The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Setting Off A Storm Online (2)

“So that means we shouldn’t interfere in anything?” Father Ye asked.

“Yes,” Mr. Huang nodded. “Second Master is in the entertainment circle, which means that the noble person he encountered is within the same circle as well. That is why Mr. Ye, although you desperately want to bring your son back to inherit your family business, it’s actually best to let your him stay where he is at this stage. Otherwise, he will return to his previous, doomed fate.”

“Well, thank you so much for your advice Mr. Huang!” Father Ye nodded in approval.

“No, I would like to be the one thanking you this time. I’ve been in this business for so many years, and yet you gave me the rare chance to witness such a pure qi for the second time. I have no regrets!” Mr. Huang lamented: “It seems that I need to go and see for myself who this divine and pure person is.”

“Well, if you want to meet that person, all we have to do is tell Ye Peicheng to get close with that righteous man, right?”

“There’s no need for that. Everything in this world has its own number of days and its purpose for existence. If this pure person ends up standing beside our Second Master, this will prove that they are predestined. But our human intervention will cause side effects.” Mr. Huang added: “Of course, if this person encounters any difficulties, Mr. Ye can provide some assistance, but it must be done from the sidelines in order to benefit our Second Young Master.”

“I see.” Father Ye lowered himself to performed a solemn ceremony for Mr. Huang, but Mr. Huang quickly supported him up. He laughed and said, “We’re both almost the same age, I’m embarrassed!”

Although Mr. Huang is a distinguished guest, he couldn’t stay behind for dinner due to other business matters.

Since today is Ye Peicheng’s birthday, the housekeeper prepared a double-layered cake for him.

When Father Ye arrived at the dining table, the people in the room were surprised to find that this old man didn’t show signs of anger when seeing Ye Peicheng.

“Let’s eat,” Father Ye said, after which everyone sat down altogether.

Ye Mother glanced at her Second Son.

She motioned Ye Peicheng to sit down to not make their father angry, but unexpectedly, Father Ye’s gaze swept over the double-layered cake and commented cheerfully, “Isn’t it his birthday? Sister Zhang, please cut a slice for each one of us.”

The maidservant, Mrs. Zhang, quickly took the platter and divided the cake before distributing the slices to everyone.

Although wasn’t any candle for a birthday wish, it was already quite a miracle that Ye Peicheng’s birthday didn’t end in an argument.

Ye Peiqing raised his sights, and his slightly slanted Phoenix eyes locked gazes with Ye Peicheng on the opposite side of the table. He observed his younger brother with a measuring stare.

Mrs. Zhang then placed a cake in front of the Second son.

Ye Peicheng tasted it carefully. The sweetness caused him to frown; he couldn’t help but recall Qiao Moyu’s appearance when she savored her cake in the lounge.

It was obviously such an oily cake, but she ate it so sumptuously, unlike the other actors who were scared to bite into anything sweet in case they gain weight. Qiao Moyu savored her cake as if the food before her was her entire world. ‘Ha ha.’

Ye Peicheng doesn’t stay in the Ye Mansion during weekdays; instead, he stays over at his personal villa in the city. After dinner, he bade farewell to his dad. Father Ye asked, “Are you still shooting a movie tomorrow?”

Ye Peicheng gazed into his eyes and nodded calmly, “Yes.”

“Even if you’re busy with your work, you should always come home.” After saying this, Father Ye waved his hand, indicating that he may go.

Ye Peicheng was astonished. What happened to his father today?

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