The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Setting Off A Storm Online (3)

On the way home, he flipped through his microblog and inadvertently saw the topic, ‘#Shengshi drama’s Beauty in Plain White.’ Since he was part of the cast, he decided to click on the video.

Unexpectedly, there was a car that ran through a red light on the other lane. Ye Peicheng’s driver braked quickly, but their car still ended up with a slight scratch.

Within the sudden deceleration, Ye Peicheng’s fingertip accidentally pressed ‘like’ on the post on Weibo.

In this short window of time, Ye Peicheng’s ‘like’ on Qiao Moyu’s video created a ripple effect that soon set off a storm.

Qiao Moyu once again climbed to the hot search once again. This time, beside her name was Ye Peicheng’s.

The comments down below showed that Ye Peicheng’s fans were particularly excited: “My husband even praised the new actress! How long has it been since he complimented another actress? Three years? And this person just joined the entertainment circle too!”

“Is this real? I think my heart’s about to break!”

“Even though Moyu sister is pretty, our hubby is still ours!”

The fans were excited, but Ye Peicheng shifted uncomfortably. It was all an accidental slip of his hand, but should he explain himself?

He clicked on the video this time and saw Qiao Moyu’s performance. There was a hint of interest at the depths of his eyes. Was this girl a Shaolin disciple?

While the fans online were in commotion, Qiao Moyu was totally unaware of these events.

She was giving Luo Luo a shower at this time.

The toddler was only two years and four months old. He insisted that he wanted to bathe by himself and refused his mother’s help.

After taking a few moments to undress the little child, Qiao Moyu brought her son into the bathroom and tested the water temperature in the tub before putting him in.

The toddler was obviously very shy. He crawled in the large tub and turned his back and small buttocks towards his mother.

Qiao Moyu ran to her son’s room and grabbed some rubber toy ducks. She placed them in the bathtub with Luo Luo. “Oh no, the rubber duck’s gonna bite baby’s little butt if he doesn’t turn around quickly. Don’t worry, mom will save you!”

The little boy reached out behind and touched the toy. After catching a duckling, he turned his head and looked up at his mom. “Luo Luo isn’t fooled!”

Qiao Moyu took advantage of this moment and readily planted a kiss on his cheek: “Little Luo, you were fooled!” she laughed.

When the toddler realized he was tricked, he turned around completely and splashed water at Qiao Moyu. The pair of mother and son enjoyed themselves in the bathroom.

Hearing the commotion, Nanny Yu came into the bathroom and discovered the totally drenched Qiao Moyu. She couldn’t hold back a laugh and said: “Miss Qiao, you’re just like a baby, people will never guess you’re actually 18-years old!”

Qiao Moyu suddenly went quiet from surprise. Actually, before she crossed into this world, she was also only 18-years old!

Author’s Afterword:

“Well Qiao Moyu, instead of an eighteen-year-old, you act more like–an eight-year-old!

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