The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 274 - That Person is Coming Back

Chapter 274: That Person is Coming Back

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The little aide came out of the palace bedroom with bowls and chopsticks in her hands. She came across Hei Zhu who she hadn’t met for a long time. She wore a cheongsam, as if she had just come in from outside the palace. Hei Zhu’s eyes brightened when she saw the little aide, “Qing Zhan, you’re back!”

It seemed that no one had called her with this name for ages. The little aide slowed down for a moment and then nodded.

Hei Zhu’s hands slid and she creased her slim eyebrows. “Why are you doing these things? It’s not true that you’re serving that woman Helian Wei Wei now, as those palace maids said, right? ”

Qing Zhan took a look at her and corrected her faintly: “Call her the princess.”

Hei Zhu scoffed at her, “Princess? She will lose that position soon.”

Qing Zhan’s hands that were holding the bowls and chopsticks stilled. She knew Hei Zhu would not say such a thing without being 100% sure. Could it be something unexpected happen?

Hei Zhu continued saying, “Her methods are only indulging passions. His Highness has never met anyone like that before and put up with her.”

Qing Zhan looked at the bowls and chopsticks in her hands without uttering any words.

Hei Zhu spoke again, “”I advise you to leave her as soon as possible. Don’t you like Young Master Lie? It will be much better to ask Young Master Lie to help you leave.”

Qing Zhan raised her head, her eyes were serious. “I’ve never thought of asking him for helping me leave, ever.”

“I know, I know.” Hei Zhu did not know what temper she was having, and patted her gently on the back of her hand.

Qing Zhan thought in her heart, “You don’t know it. Just because liking a person, I won’t put myself down and be that person’s concubine.”

She couldn’t help recall what the princess had said to her.

That was a recklessly elegant and unconventional manner.

She had never imagined it before.

From the time she entered the palace to be a death warrior, she only had one person in her eyes. At that time, she had no extra thoughts at all. They both were still young. When she finished training, she would stand in the shadows and watch the little boy frown and perform divination. She knew that he did not love her. Every time he went out, she would come along with some new things, just to make him happy. It seemed that as long as he smiled, it was worth doing anything. More importantly, she didn’t care if she was covered all over with cuts and bruises for him.

It’s just that she forgot her identity too much.

She had a humble life.

Perhaps because she got accustomed to her lowly situation that made it easy for her to regard a person as her world.

If she stayed by the princess’ side, her life would be more meaningful than it was now and it would be easier to forget the past.

She had never been to the academy before, and the princess said she would take her to see it.

So then, why would she leave the princess?

At that instant, Qing Zhan didn’t quite understand why she got angry at Hei Zhu. “You should be polite to the princess in the future.”

Hei Zhu looked at her and smiled. “I know you are worried about me, but His Highness only cares about elder sister. As long as she comes back to the Palace, should you be afraid to offend that substitute?”

Qing Zhan was stunned, as if she couldn’t believe what she heard. “Elder sister was not already…”

Hei Zhu coughed a few times, it was as if she said something wrong. “I meant what if that’s the case.”

Qing Zhan looked at her and her heart fell down. “It’s hard to say. I can only say that, unlike what you think, the princess will not be her substitute.”

Hei Zhu took a glance and sized her up, “This woman’s tricks are pretty good, ah! Even you helped her speak? But as I said earlier, it’s okay to have one or two attendants around His Highness. But not that one who played wicked trick, she’s absolutely unacceptable. Be honest and get in her way. I and others are planning to embarrass her.”

“Don’t tell me what you guys were planning, I won’t get on board.” Qing Zhan, somewhat fidgety, said quietly. “Let me remind you that the Princess was selected by His Highness. Don’t you need to accept that fact? There’s implication if you’re reaching too wide!”

Hei Zhu was dumbfounded. She had never seen the most taciturn Qing Zhan lose such a temper for a person like Helian Wei Wei.

What? Wait a minute!

Elder sister would be coming back really soon.

Not only that, she would also attend White Academy.

Now that the Retired Emperor was present, elder sister would not show up.

However, White Academy was not under the Retired Emperor’s control.

His Highness would not meet elder sister until then.

What’s the use of this ugly woman, Helian Wei Wei?

Hei Zhu started laughing. She did not blame Qing Zhan. The child was still young and did not know the news of elder sister’s life. Otherwise, she would not be confused by that woman Helian Wei Wei’s tricks.

While thinking, Hei Zhu took another look at the direction of the palace bedroom. She believed that in the eyes of His Highness, elder sister was the most important.

If not, for what reason he did not spare a glance at other women for so many years?

In addition, how could a woman who grew up with that appearance match His Highness?

She was like a toad who wants to eat swan meat!

If it wasn’t for the Retired Emperor, how could His Highness tolerate that look, and almost killed her?

Hei Zhu caressed the whip marks on her arm. A sinister aura filled her eyes. She must make that woman Helian Wei Wei suffer big time!

The sun was setting in the west. The palace bedroom felt so large.

“Hey, woman, you’ve been indulging in pleasure and forgetting duty for a whole two days. When will you give me energy?” In the mysterious spatial space, Yuan Ming was very dissatisfied with his master’s present state.

Sure enough, romantic love, ah!

It’s one of the ways to make people more foolish!

Helian Wei Wei looked at him viciously and suddenly curved her thin lips: “Didn’t you know it already?”

“Know…what did I know?” Yuan Ming felt somewhat guilty under Helian Wei Wei’s gaze.

Helian Wei Wei put the ancient book in her hand and shook it. “You knew that my deskmate is the third prince.”

“I also just knew it recently.” Yuan Ming said with a serious face.

Helian Wei Wei lifted her eyebrows. “You think I’d believe that?”

“Woman, let me tell you. It’s good for you to marry him.” Yuan Ming sighed deeply. “I also know that deep down in your heart that you love me best. However, the love between man and devil is fruitless. ”

Helian Wei Wei laughed, “”How on earth did you get that incredibly high self-confidence?”

“We can talk about this topic later. Now we’re talking about the problem between you two.” Yuan Ming smiled. “If I’m not mistaken, the third prince has multiple martial attributes. He possesses all attributes available. If you can control a warrior in that way and do it many times together, you can manipulate metal, wood, water, fire and earth freely, not just the wind like you had now.”

Helian Wei Wei’s mouth curved up, “Doing it many more times? Hmm?”

“Don’t you worry, after you’ve done the deed, I’ll be absorbing the nutrients at the mysterious spatial space.” Yuan Ming winked enchantingly.

Helian Wei Wei glanced at him, then picked up the ancient book again smilingly. She shook the book several times.

Yuan Ming then felt dejected and hid back in the mysterious spatial space. Sometimes, he really could not offend his master. That look in her eyes could make people fear.

Helian Wei Wei punished Yuan Ming enough. She then carefully thought about his words.

Unexpectedly, these things are worth to ponder about. In other words, that night, His Highness just used her to collect Yang to repair Yin…

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