The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Assumed Identity

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“It’s obvious.” Baili Jia Jue paused for a while, deliberately and leisurely arranging his sleeves. The side of his handsome face was expressionless as he said, “Someone took advantage of me.”

Nangong Lie deadpanned. ” . . . . . .”

“Ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha….” Nangong Lie laughed until his whole body was trembling, his finger pointed at Baili Jia Jue. ” Ah, Ah Jue, you have to find her, this is too amusing, ha ha ha, where did you actually find such a fascinating girl!”

Baili Jia Jue appeared as if he did not hear the other’s laughter at all and absent-mindedly raised his hand a bit . . . . .


Nangong Lie’s entire body was suddenly paralyzed, his continuously laughing mouth was unable to stop, “Hey hey hey, Ah Jue, you can’t treat me this way, damn it! Didn’t you already lose your Qi? How could you have employed the Absorb Body Technique! Also, did you remotely press my laughing accupoint? You insidious man!”

Baili Jia Jue propped up his chin up and lazily looked at him. Shadow prepared a reclining chair and placed it behind Baili Jia Jue, whose hand was holding a freshly brewed cup of tea, not affected at all by the surrounding noise. His posture was reflecting thorough enjoyment.

Nangong Lie was getting tired, he couldn’t stop laughing. “Ah Yue, did you not hear what I just said? That ‘little kitten’s’ name was also on the admitted students list. If you release me now, maybe I can help you find her. I’m actually the vice-principal of the Academy!”

Baili Jia Jue’s hand holding the teacup paused as he took a glance at him, the seductive thin lips slowly curved up . . . . .

“Girl, it seems like you’ve acquired an unrivalled role in a play.”

Having distanced themselves, Yuan Ming was unable to restrain himself from opening his mouth, his voice strongly reflected an atmosphere of having watched a good show.

Helian Wei Wei breathed out a long sigh as she stretched out her body lying on the grass, with her hands placed under her head while her lips were even holding a dried blade of grass. “I would know without you telling me.”

“Huh!” Yuan Ming took a look at the quickly setting sun, he was itching for a fight, “Although the atmosphere here is not bad, but don’t you also have to assemble at the main courtyard? Hey, don’t forget our occupation of killing!”

Who would think like you, turning killing into an occupation?

The ends of Wei Wei’s mouth twitched as she lowered her head and brushed clean her clothes. “Little Ming Yuan, I’m warning you. I still haven’t purchased a silver cape, be more well-behaved later where we will stand at the center and minimize our presence.”

White Academy was so big, the student population was comparable to any prestigious high school found in the modern times.

The multitude of young lords and misses admitted to White Academy created a hubbub where they scrambled to gather around. Big enough to allow her to be swallowed within the sea of people, so even if that man wanted to find her, it would only be useless.

Helian Wei Wei’s assessment was accurate. The student population that gushed from the courtyard to enter the main entrance truly was exceedingly numerous, to the extent that even if Nangong Lie and Baili Jia Jue were to integrate themselves within, they would not be discovered.

“Hey, Ah Jue, do we have to insist on changing ourselves in this way when entering?” Nangong Lie pulled twice on the national tall hat in a slovenly manner. “Actually, I have to appear as the vice-principal of the academy today, if I’m not on time, Royal Grandfather will give me trouble.”

Baili Jia Jue draped his tunic over himself, handsome in appearance. “How many people know you are this year’s vice-principal?”

“Only you and Royal grandfather know. In life, one has to maintain an air of mystery.” Nangong Lie’s left eye roguishly winked. He who had never bothered with customs and traditions, who had never worn such an official outfit before, frankly who wasn’t even wearing it properly, flung the garment on his shoulders revealing long legs and a slender waist, appearing absolutely dashing.

Baili Jia Jue was unmoved as he retrieved his hands and inserted them into the pockets of his tunic, his voice emotionless. “Then continue to maintain that air.”

“Your intention is that .….” Nangong Lie narrowed his eyes, “We should take on the identity of new students to enter the courtyard?”

Baili Jia Jue didn’t say anything. He merely raised his eyes, curved his lips upwards and laughed.

Nangong Lie suddenly slapped his forehead, “Ah Jue, are you crazy?” A priest, a prince, and new students all mixed in together, what kind of situation would that be!

“You must be crazy!” Nangong Lie nodded his head with certainty, must’ve become muddleheaded from being forcefully kissed!

Baili Jia Jue brushed his sleeves, his tone of voice clear and cold, “Stop the nonsense, are you going or not?”

“I . . . . . . ”

Don’t go!

Priest, you have to hold back His Highness, heavens!

Standing at the side Shadow faced Nangong Lie as his eyes implored like his life was on the line. All his facial features were distorted and stiff . . . . .

“Of course I have to go!” Nangong Lie faced Shadow who was trying so hard and smiled darkly. Then, he took the lead and stepped out, “Ah Jue, I’m telling you, in a moment, you’ll need to remember to protect me properly. Although no one will recognize me, this brother’s charming and handsome face will definitely cause those stay-at-home middle-class girls to lose control of themselves and become infatuated. If they want to come up and shake my hand, you have to make sure to move away, got it?!”

Shadow sweat trickled down. ” . . . . .”

[Ma, make way?]

[High Priest, now, you’re just afraid that His Highness will steal your moment, right?]

[In regards to good looks, His Highness is even more dangerous!]

[Wait, that’s not the main point! The crux of the matter is His Highness, are you really planning on entering like this!? ]

What should he do? Should he go inform the Retired Emperor?

No, that won’t work!

Based on the way the Retired Emperor doted on His Highness, he’d at most just ‘ha ha’ laugh and reply, “Old three is still so mischievous.”


Shadow looked to the heavens, tears streaming down his face. Among all the beings under the heavens, only Retired Emperor would think that Master was mischievous, and not one who would kill demons if they stood in his way, kill gods if they stood in his way!

At dusk, a long lasting wind gently blew by.

White Academy was situated on a mountain top, leaned against mountains to the north, close to water in the south. A lush bamboo forest without a single stump stood on the east, which absorbed water from a hot spring used to irrigate it. It embodied spring almost all year round, with a dimly discernible mist, just as how paradise might appear.

At this moment, at the center courtyard, a large number of people had already gathered.

Helian Wei Wei followed along, glancing at the flow of bodies. A number of young lords from prestigious families wearing foreign attire were in the process of showing off their qi control, their modest and polite remarks nevertheless revealed arrogance in their own abilities. Under the shade of trees on the opposite side, many luxurious chairs were arranged where servants hung up water kettles, crying out with lively voices and encouraging their families’ young masters.

The ladies from influential families were much more reserved sitting under the shade of trees tasting cakes and fine tea, with maids on the side busy doing various chores running left and right…..

“Here ye! Here ye!”

Somebody suddenly yelled out and those young misses and lords all stopped their movements. Numerous people immediately faced the direction of the stone doors …..


As the stone doors which were tightly closed slowly opened, a little person walked out from inside. A five to six year old child with two short legs waddling around, seeming like they wouldn’t reach the ground if he sat on a chair. His white training robes draped loosely around the body was tightened by a black sash at his waist. It appeared to make him seem even more petite. His bare and smooth head, on which not a single hair was growing, looked so shiny it seemed not even a mirror under the sun could compare.

The little bald head at present seemed to be mad at someone with his fleshy cheeks as round as drums. He didn’t say a word as he fixed his gaze upon the new students beneath the flight of steps while he ferociously took a bite out of the meat bun in his hand, acting like a little adult by letting out a long heavy sigh. “It’s all because of you who didn’t wait for me to finish eating and Master made me rush out here, so detestable!”

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