The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 273 - The Glued Contract

Chapter 273: The Glued Contract

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The night grew darker.

There was no one else in the study except Shadow.

Baili Jia Jue looked down at the Shadow kneeling on the ground. His eyes narrowed into slits. “What have you found?”

“Basically the same as what those Buddhist monks said.” Shadow lowered his eyes. “Based on this subordinate’s inquiry, even for a mind with good mental power, the temperament will not change. However, the princess was like a changed person overnight. Not only the martial qi was so simple, but even the usual habits were different. But strangely, this subordinate made sure that she was indeed the princess. When she fell into the river, her old nanny was beside her. There was no time to exchange persons. No one knew what happened to the princess. This matter is also the most difficult to fathom for this subordinate.”

Baili Jia Jue did not speak but rotated the teacup in his hand. His beautiful side face didn’t show any emotions.

Shadow looked up at his master and continued, “So this subordinate was over 70% certain that the princess had been possessed.”

When Baili Jia Jue heard this, he shifted his sight from Shadow and said indifferently, “There is no need to look into this matter any more.”

Shadow was stunned when hearing those words at first, but then he respectfully answered, “Yes.”

He watched the tall and straight rear view of his master lifting the curtain and entering another room. He was thinking about what to do if the princess was really possessed since the royal family would not allow a person who was possessed to enter the palace…


She didn’t know whether the cause was the hellish situation she was in these past two days or being drenched with water at her big wedding night. Helian Wei Wei about to fell asleep when her throat got itchy and her nose stuffy. But she felt so lazy and did not want to move.

Then she looked down at the tiger skin to her side. The rug was cold. Helian Wei Wei creased her willowy eyebrows.

The two people used to have a good relationship, so it was unnecessary for Helian Wei Wei to make a fuss.

When she got up, she saw that contract on her hand. It seemed that it had been glued, but the handicraft was somewhat bad. It must have been glued by someone who had never worked before.

Helian Wei Wei was stunned. Somehow, a scene emerged in her mind of His Highness sitting in her study, frowning and glueing things. She shook her head and picked up the paper contract.

Eunuch Sun, who came in to serve her, thought that she was going to tear it up, and quickly restrained her hand, “Aiyo, Madam. This slave begs you, please stop making trouble!”

“Were you the one who glued this, Eunuch Sun?” Helian Wei Wei frowned.

Eunuch Sun was dumbfounded by this question. “This slave didn’t do that.”

“Then, who glued this?” Helian Wei Wei stretched lazily.

Eunuch Sun answered, “I don’t know, but His Highness said that if you tear up the contract again, he will tear you up in return.”

Helian Wei Wei took a glance at Eunuch Sun and jumped down from the bed laughing. “He will not say those things to me. It’s you who wanted to say that, Eunuch Sun.”

Eunuch Sun asked subconsciously, “How do you know?”

After finished speaking, when he saw Helian Wei Wei smiling eyes, he wished he could bite off his tongue.

“Because it’s not sinister enough.” Helian Weiwei touched the paper briefly. “If it were him, he would surely say, Keep on tearing the paper off, I still have some copies in my study.”

Eunuch Sun was stupefied again. He spoke while holding his forehead, “This slave truly convinced now.”

Helian Wei Wei knew she guessed right. The corners of her mouth turned up. She then rinsed her mouth with mint water. In dealing with people, unexpectedly, she and His Highness were equally matched.

“But His Highness gave Princess a task.” Eunuch Sun opened his mouth with a smile.

Helian Wei Wei frowned, “What kind of task?” Is it to deal with these three palaces and six courtyards in the imperial palace?

“His Highness said that in a few days you’ll have to go back to college. You can’t drop out of the academy’s program.” Eunuch Sun was speaking while giving her breakfast. “So let the old slave observe Princess practising the brush strokes for an hour every day. But rest assured that you won’t have to write too complicated words. You just need to write three words ten times without stopping, and leave the rest.”

Helian Wei Wei’s mouth which was still gargling suddenly became stiff.

Without stopping?

“I see.” As she spoke, Helian Wei Wei took the towel handed over by the little aide and acted calmly and naturally as if she was born to be served by others. It was obvious that her daily living expenses were also in the luxury category.

Eunuch Sun didn’t expect the princess to get along so easily. He arranged everything happily. Nothing was left behind: ink, paper and ink stone.

“Princess, these are all usually used by His Highness. See if those are suitable for you.”

Helian Weiwei grunted in assent, “Those are suitable.”


She just stuffed those in her bag!!?

What was this attitude!

“Achoo!” Helian Wei Wei sneezed again. She sat immediately on the imperial consort chair, looked at the study room and started falling asleep.

Eunuch Sun …Didn’t you just said that you’ll write the characters!!!

Half a shichen (one hour) later, Helian Wei Wei woke up automatically, touched her stomach and asked, “What’s for lunch?”

Eunuch Sun….You wake up too accurately, okay!

The little aide was born as a death warrior. When His Highness had given orders before, she would often see Eunuch Sun. She had the impression that he was a slick and smooth person in relating to others. Now, well, he looked a little irritable.

However, the princess seemed to know how to placate Eunuch Sun and then said, “I have a dan medicine here. Take it, you’ll look younger.”

Grandpa Sun’s received it. His face was beaming. He sent his underlings away to eat and was not as hypocritical to anyone as before.

Only then did the little aide realize that Eunuch Sun had acknowledged the princess.

Those who were acknowledged by Eunuch Sun must have the Retired Emperor’s consent.

In fact, this was not the same treatment as that elder sister at that time.

It’s only that His Highness….

As if to notice the little aide’s staring eyes, Helian Wei Wei turned to look at her, “Do you also want to get one?”

“Mm?” The little aide was late to react.

Her mouth was already stuffed with the dan medicine. She knew it was expensive, but she didn’t know that someone would be so willing to give it to a slave.

Helian Wei Wei did not seem to care at all. She picked at the dishes on the table with bamboo chopsticks. She did not eat much. She only picked a few chopsticks. It was probably not to her liking: “Why is there not even a piece of meat.”

The little aide was dumbfounded. “This servant heard that Princess had a sore throat. Then the food shouldn’t be greasy.”

“Fine, health is important.” Helian Wei Wei picked a vegetable dish, chewed it for a while. After that, while still chewing, she went to pick the second vegetable dish.

It’s elegant yet carrying an indolent, childlike expression.

The little aide thought that she had never seen such a woman. It was a sight that made people watching felt comfortable.

But no one knew what would happen to her in the end.

Somehow, the little aide hoped that day would pass at a slower pace.

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