started moving towards them in curiosity.

Having heard the last sentence, a shadow in the distance stood up, a head covered by cold sweat lifted; his eyes glanced at the side of his Master’s face.

The man slowly turned the black jade ring on his finger. Within his deep cold eyes, there was neither a trace of joy, nor anger.

[May Buddha protect you, his Highness did not hear those words; he definitely did not hear it . . . Nonsense! That woman yelled, “blind”, and yelled so loudly, he heard it all, how could Master not hear it!]

“I say, Eldest Sister, are you still unable to let go of your feelings towards Master Murong? Helian Mei glanced at her, “Will you wake up? The one his noble one likes is Second Sister. In what way can you compare to Second Sister? You came out for so long and still haven’t bought anything, isn’t it because of not having enough money? Ha ha, spend more time looking at your own poor appearance in the mirror. Don’t always spend your entire day dreaming about flying on a branch to become a Phoenix.”

Helian Wei Wei crossed her hands, from the beginning till now, she hadn’t opened her mouth. Only when Helian Mei shut her mouth, did she slowly raise the corners of her mouth, “Have you guys finished talking?”

What Helian Mei couldn’t stand the most was the way she brushed everything away like light they were nothing. She could only let out grunt with a “humph”.

“Since you guys are done talking, then it’s my turn to speak.” Helian Wei Wei took a step forward, the sides of her mouth curled up into a sneer. She then reached out to hold Helian Mei’s chin and lifted it up with her slender finger. “Who told you that I followed you guys here? Eldest Sister only came to the market to buy some things. Rather, didn’t you guys truly view yourselves too importantly? As for admiring Murong Chang Feng, you guys can quickly take him away . . . the kind of guy who only grew the lower half of his body without developing his brain, this Sister is disgusted at the sight.”

“You, you, how dare you talk that way about him ! ” Helian Mei shook all over in anger, pointed at Helian Wei Wei.

Murong Chang Feng was even angrier, his handsome face completely distorted. This wretched woman, said what of him?! – A man who only grew his lower half without developing his brain?

Who was it that followed behind him all day? Now came this change in behavior; was this her new trick?

If it was like this, he should congratulate this good for nothing idiot, she had done it!

The current Murong Chang Feng was dying to split open Helian Wei Wei with one sword thrust. He had never been like this before, detesting someone so much!

“Young Noble…..” Helian Jiao Er discovered that from the moment the slut appeared, all of Murong Chang Feng’s attention was entirely drawn away. How could that be allowed!

She extended her hand, firmly tugged Murong Chang Feng’s clothes; gently bit her small lips, looking pitiable with red eye rims, “I beg Young Noble to not argue with Eldest Sister. It’s only because she can’t do without Young Noble and wanted to make Young Noble turn his heart and change his mind . . . . . ”

“In my life, this Lord will never marry a good-for-nothing who doesn’t have any sense of honor.” Murong Chang Feng coldly laughed with disdain, turned his face as if he turned into an ice carving at White mountain, disgusted yet firm.

Helian Wei Wei did not care about their reaction in the slightest, left hand juggling a strawberry, allowing sneers to burst behind her.

In the distance, a man’s distinctly black and white eyes, reflected the indifferent face. That face, calm, unhurried, unruly and unbending, was worlds apart from the previous good-for-nothing.

The thin lips below the man’s silvery face formed a perverse smile. Helian Wei Wei, you are indeed quite interesting . . . seeing as you’re so interesting, this Royal One will spare you for a few more days. Such an amusing prey, playing to death too soon, would be no fun. . .

“Your Highness?” The trembling shadow was covered in goosebumps. [Oh my god, can you stop smiling? In what way are you not satisfied? You can directly say it!]

“Go.” The man lightly dropped a word, as he flourished his long sleeves, his back like a pine.

The shadow was dazed. “Go?”

Hadn’t it been agreed that today, the “Red Phoenix Star” would be killed?

His Highness had changed his mind again?

Based on the master’s recent habits, the longer the delay in putting away someone, the end for that someone would usually be even more tragic.

The shadow looked back, glanced at the Helian Wei Wei advancing again in the street market, he quietly prayed for the other . . .

At the other side, Murong Chang Feng, whose anger hadn’t subsided, brought Helian Jiao Er and entered an inn. The reason they journeyed together today, was because Murong Chang Feng wanted to take Helian Jiao Er to introduce her to his teacher, Master Tu Lao.

Tu Lao saw his own disciple’s face filled with rage, slamming the door coming in, wrinkled his brow, “Chang Feng, how many times had this Master told you, in wanting to become a success in martial cultivation, cultivating is important, but state of mind is also very important.”

“Yes!” Murong Chang Feng grasps his hands, although a little unconvinced, but still finally acquiesced.

Tu Lao did not fail to notice, but he didn’t point it out. This disciple of his was good in every way, except he was a bit proud, didn’t listen to others’ teachings, maybe because of his high birth, ai! Unlike yesterday’s lass who conducted herself cooly, neither haughty nor meek, only a bit money-grubbing.

Thinking of this, Tu Lao then felt a bit of regret “Fine, let’s not talk about this. The person I wanted you to find, have you found her?”

Murong Chang Feng shook his head, replied, “Disciple ransacked the entire capital, yet still did not find the young girl Master spoke of. Master, who is this girl to actually be worth so much of your attention?”

“A peerless genius!” When Tu Lao spoke of this girl, he was unable to hold back his excitement, “It’s because you don’t know how high her talent for Armament Assembling is! Even the esteemed Grandmaster wants to take her in as a disciple, to instruct her personally!”


Murong Chang Feng raised his head, the light in his pupils flashed in astonishment!

Previously, he also wanted to recognize that old man as Master. However, no matter how he himself came to plead, or even with his father, Prince Murong, having sent invitations, that eccentric character, whose standards were of the highest, didn’t even meet them once!

Yet now, that old man unexpectedly wanted to accept a disciple, he was really curious just who had caught that old man’s eye?

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