The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Handsome man with silver hair

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Helian Wei Wei turned her head, and saw that in front of her, sunlight was condensing at an impeccable speed, as a burst of colourful rays of lights shone in. However, everything was too blinding for her to see clearly what was standing before her, all she could make out was a cascading silver, glistening in the light.

A stark contrast to that was the body that donned on a long black robe, emitting a heavy dangerous aura, his broad chiseled chest was partially exposed, his whole being gave off an ice cold atmosphere.

In that moment, the man who was basking under the lights, let out a sigh, suddenly he broke into laughter. His laughs were filled with excitement and the desire to see the world again.

Helian Wei Wei frowned, her first reaction was, this person was not human!

Finally he stopped laughing, turned over, and looked at Helian Wei Wei, as his red lips curved into a smile, displaying his sharp white teeth, and asked ” Are you the one who released this Lord?”

“Obviously, since you and I are the only people here.” Helian Wei Wei closed the book she was holding, crossed her long slender legs, as she leaned on the chair, in a very domineering yet suave posture.

The man raised his eyebrow in interest as he asked: “You don’t seem to fear me?”

Just as Helian Wei Wei was going to say something, suddenly his expression changed, he felt a mark imprinting itself to his spine!

He narrowed his eyes as an intense wave of pain washed over him, as he felt something suppressing his voice and growled “Damn it, what did you do to this Lord’s body!”

Helian Wei Wei shrugged her shoulders, how would she know? She had just teleported here….

“It’s a contract! You made a contract with this Lord?!” The man glared at her, his silver hair drifting with the wind, like a beast about to attack.”

Helian Wei Wei watched in amusement when she saw a pair of fluffy white wolf ears appear on his head. Her phoenix eyes glimmered in delight, unable to control herself, she reached out….

“You dare! Woman I’m warning you, if you dare to touch any part of this Lord, I will chop off your hands!” His domineering eyes squinted, his face was scrunched up in anger!

Helian Wei Wei ignored him, and grabbed the pair of wolf ears, and asked excitedly “It’s real?”

The man “…….”

“What do you think?” Hmph, he sneered, this woman actually went on and ignored him, even insulted his body, and yet she continued to question if his ears were real…He simply couldn’t bear it any longer!

Helian Wei Wei smirked, “It feels pretty good.”

Who asked you how it felt?! He was so angry, his ears twitched.

Helian Wei Wei raised her eyebrow and smiled “Very good, you also know how to act cute.”

What the hell is acting cute!

The man gnashed his teeth in anger, just when he got back his freedom, he fell into the evil claws of a human again, it’s just abominable!

“It looks like you’ve been locked up in this ancient book for many years?” Helian Wei Wei asked, wanting to fish out some information.

The man gloomily replied “Five hundred years, otherwise why do you think it was so easy to make a contract with me, with your meek powers?”

“You can go.” Helian Wei Wei didn’t seem to care if he stayed or not.

The man’s eyes sunk. “If I could go, I would’ve left already. But since the contract is made already, this Lord has to stay by your side. Additionally I can’t disobey you, till I help you fulfill your desires, or my soul would disappear, and unable to reincarnate for life!”

“So… I’m your master now?” Helian Wei Wei lifted herself off the chair, her soft and gentle expression was gone as she straightened her back. This woman’s body was obviously fragile and thin, and yet at that moment her body seemed to emit an aura of supremacy

This made the man’s eyes widen, the man smiled thinking that this human was very interesting……

“You can interpret it like that too.”

Suddenly he smiled, there was a glint in his eyes, as vitality was damaged now, if he stayed with the Master, it would greatly help his recovery. Also….He is looking forward to see how this girl will achieve her desires, if it’s killing people, he would gladly help her!

The man licked his lips, this action seems to emit a sinister hostility……

Helian Wei Wei nonchalantly flipped through the ancient ancient book in her hands “Since it’s like that, tell me, what is your name.”

“My surname is Yuan, name is Ming.” His eyes filled with arrogance, silently waiting for the human to fiercely worship him after hearing his name.

It’s just that…..

Helian Wei Wei smirked, ” Never heard that name before.”

“You!” Yuan Ming glared furiously at Wei Wei, his black eyes sank. “Woman, do you feel anything different about your body?”

After hearing what he said Helian Wei Wei looked towards the mirror, the originally dark skin peeled of, revealing snow white skin…..

Helian Wei Wei was stunned, her fingers gently caress her chin, suddenly smiled “Interesting.”

“It’s very interesting indeed.” Yuan Ming smirked “When I just came out, I checked your meridians, according to what I see, you’re suppose to be a martial art genius, but your meridians were blocked, veins obstructed….. Woman, someone doesn’t want you to succeed.”

After hearing this information, Helian Wei Wei was eerily calm. “There’s a lot of people who wants me to fail, they’re just some insignificant ants. However, can you fix them, my meridians especially?”

“Not only I can fix your meridians, I can give you an extra treasure. I can dispel the poison in your body, and you can start to cultivate once more….” Along with the arrogant voice of Yuan Ming, Wei Wei suddenly felt an immense pain from her limbs, before she was able to ask, she fell into the dark abyss…..

When she opened her eyes, it was already morning, if it wasn’t for the thin layer of sweat covering her forehead, she would have thought that, it was just a dream.

Yet Wei Wei knew that it wasn’t a dream, she flipped the ancient book to a certain page, rows of red words appeared.

‘Contract established, till death’

Helian Wei Wei smiled and hugged the ancient book.

Damn woman, tightly hugging him, she probably fell in love with him!

Yuan Ming awkwardly thought, after grunting twice, he fell into a deep sleep inside the ancient book….

Helian Wei Wei slept in an empty courtyard for a night, Aunt Mei was naturally worried for Wei Wei, but what’s more worrying is that she received a letter from the White Academy.

“Helian Wei Wei, female, sixteen years old, Cultivation level low, innate talent low, general score barely passed, due to being absent, we hereby warn you, if you don’t go through the admission process in ten days, we the academy will completely revoke the qualification.”

Helian Wei Wei stared at the puzzling letter, why if she separated the words, she could understand. But when the words are combined together, it would make her head hurt!

Go to school?

Hahahahaha..Wasn’t this the ancient time? Where everyone was clamouring to climb up the social ladder through relations?

They wanted her, the Mercenary Queen to carry a small backpack and go to school?!

Hah! Carry it there to do what? Blow up the school?!

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