The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Crashing into Something

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“My Lord, who was the young female genius that you’re talking about?” Not being able to stand having been neglected for so long, Helian Jiao Er delicately opened her mouth, “Maybe my father can help look around.”

Murong Chang Feng now recalled that Helian Guan Yao was also present at the Inn, he hastily proceeded to make the introduction, “Master, this is the Military Minister, Grand Advisor Helian.”

“Hadn’t the High Priest always been directly in charge of the military? Is the replacement able to manage?” Tu Lao was still preoccupied with finding the young girl. He didn’t think it through and already blurted out the words.

Helian Guang Yao’s smile froze, he spoke a little awkwardly, “I am only assisting. I’ve met you, Master, once before, and this time, Lord Murong brought me to meet Master with the hope that Master can accept my daughter as a disciple.”

At this time, Tu Lao became aware that he misspoke and realized that it’s not good to directly turn down Helian Guang Yao’s request. He just slapped his own forehead and replied, “Look at this brain of mine that is having more and more difficulty thinking, I’m getting old, getting old. I’ve seen the person, yet has forgotten in an instant!”

“Then my daughter’s matter?” Helian Guang Yao probed.

Tu Lao looked and looked at Helian Jiao Er standing behind him, “Since my disciple is making the recommendation, her talent must be far from ordinary.”

Having heard what was said, Helian Jiao Er’s face revealed a complacency that could not be concealed.

Tu Lao thought to himself [Here’s another one who is overfilled with vanity] and shook his head, continued his reply, “Actually, right now, I only wanted to accept that young girl we just talked about as a disciple. As for other people, let’s forget it.”

Having never been rejected by anyone before, a malevolent thought quickly flashed in Helian Jiao Er’s eyes [Whoever that young girl is, could she compare to myself?]

Even though she thought this in her heart, on the surface, Helian Jiao Er did not show it, she only gracefully smiled, “Jiao Er would really like to meet the sister that Master was talking about.”

“Ha ha, I also would like to see that girl again. Too bad I only know she is about 15 to 16 years old and don’t know anything else about her. That girl was surprisingly skilled. She seemed to have disappeared from the earth, the clothes she was wearing should’ve come from a prestigious household. How could she not have been found? Tu Lao chattered endlessly to himself. He could never imagine that it’s not because Helian Wei Wei disappeared from the world. Rather, since the beginning, Murong Chang Feng already eliminated Helian Wei Wei from consideration. Therefore, even though Murong Chang Feng ransacked the entire capitol, he still couldn’t find the genius at Phoenix Loft that day…

On the second day, the sun was riding high in the sky. The wind was clear and crisp.

Countless numbers of luxurious horse carriages left the city. The scene was extremely grand. Within the capitol, there wasn’t anyone who didn’t know that today was White Academy’s opening day.

All the ladies from influential families dressed similarly elaborately. Only Helian Wei Wei dressed casually. She only carried a small book bag and got ready to hit the road…

After stepping out of the door, Helian Mei wrinkled her brows in dislike, turned her head while shaking Helian Guang Yao’s arm and said, “Father, you’re not still thinking of putting Second Sister and her in the same horse carriage, are you? Her destitute style, if people saw it, how could I and Second Sister make friends at the academy?”

“That demoness simply can not have a share in this horse carriage!” Helian Guang Yao patted Helian Mei, “When you arrive at the academy, you and your second sister can feel free to pretend like you don’t know her.”

“Yes, father!” Helian Mei sweetly laughed out loud. Facing Helian Wei Wei’s direction, she gave a satisfied glance.

Helian Wei Wei didn’t pay her any attention. Rather than wasting time here, why not start the journey earlier.

“That father really is a beast, all are his daughters, yet they get to ride in a horse carriage, while you have to up the mountain on your own.” Yuan Ming’s husky voice was filled with a laziness which sounded like he just woke up.

Helian Wei Wei indifferently raised her eyebrows, “Yuan Ming, don’t use the animals as a comparison while talking about that man, the animals will cry from the injustice.”

“Your qi breath is this dense?” Yuan Ming laughed devilishly, “Looks like you advanced again yesterday.”

The ends of Helian Wei Wei’s mouth curved a bit and didn’t deny it.

Yuan Ming burst with excitement, “Then go quickly, when you arrive at White Academy, kill until not a single one remains!”

Helian Wei Wei, “. . . . . ”

That guy loves to fight and kill, aye, the dislike and grievances brought by those at White Academy are not yet that deep . . . . .

“Second Sister, look at the way that good-for-nothing is dressed, looks really silly.” Helian Mei lifted the carriage’s curtain, a sneer on her face.

Helian Jiao Er was letting her maid change the flower on her head, while observing the going-ons from behind the carriage’s curtain. Her eyes flashed, replied, “Then does Third Sister want to see her look even worse?”

“Of course I want to!” Helian Mei immediately turned around, “What good idea does Second Sister have?”

Helian Jiao Er giggled lightly, “I heard that White Academy’s grounds had fixed closing times. Once the courtyard’s closing time passed, White Academy would be thoroughly cut off from the outside. We only need to arrive at the academy earlier than that good-for-nothing and block the entrance that she’ll need to go through. Let’s see how she’ll be admitted at that time!”

“Is that not going too easily on her?” All this time, Helian Mei was unable to forget the slap she received two days ago. Her eyes became gloomy, “We should thoroughly destroy that wretch’s prospects instead.”

Helian Jiao Er laughed, “Third Sister, you haven’t carefully looked at the admissions notice, right? The admissions notice stated that those who did not arrive by the appointed time will cause their admittance to be cancelled forever.”

“This time, wouldn’t that wretch, Helian Wei Wei, be screwed for sure!” Helian Mei viciously laughed out loud, her laughter reverberated within the carriage for a long time without subsiding…

At midday, halfway at the summit, Helian Wei Wei looked at the boulder blocking the entrance, her eyebrows creased lightly.

“How is there a boulder at this place?” Yuan Ming lifted his head, said with suspicion. “Such a big boulder doesn’t look like it could’ve rolled down from the mountain.”

Helian Wei Wei walked full circle around the boulder, the light in her eyes a bit cold, a fine thread of red could be perceived, “You’re right, this rock indeed did not roll down from the mountain. Not only that, someone purposefully placed it here.”

“Your two stupid sisters did something again.” Yuan Ming could do nothing about it, “Why do they like to provoke you so much?”

Helian Wei Wei lifted her brow, “They’re jealous of my handsomeness?”

“Oh please, you’re female not male!” Yuan Ming lazily headed towards the boulder and sprawled on top of it. “What do we do now?” My body is empty (of energy) and your martial cultivation strength is not strong enough. With such a large boulder blocking the way, how are you going to enter? Girl, I must remind you, you don’t have a lot of time, if no one removes this chunk of rock, you will be closed off from the academy forever!”

Having heard that, Helian Wei Wei laughed perversely, “Who said we have to go through the entrance to enter the compound?”

Yuan Ming, “. . . . . ”

“Hey, hey, hey, girl, do you need to hold onto this venerable one so tightly! Are you climbing over a wall, or are you molesting me! ! !”

“Shut up!”

Yuan MIng’s wildly arrogant and irritated protests were coming from all sides, Helian Wei Wei singlemindedly lowered her head and pressured him, completely without having determined the condition of the ground at the bottom of the other side of the enclosure. She pushed forward without looking back and proceeded to jump down!


Helian Wei Wei immediately crashed into something…

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