The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 790 - The Actress You’re Recommending To Me Is Lin Che?

Chapter 790: The Actress You’re Recommending To Me Is Lin Che?

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Although everyone did not really believe her, she sounded as if she was telling the truth. For a moment, she even seemed a little disbelieving.

Thus, she scoffed and said, “The person who just went in, Yu Minmin, came because of Xue Yang. She’s definitely not here for the female lead.”

She raised her head haughtily. Everyone could only look at her in jealousy. They had recognized her from a few of her roles and knew that she had been the supporting female lead in many productions to make herself known. Perhaps she was really going to be the female lead this time.

Gazing at the director, Yu Minmin said directly to him, “Didn’t I tell you that I would bring a top-notch actress today?”

The director was currently angry because their company had allowed Xue Yang to reject the role. His mood did not improve at all even after hearing her words now. “Didn’t I tell you that I already chose a female lead? I really wanted Xue Yang to be the male lead, but it’s a pity that your company did not think much of our production and insisted on making Xue Yang act in some movie…”

“Director. You must believe me. I have my reasons for doing that too.”

“That’s enough. You don’t need to say anything more. I’m currently holding auditions. I’ve already told you that I’ve selected the female lead. ”

“Director. You will definitely like the actress I’m recommending for the role of the female lead. I can guarantee that she will be much better than the female lead you’ve chosen prior to this.”

“You have no idea. The female lead I’ve chosen is extraordinarily radiant and vivacious. She has the presence of someone who can be famous. It’s rare to find a beautiful woman like her in the entertainment industry now. What’s more, she has undergone professional training and her acting skills are quite good too. There’s no one more suitable than her.”

“Director. Don’t speak too soon.”

“I’m not boasting.” The director immediately looked up and told someone to bring the actress over. “Bring that girl in.”

A little later, that girl was called in in advance. Everyone could only watch in envy as she walked in.

After walking in, she waltzed to the director’s side. She looked at Yu Minmin and smiled by way of greeting as well.

Yu Minmin smiled faintly but remained silent. She looked at the director whose expression was completely unfathomable.

The director said, “Take a look. Isn’t she good enough to exchange lines with your company’s Xue Yang? Hmph. You still don’t want your company’s Xue Yang to act in this. Xue Yang’s popularity would definitely skyrocket if he joined my production with these creative directors too but you don’t believe it.”

Yu Minmin shook her head and looked at the girl. She was indeed quite good-looking. She did not look like those web celebrities and had a very distinct face. Yu Minmin said, “The person I’m recommending to you is better than this girl.”

The director did not believe her and laughed out loud.

The girl had also sensed that something was amiss. She told the director, “Director. What’s going on here?”

The director assured her and said, “Don’t worry. It’s just a slight disagreement.”

Yu Minmin immediately said, “She’ll be here in no time. You’ll know when you see her.”

The director still did not believe her. The girl had roughly understood the situation and glared fiercely in Yu Minmin’s direction. She scoffed and said, “Sister Yu. Are you trying to end my career and take away my resources?”

Yu Minmin merely glanced at this rookie actress. “If I’m able to take them from you, that’s my capability too. Roles are never snatched. Understand, newbie?”


Just then, Yu Minmin’s phone started ringing again. It was a call from Lin Che.

“Are you here or not?” Yu Minmin asked.

“I’m here, I’m here. I’m already downstairs.”

“Alright. Come up quickly.” Yu Minmin put down the phone and said, “Alright. She’s here.”

The director looked at Yu Minmin in slight suspicion. He kept feeling as if she were deliberately making things mysterious.

Lin Che arrived after many difficulties. She slammed the car door and hastily walked in, ignoring Gu Jingze who was in the car.

The people at the entrance watched Lin Che shove her way in since she was in a rush and frowned instinctively. “What are you rushing for? Don’t you see that all of us are waiting?”

Lin Che said, “Sorry. I’m a little late. Let me go in. Someone’s waiting for me.”

Everyone felt even more furious when they looked at her. “You think you’re so great because you drive a luxury car? Hmph,” someone said unhappily. Lin Che smiled and ignored her. She made her way through the crowd and went in directly.

Yu Minmin had been waiting at the entrance and hastily went to receive Lin Che when she saw her.

“The director has been waiting for so long. Come on. The role was nearly given to someone else. I’ve been dawdling inside for a long time.”

Inside, the rookie actress was still saying, “Director. How can you do something like this? You can’t let someone else have the role just because you’re on good relations with them. Didn’t we agree to this…”

Just then, the door opened and Yu Minmin walked in directly, pulling someone with her.

With one look, the director saw that the person who came in was dressed casually. She was dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a cropped top, accentuating her long legs and her exquisite figure. Her face was still as youthful and pretty as it had been before. Even after a few years had passed, time seemed to have stopped on her face and she still seemed like a warm breeze blowing. Her face, which used to be alluring, now had a hint of likable freshness. Her name had become known across the entire region by mere means of her unique aura.

Lin Che stood there, frozen. She smiled and looked at the director. “Director, long time no see.”

“Lin… Lin Che…” The director looked at her in pleasant surprise and hastily walked towards her.

Meanwhile, the newbie actress in the back looked at Lin Che in front of her and had an undeniably unpleasant expression on her face.

Regardless of who she was, her looks alone and her aura… was enough to make her feel inferior.

It went without saying that the director’s words “Lin Che” immediately triggered some of her memories.

Had Lin Che actually returned?

The director was also looking at Lin Che and assessing her instinctively. He was so excited that he nearly could not speak.

“You… the person you said you would recommend to me earlier was her?” the director asked.

Lin Che was slightly embarrassed by his enthusiasm. “Why? Did Minmin say something about me?”

Yu Minmin smiled with her lips pressed together. She nodded at him and said, “I was referring to her.”

The director immediately slapped his head and complained to Yu Minmin, “Why didn’t you just tell me right away? Why did you keep me in suspense?”

Yu Minmin followed suit and grumbled, “I only did it because you kept saying that we were ingrates for refusing to let Xue Yang join your television series. We took Xue Yang off the production only because we were thinking of giving you a much better option. What do you think? Do you want this huge present? If you don’t want it, I’m taking it away.” Yu Minmin started to act coy and even pretended to pull Lin Che away.

“Hey, hey, hey. Enough, enough. I’m in the wrong, alright?” The director looked at Lin Che. “Be good. If I had known earlier that it was you, I wouldn’t have had to hold auditions today.”

Lin Che said, “I feel truly overwhelmed by your affirmation of me. I was even thinking to myself that perhaps no one would give a hoot about me when I returned. I will truly be grateful if you’re willing to take me in.”

“No way. It’s true that no one would know you if you didn’t come back. But as long as you make a comeback, no one else is capable of vying with you.”

The director was no fool either. First of all, he had indeed liked Lin Che’s image and acting skills all along. Second, he understood the implications of this production being Lin Che’s first television series for her comeback. It meant that if the television series did well, it would definitely blow up in popularity.

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