The Bloodline System

Chapter 627: Reflection And Dissapearance

Chapter 627: Reflection And Dissapearance

From his line of sightseeing through the glasses, a yellow dot kept beeping as the glasses zoomed in on the location.

"Hmm..." Endric turned towards the side and began walking forward.

He was headed towards the lime-colored lake.

Outline of his steps appeared across the sandy surface as he walked forward one step at a time.

Endric could use his telekinesis to fly, but it took a lot of energy for him to construct a telekinesis floating board, so he refrained from using it unless in a battle.

Since his fight with Gustav, he noticed that his energy reserve had reduced in size, and he was weakened. He still hadn't completely recovered his original strength since that time.

In a few seconds, Endric arrived in front of the lime-colored lake. He observed it and noticed his reflection was nowhere to be found on the surface and the reflection of the sun.

He proceeded to squat in front of it while removing his glasses. 

Due to the weather here, he had a slightly sweaty face. A drop of sweat flicked towards the lake from the glass when he pulled it off.


The lime-colored lake rippled after his sweat dropped in.

"Hmm?" Endric was surprised to see that after the ripple, his reflection appeared on the surface of the lake.


In the next instant, a bright light surrounded Endric's being, and he suddenly disappeared. At the same time, the lake spiralled for a few moments before returning to its initial stillness.

The wind blowing across the place and the unstable weather seemed to be different around this small body of water.


-Leoluch City (Region Seventeen)

"How much information has been gathered so far?" Gustav asked his squad members in the room.

"The places where battles have been occurring so far are quite unpredictable even though we have tried getting inside information," Darkyl voiced out.

"From what I've seen so far, the battles happen at random since the different groups only send out their troops whenever they get information on the opposing ones gathering somewhere. Most of the time, it's impromptu," Fiona stated.

"I see..." Gustav had a look of contemplation on his face as he held his chin.

He had given everyone two days to gather as much information as they could on the movements of the groups so they could know how to go forward with their next objective.

The plan was to join the three groups, Gildan, Vulcan, and Darilia, and help with their battles against the three opposing forces so they'd reduce their numbers.

It would be difficult to follow up with this if they were not constantly fed information on the groups plotting to clash.

The problem now was, these situations where they clashed happen randomly, so Gustav's squad wouldn't be able to butt in if they didn't get the information beforehand because they most likely would arrive there when the battle is already ending or has ended.

"Looks like we'll have to find a way to get recruited by these groups so we can get inside information," Gustav stated.

"Hmm? How so, squad leader?" Fiona asked.

"Fiona and Ildan... You two get recruited to be part of Vulcan troops. They seem to get into many battles, so they help destroy the other side. So Darkyl, Mill, and Felgro, you three get recruited into the Darilia group. They get into battles the most among all three groups. You know what to do after getting in," Gustav passed out instructions.

"How do we get in?" Fiona asked.

"It's quite easy. They're all looking for more manpower during this period. It's a secret mission, so we can't mention that we're from the MBO. Just show them what you've got. It doesn't matter if they trust you or not; the aim is to get into battles with them and help destroy the other side," Gustav explained.

All five of them nodded after hearing this.

"What about you, squad leader?" Mill asked.

"I'll also be infiltrating a group," Gustav disclosed.

"The Gildans?" Felgro inquired.

"No... I'll be infiltrating the Zalibans," Gustav revealed, causing all of them to stare at him with looks of disbelief.

When Gustav mentioned he would be infiltrating a group alone, they all automatically assumed it would be the third group they were helping out. They didn't expect that he would be referring to the enemy group.

"Squad leader... That's..." Fiona was finding it hard to form words after hearing that.

"I know what y'all are thinking but not to worry, it's not a big deal. I'll cripple them from within and try to find Chief Brisk Ali in the process," Gustav stated his intentions.

Recalling what had happened so far since the start of their mission, they realized there was no reason to doubt Gustav's plans.

Everything plan so far had been successfully pulled off by following his command, and most times, they couldn't understand how he was able to perform most of the feats he pulled off.

"When you all get in, make sure to insert yourselves into every battle situation and bring down plenty of the opposing troops," Gustav instructed.

They conversed for a few more minutes before deciding to start this operation by tomorrow.

Gustav already mapped out how he was going to carry his plan out. He checked his storage device and found the Zalibans black outfit and helmet.

'Region thirty-two... I'll have to use her,' Gustav thought internally as a suspicious glint appeared in his eyes.


The next day arrived, and everyone was on the move, obeying Gustav's instructions.

Now that Gustav would be on his own again, he wasn't bothered about speed. He let the rest use the hovercars they got from the recent conquest and used his legs are a means of transportation instead.

The next stop for him was Region Thirty-two, about three hours away from his current position.

Even though Region Thirty-two was the most luxurious and high-class area in the entire city, which made it well-guarded, Gustav had been there already before, so he knew just how to get in without issues.

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