The Bloodline System

Chapter 973: Endric's Situation

Chapter 973: Endric's Situation

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"Ugh!" He groaned in pain as the sound reverberated loudly across the vicinity. 

The Instant Endric looked up, his eyes widened in shock. 

The gigantic jaws of an unknown creature was descending from above the sky waters with wide open mouth.

The pressure it exhibited was so immense and powerful Endric found himself unable to move an inch forward. 

Each teeth of this creature was as massive in length as a three storey building with some being pointed at the tip and others being straight but it was obvious they were extremely sharp. 

The instant the creature shut it's jaws, a person would be grinded to meat paste. It was enough for their bodies to disappear completely. 

However, this explained the blood.

Endric gritted his teeth as the creature dropping from above with speed was only a few feet from reaching his head level whereas he was unable to move a muscle.

'Telekinesis barrier,' Endric said internally...


The creature suddenly slammed heavily into an invisible barrier that stopped it from descending further down.

It made a loud shrieking voiced and repeatedly pummeled on Endric's Telekinesis barrier while Endric tried to move forward. 

'My body won't respond,' Endric gritted his teeth as his legs trembled repeatedly from trying to take a step forward. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

'Is this fear?' Endric didn't think he had it in him to be frightened of something to the point where he was unable to move.

-" It's a paralysing energy the Yokiaws emit when going for their prey,"

A green dot on his forehead began beeping as this voice rang out.

"That makes sense, how do I get rid of it?" Endric inquired.

"Channel your bloodline energy from your belly area and spread it across your body thrice... that should weaken the energy enough for you to take a few steps forward," Husairuis instructed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of the Telekinesis barrier starting to crack was heard next. Meanwhile Endric was doing as instructed.

He suddenly opened his eyes which were radiating with a weird blue and silver color.

Endric groaned as he forcefully pushed himself forward. 


He bolted across a distance of forty feet in the next instant as the Telekinesis Barrier was also smashed through.


The creature slammed into the red cubes area after it broke through the barrier, missing Endric by a hair length. 

The instant it made contact with the red cubes, it blasted into smithereens. All of its body part disintegrated while the blood flew in every direction.

Endric found himself soaked in blood as he began to take small steps forward once more. With the creature destroyed, he had regained absolute control over his body and closed in a little bit more of the distance between him and his goal.

However, Endric ensured he didn't let his guard down because he was still in the red zone. Who knew what was next? 

He didn't doubt there would be more difficult obstacles the closer he got to the floating vest.


-The Bureau Of Cities Research Centre.

"All done?" Gustav asked as he stood in front of a particular area.

("All copied...") The system responded.


[Quest Completed: Infiltrate The Bureau Of Cities Research Center and get Scientist ZiL's confiscated research] 




Gustav stared at the Rewards with a satisfied look as the notifications popped up in his line of sight. 

'Now, how do I find her mother...' Gustav said internally as he turned around to leave this area.

Now that he was done with the mission, he could leave the bureau at anytime but he needed to know more about what the bureau had investigated even though it would make him look suspicious. 

He felt he since he wasn't going to stay here too long, it wouldn't be a problem being suspicious. 


Time moved very quickly and before everyone knew it daybreak had arrived.

Gustav had spent the entire midnight in another person's body.

He had not used Shape-shifting for this long before but he was powerful enough to maintain it now.

His original bloodline could even change other people's physical appearance which showed it had come a long way from just being able to change colors.

He had to admit that his original bloodline might be one of the most powerful if not the most powerful since he could blast people into smithereens with a touch. 

Gustav had been looking for Amira's mother all night but had not come into contact with her at all.

He was tempted to ask Amira which floor he would be able to find her room but he knew the last person he wanted to act all suspicious to was Amira.

At least he could pretend he bumped into her mother when explaining things that went down whilw switching identities back. But if he outright asked Amira, things would be suspicious and since Amira wasn't stupid she might figure things out.

Gustav knew of which floor Amira's mother mostly based in but since it was midnight he didn't find her there. He decided to head back to that floor now that morning had arrived.

While he was on his own agenda, Amira was enjoying how it felt to be an MBO officer.

Number five had given Amira the outside watch once more because she specifically asked for it. Of course they had no idea she wasn't the real officer Tantrum just like Gustav because Gustav had perfectly helped her mimic Officer Tantrum's look with Flesh Warping.

She kept flying around the bureau while playing with MBO items that every MBO officer was privy too. Everytime there was a communication report she would report her status with enthusiasm too.

Unlike Gustav she truly wanted to know how it felt to be an MBO officer while Gustav was faking his to complete his quest.


-Luchas City

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The entire city was currently in a state of panic as explosions rang out all through the city.

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