The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Taking Advantage of His Highness

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Baili Jia Jue narrowed his eyes dangerously, he had lived for so many years but this was his first time being taken advantage of by a girl!

Thinking on his usual interactions with the people around him, the usual reactions were fear or baseless flattering. Baili Jia Jue furrowed his brows, now that there was someone here to topple the scales, it broke free of the usual behaviours that he was used to. However this didn’t mean that this little thing that didn’t know the difference between life and death could be so bold!

She was really seeking death!

Helian Jiao Er looked his way, and softly said, “Your Highness, please calm down, Elder Sister didn’t mean to make you angry, His Highness must also have heard the rumors about Elder Sister, what she said was rather bold…”

When she mentioned the word ‘bold’, the implied meaning behind the word was understood by all.

Many of these noble ladies knew that Helian Wei Wei was full of antics and had done so many disgraceful things and now that those deeds have come to the surface, they gave her undisguised glances, full of contempt.

When Baili Jia Jue heard this, his lips hooked up and he looked at her, his emotions were unfathomable.

Helian Jiao Er shyly lowered her head when she saw his reaction, as the famed War Dragon Empire’s talented and beauty, she confidently thought that no man could escape from her grasp, moreover this was the person in her heart, so she smiled sweetly…

Baili Jia Jue looked at Helian Jiao Er, and smiled, it was a gentle smile but there was a hint of mirth in it.

Helian Jiao Er didn’t know it but she was already drawn in her own world, fantasizing that he would turn and take the initiative to talk to her.

Baili Jia Jue turned back, as he reached out and lifted Helian Wei Wei’s chin slightly,, in an ambiguous posture, looking as if he was going to kiss her anytime…

How could this be?

Didn’t he hear what she just said!

That bitch was just intolerable!

Helian Jiao Er was very jealous, and clenched her hands so hard her that her nails were digging into her flesh and made her bleed!

However, Baili Jia Jue turned a blind eye to everything else, as he leaned in closer, so close that Helian Wei Wei could smell the faint smell of sandalwood, the indescribable smell was tickling her nose…

“Woman, remember that you provoked me first!”

He said that threateningly in a deep voice, so close to her ear that his lips almost brushed past. He then flourished his sleeves and turned to leave. Helian Wei Wei wrinkled her brows and looked at the man who was walking away, a glint in her eyes.

Baili Jia Jue slowly walked out, the sunlight shone on him as his radiance seemed to be captivating and he seemed not of this world even after he was long gone, the pressure of his aura remained.

After a long time, Aunt Mei let out a heavy sigh of relief, and said, “Miss, how could you speak like that to the Ghost Palace?”

“I say what I want to say.” Helian Wei Wei was too lazy to bother anymore as she stretched her waist, and faintly said, “Aunt Mei, we should go back.”

Aunt Mei hesitated and said, “But Miss, the injury on your forehead…”

“Rest assured, this injury doesn’t hurt.” Helian Wei Wei had had worse injuries in her previous life, now that she had just arrived on this in this new world, she wouldn’t rest until she made her enemies pay for what they did to her!

After passing Baili Jia Jue, Helian Guangyun turned around to see his daughter leaving as his heart felt uncertain.

Was this his waste of a daughter?

But Helian Guang Yao who didn’t put Helian Wei Wei in his eyes didn’t think too much about it,as he turned to look at Murong Chang Feng.

Murong Chang Feng was absent-mindedly looking in the direction where Helian Wei Wei just left in, he didn’t know what to think.

“Master, what is the Eldest Helian Miss up to now? What kind of tricks is she playing at?” Si Xi, a small boy serving under Murong Chang Feng as a scholar’s study who stood beside him asked, his tone full of confidence, even his eyes mirrored what he said as he said it out loud in an arrogant manner.

In the past that lady was always trying all means and ways to stick to his Master, why was she acting like this today? She disappeared without even glancing in his Master’s direction, this was simply too odd.

“What do you think?” Murong Chang Feng looked away from Helian Wei Wei and said with a heavy tone.

Si Xi cried out in exasperation, “She was so close to the Lord, now it is the opposite, she is clearly playing hard to get!”

Hearing this, Murong Chang Feng stopped speaking, his handsome face had on a look of disgust.

Helian Guang Yao saw his face and laughingly said, “Please do not bother about that daughter of mine who doesn’t know the world, as for Jiao Er, I would need you to help me take good care of her.”

Murong Chang Feng glanced at Helian Jiao Er, and saw her looking at the ground shyly, smiled and said, “General Helian please rest assured, Jiao Er is already a student of the White Academy, by virtue of her martial skills, as long as she wins the annual White Academy competition, I will naturally introduce her to my Master and see if she has the opportunity to join the Martial Arts Division.”

Martial Arts Division…

Helian Jiao Er was really surprised, her face lit up.

The Martial Arts Division was the elite force of Martial artists, while there they would at least double their strength.

But the people who could get into it were few because each person had to be the best of the best, and have a certain amount of strength and talent to be able to join.

If she could have a renowned Master to give her pointers … Helian Jiao Er raised her eyes in determination: “Last year’s competition, Young Master was also present. Those competitors were only a year difference in terms of age. I am confident that I can win this competition!”

Helian Guang Yao nodded, stroked his beard, If she got to the championships then he would be very proud…

On the other side, Helian Wei Wei returned to her abode but instead of heading back to her room, she went over to the courtyard and narrowed her eyes as her gaze rested at the corner.

Since her mother had died, she had abandoned this courtyard. It was actually a very good location, in winter it was warm and in the summer it was cool, it was locked up since the demise of her mum. In it, was a field of red flowers.

It was time for them to see the sun!

Helian Wei Wei took the key off her necklace and opened the lock.

Aunt Mei hastily said, “Miss, didn’t you say that you will have a nightmare when you open it?”

“There won’t be anymore in the future.” Helian Wei Wei said, her eyes shining brightly.

She walked to the study, the furnishings had changed, her grandfather’s favorite rocking chair had been sold by the Su’s.

Today’s Helian Mansion was a shadow of its former self.

Helian Wei Wei stood in the middle of the old empty study, and trailed her fingers across the bookshelf, feeling the cool wood.

There must’ve been somebody who searched in here!

The furnishings in the room were arranged in a complex order, but it wasn’t obvious that they were well organised, it was because it was Helian Wei Wei, had it been anybody else, they would not have noticed it.

Because of the subtle details, only experienced people could see through the clues at once!

Helian Wei Wei’s fingers stopped on an old dilapidated book, she also could not place which year it was written and she looked at the cover and flipped it open. In it, there were lots of words she couldn’t read.

When she had opened the book, the wooden windows started to shake violently, as if there was something trying to break through the door!

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