The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Almost Found

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Everybody blanked out, what kind of situation was this?

“Who cares!” Little Bald Head chewed on the meat bun in his mouth and said good naturedly, “Since you guys have gathered together already, I’m the obstacle you’ll need to first overcome!”

Having heard that, those youths from aristocratic families laughed loudly, “How would you, a baby who reeks of milk, hinder us, ha ha ha!”

“Little brother, you should quickly go back, fists and legs have no eyes.” All of the girls from influential families used their handkerchiefs to cover their mouths, as they started to look at one another and tried to stifle their laughter. Ultimately, they all laughed out loud.

Little Bald Head pulled a long dumpling face, displaying his seriousness in his own way, “Can be hindered, or can’t be hindered, we’ll find out after fighting!”

“Then let me accompany little brother to play a bit.” Among the lads from influential families, one strutted over and extended his hand to lift up Little Bald Head.

Only a “bang!” was heard.

Little Bald Head had raised his leg up high and performed a magnificent swirling kick, that made the influential family’s young lord fly a long distance away!

Everybody immediately drew in a long breath, after which three more people rushed and jumped on Little Bald Head!

The result was that all of them got kicked back out . . . . .

Helian Wei Wei looked at Little Bald Head’s raised pair of hands, the corner of her eyes slightly trembled, the wrists as plump as a pumpkin was wearing a golden ferrule, an expert would be able to tell that this ferrule had the beautiful name, “Weights Clasp”. The Weights Clasp on Little Bald Head’s wrists were not light, however, still being able to flatten so many people while wearing them…..Ahh, looks like the legendary White Academy truly possesses numerous talents, and was not to be looked down upon.

Only, nobody knew why Little Bald Head suddenly stopped the movement he originally started, his big and round eyes stared unbelievably at a certain spot, adorably blanked out.

Helian Wei Wei curiously traced over to where the surprised gaze was looking, but it would’ve been better if she didn’t look. With a glance, her heart nearly fell out!

Damn it, how could it be that man!

The crowd slowly stood aside.

What first appeared was the man’s firm, perfectly straight long legs, after which he casually came out from among the crowd, snow white clothes and black hair floating lightly in the wind.

Narrow and long phoenix eyes flashed piercingly, not hurting anyone, yet embodied a force that controlled the overall atmosphere. Without uttering a word, the corner of the eyes perfectly hided a tendril of demonic chill, revealing an indolent and noble air.

From the angle Helian Wei Wei was looking at, only a pair of slender and strong long legs could be seen covered by a white robe over a black gown outlining his perfect waistline. An unreal and out of this world pristine face with a tinge of devilish charm imbued.

Walking beside him was someone who had a completely different aura, that person’s collar was split to two sides and faced downward, a hand propped the tunic to stay on his shoulder while walking in an unbridled manner which showed that he was confident that this academy would not do anything to him.

That person seemed to say something to the man, the man ignored him and lifted his head. His pair of narrow and long eyes, although pretty, had corners which were unusually sharp, comparable to an ancient pond, were unfathomably mystical. . . . .

Helian Wei Wei was dumbfounded. She hastily bent her body, hand stretched to hide her face, turned left and slid away without leaving a trace.

“Girl, who are you hiding from?” Yuan Ming’s bored voice transmitted over.

Wei Wei pressed on the ancient book, made a “hissing” movement as her bright eyes slightly narrowed.

[Close call! almost got discovered!]

They were separated by such a long distance, yet that man could still perceive her..

This truly was abnormal. . . . .

No wonder since before, she could feel that the atmosphere around her was off, especially on her right hand side, where it was surprisingly empty of people.

Those young ladies from influential families had made such an effort to crowd together, how did they lose their composure that way, even stood to one side with a bashful face. Their coy demeanor really had made it kind of difficult for Wei Wei to figure out, but now she understood everything. It was all because of the appearance of those two men and it had set off a chain reaction as they truly were ladykillers, ahh!

Wei Wei sighed heavily in her heart, chose a hiding place, and continued to watch the show . . . . .

All of the young misses had eyes which shined while watching the two handsome men in front of them, their hearts were uncertain who these men were. How come they’ve never seen them before during previous testing events, how they wish they could just send their maids to go inquire and find out, whose family were they the young masters of?

“Ah Jue, what are you looking at?” Nangong Lie came over and excitedly said, “Could it be that you’ve found that ‘little kitten’!”

“No.” Baili Jia Jue withdrew his eyes, which had combed through everything, the ends of his mouth gently curved, devilishly willful, “However, very soon. . . . .”

Little Bald Head had heard the conversation between the two men, totally absorbed. He didn’t know if he should act or not, only holding the meat dumpling firmly in his mouth as his dark and thick little eyebrows wrinkled looking like a caterpillar.

In the end, he valiantly and heroically yelled out, “Master, I’m not fighting anymore! You should quickly return my lunch to me!”

While Little Bald Head yelled, he had turned his head, faced inside and ran in just like a little mouse.

Everybody was puzzled, what was going on now?!

Had the first obstacle been overcome in this baffling manner?

After the stone doors completely opened, at the top of the flight of stairs, a man wearing a student’s hat appeared, looking down disapprovingly at Little Bald Head. He seemed to be over thirty years old, yet showed not a trace of his age, on the contrary, he was entirely free from blemish and seemed refined and cultivated.

Ever since everyone came in and found themselves witnessing this play, none was able to grasp this man’s identity and they even thought that he was the second obstacle they would be tested on, so everyone displayed a posture ready for battle.

The man smiled coldly as his eyes swept the distance from the door past the hubbub, his glance cold to the bone. “From today onwards, all of you are White Academy’s students, during the half-year semester. Throughout these six months, you ladies and gentlemen better be well behaved, you can fool around, but you’d better not let me know about it.”

“Jeez, who do you think you are?!” From the middle of the crowd, a youth from a prestigious family couldn’t take it and whispered out loud.

The man moved his eyes to gaze at the lad, smiling lightly as before, “Seems like this young lord is quite dissatisfied with me, in that case, you can leave.”

“What did you say?!” That young lord jumped up, his face turned red, “Did you, or did you not know who my father is?! You presumptuous. . . . . .”

Without waiting for him to finish, the man’s fingers snapped!

Suddenly, two black shadows appeared at the young lord’s sides.

The man looked at his startled face and said expressionlessly, “Send him to the office, notify General Zhang that young Sir Zhang is privileged since birth so I, Tusu Feng, is unable to instruct him.”

“It’s the Principal!”

It happened in just a mere blink of an eye and that son of a prestigious family was brought out of the courtyard.

Little Bald Head tugged at Tusu Feng’s sleeves and pouted his face as he left.

Tusu Feng’s gaze shifted over as his long eyes narrowed. Suddenly he laughed out loud and looked absolutely delighted, “Alright, it’s time to stop playing around. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this year’s newly enrolled students, following this, I welcome you to White Academy.”

Having said that, he slowly opened his arms. All around, the trees seemed to have some sort of a reaction as they softly began to sway one after the other. Large flower petals floated down from above their heads and about ten shadows jumped out from within the house, landing on top of the tree branches, their bearing charismatic and their qi energy abundant.

In addition, from the ground, streams of clear water spouted, as if they were being guided, and charged to the skies, forming numerous shapes of flowers.

These are White Academy’s mysterious aspects.

At last, she had found a place that was of equal standing with people of power.

She believed that as long as she could stay here, she would be able to grow much stronger.

Faintly, Helian Wei Wei could seemingly feel something, within the depths of her veins, being set flame, boiling over and seething with excitement. . . . . .

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