The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 791 - Taking The Children On A Camping Trip

Chapter 791: Taking The Children On A Camping Trip

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The director quickly tugged at Lin Che and said, “Quick. Please come in, please come in. I’ll talk to you about the details of this television series again.”

Behind them, the newbie immediately got anxious and frantically went up to them and said, “Director, we already agreed before this. We…”

“Hehe. Look. It’s not that we’re not choosing you. It’s because you’re not as good as her. You will have other opportunities in the future. Of course, if you’re willing, you can stay here… and be the supporting actress. That’s something that we can still consider.”

She was going to be a supporting actress instead of the main lead?

Of course, she did not want to.

In her moment of fury, she scoffed and simply left.

She could only blame it on her bad luck. It had not been easy for her to obtain the lead role but it had unexpectedly collided with Lin Che’s comeback…

After reaching an agreement with the director, Lin Che told Yu Minmin when she left, “I can’t believe he trusts my acting skills so much. I haven’t acted in a long time. He’s not even scared that I will ruin it.”

“All of us have a lot of faith in you. You won’t ruin it. Don’t worry.”

“As for that girl earlier… she has already been chosen. It isn’t good for me to steal her role the moment I arrive,” Lin Che said.

Yu Minmin said, “I’ll repeat the same sentence. No one can steal someone else’s role. If you get your role stolen, it merely means that you’re not capable enough. She hasn’t reached that level of accomplishment yet. Anyone would choose you if she stood beside you. Whether it’s your acting skills or your capability, either is better than hers. She can only acknowledge her bad luck.”

Lin Che said, “By the way, your relationship with Mr. President seems very good now.”

Lin Che’s sudden mention of Gu Jingming made Yu Minmin lose her bearings. She hastily fiddled with her hair and looked at Lin Che. “I don’t really get it either. But since he’s willing to treat me well, I feel like we can continue living as a couple…” She smiled and looked down with her lips pursed. It went without saying that her cheeks were flushed red.

Lin Che looked at Yu Minmin and shook her head. “Oh no, what a big revelation. You’ve fallen in love with him.”

Yu Minmin froze and started to stutter. “What rubbish… are you spouting. What love…”

However, Lin Che said very resolutely, “You’ve definitely fallen in love with him. You’re behaving just like a young girl who has just discovered love. But it’s no wonder too. Mr. President is such a good person… it’s not strange for you to fall in love with him after spending time with him every day.”

However, Yu Minmin felt a little disheartened. “In that case… but that’s not supposed to happen. From the start, we were supposed to just conveniently use each other.”

“What about now? Sometimes, how the relationship began isn’t important. What’s important is the way you feel now.”

“Now… I can’t explain it clearly either.” Yu Minmin told her frankly, “It’s true that he treats me very well and we’re very happy together. His ex-girlfriend has another boyfriend too. We’re just like an old couple spending time together every day and learning about each other’s habits. When he doesn’t want to talk, we’ll stay in the study room and work separately and eat together when it’s time to eat. When we lie in bed at night, we can even chat about each of our jobs and the people around us… what do you think this is?”

“It’s love, silly.” Lin Che continued, “The two of you are doing much better than most married couples.”

Yu Minmin felt even more embarrassed but her heart felt warm when she thought about it too.

Before Lin Che had even spoken, she saw Gu Jingze’s car appear at the door.

Yu Minmin pushed Lin Che out. “That’s enough. He has come to pick you up. Go out, quick.”

Lin Che looked outside. Had Gu Jingze installed some GPS on her? Why did he know her every move?

Yu Minmin clicked her tongue twice. “He watches you too strictly. He follows you wherever you go.”

Lin Che pinched her nose and looked at Yu Minmin. “Hmph. I won’t talk to you anymore. I’m leaving first. Bye.”

When they returned home, Mu Feiran was inside. She looked at Lin Che and asked, “By the way, we want to invite everyone on a camping trip before we leave. Can you make it?”

“Camping?” Lin Che looked at Mu Feiran. “Why did you suddenly think of going camping?”

“Didn’t we previously promise to bring the two children camping? Since we’re about to return to American now, we won’t be able to go camping so I want to fulfill their wish before we go back.”

Lin Che was reminded of the fact that Mu Feiran was returning to America. She put her arm around Mu Feiran’s shoulders and felt slightly reluctant for her to leave. “Even while you’re there, you must still come back often to visit me. I’ll go over often to visit you too…”

“Don’t worry. I definitely will,” Mu Feiran said while patting her on the shoulder.

Mu Feiran pondered for a bit before looking up. She looked at Gu Jingze opposite her and asked tentatively, “Does Mr. Gu want to come along as well?”

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che who looked at him in turn.

Gu Jingze did not want to go. Camping just sounded like a dirty affair.


Gu Jingze nodded his head in spite of it.

When it came to Lin Che, he just could not reject her.

Mu Feiran smiled and said to Lin Che, “That’s great. I’ll tell Yunyun the good news.”

Lin Che said, “Since we’re going camping, I’ll ask two of my friends to come along. It would be more exciting and fun with more people too.”

“Of course, that’s fine.” Mu Feiran felt very regretful about the fact that although she had been immensely popular at the time, she had not made many friends because Mo Ding had watched her strictly and had not allowed her to make friends.

Back then, Mu Feiran was a fool too. He said that people outside had ulterior motives and he was afraid she would be deceived by their tricks. She had actually believed him and thought that he was doing it for her own good. Now that she thought about it, perhaps he had stopped her from having too much contact with the outside world only because he was worried that she would gain too much knowledge and become difficult to control.

Lin Che proceeded to call Shen Youran and Yu Minmin. Of course, Shen Youran agreed readily. She had two children so naturally, she wanted to try camping as well.

However, Yu Minmin felt that it was not appropriate for her to go since the rest of them all had children. Still, in the end, she agreed nonetheless because she did not want to miss out on their gathering.

Then, Mu Feiran started to prepare the camping essentials in a detailed fashion.

The two children were extremely happy.

It was mainly because Yunyun was very happy, so Gu Shinian was definitely willing to cooperate.

Mu Feiran looked at the two children in a very motherly manner while sitting there and making sandwiches.

Yunyun said, “Brother Niannian, I want to eat a few pieces of Kentucky fried chicken when we go camping. Can I?”

“Kentucky fried chicken contains acrylamide. Eating too much of it will cause cancer. You can’t eat it.”

“Ah… alright then. Can I eat french fries then?”

“You idiot. Aren’t french fries fried using oil too?”

“Alright…” Yunyun stuck her tongue out. When Lin Che realized that he was bullying Yunyun, she immediately slapped him. “Niannian, you’re not allowed to bully Yunyun.”

Gu Shinian looked up adamantly. “Mother, aren’t you being too biased?”

“That’s right. I am being biased. There’s no helping it since you’re the older brother and she’s the younger sister. You must give in to your younger sister. Understand?”

“Hmph. You value women and belittle men,” Gu Shinian mumbled.

The two children made Mu Feiran laugh.

Mu Feiran asked, “We’re so biased towards Yunyun. Niannian won’t have any trauma in the future, right?”

Gu Shinian said, “Forget it. I’m a man. I won’t argue with you women.”

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