The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: A Seductive Figure (2)

She sent video recordings and photos of the female protagonist with other men to Xing Yichen anonymously. She also played the role of a white lotus in front of him. Finally, when the male protagonist realized her intentions, Qiao Moyu resorted to stripping off her clothes and drugging the man, hoping she could turn raw rice into cooked steaming rice.

However, since she was the villainess in the story, it was inevitable that her schemes would fail.

Thus, no matter how she seduces him, she will never win his affection. The female protagonist not only becomes the Film Empress, she also wins the unswerving love of the male protagonist til death.

And Qiao Moyu, the vicious childhood friend, meets a distressing end. Her adoptive parents ignore her and her child went missing. In order to repay her mountain of debts, she constantly performed all kinds of obscenity for bald businessmen and was shunned by millions of people.

Finally, she committed suicide in front of the man she loved, hoping to imprint herself in his memory forever. Unfortunately, the male protagonist didn’t mourn for her at all. He regarded her to be as worthless and disgusting as mosquito blood. Upon seeing her dead body, he frowned in revulsion, quickly ordering others to drag her away and feed her to the dogs to save him from the nausea.

After reading the novel ending scene of the woman who shared her name, Qiao Moyu was very upset. Afterwards, she gave left a review with a score of -2 points, and even gave 99 comments a score of 0 points, all so she can spit on this dog blood plot.

After venting her displeasure, she fell asleep, not knowing that she would dream herself into this story!

After thinking about her situation, it seems that the tragic ending scene had yet to arrive in the future.

Around the current timeline, the male protagonist Xing Yichen had just discovered that Qiao Moyu was very much in love with him. Since both of them were childhood friends, he considerately hinted to her a few times, hoping that Qiao Moyu would retreat from her pursuit.

However, instead of retreating, Qiao Moyu stirred up contention between the male and female protagonists’ relationship. And even on the grounds of a simple visit, she stripped herself bare in hopes of enticing Xing Yichen.

If Qiao Moyu had guessed right, the male protagonist should have consumed the drugged water. The original woman’s intention was to bed the man at the hotel, then bring over the child to say he was responsible.

The current Qiao Moyu squatted on the floor, thinking that even though she was dreaming right now, it was still uncomfortable being stared at naked by another man. Her gaze swept the room in search for her own clothes.

While looking around, she thought to herself that even if Xing Yichen swallowed the drink, he wouldn’t do anything to her, right? After all, the story said that the male protagonist would run to the bathroom and drench himself in ice cold water even if he catches a fever, rather than to touch a finger of his childhood friend.

At this thought, Qiao Moyu suddenly felt relieved. Because her usual life in the real world was already quite difficult:

Who knows when it started, but people around her discovered that she was like a walking lucky koi fish**. Just by touching her hand, one can pick up 10 yuan as a fortune when heading out. During one instance, she brushed against a young man’s shoulder twice; when he left, there were two girls who rushed up to him hoping for marriage. The girls even fought fiercely for the position of his wife.

(T/N: koi fish are believed to bring good fortune)

Therefore, Qiao Moyu in the real world was like a walking treasure–people can’t wait to stick around her all day. Even if they can’t be so close, it was good enough for them to touch her twice!

Thankfully, she had her brawny brother to protect her; he gave specially painful beatings to those who tried to lay their hands on his sister.

But it was difficult. After all, her brother can’t follow her everywhere all the time, such as when she heads for the ladies’ restroom.

Because of this, she would have to deal with these headaches quite often. Even if she tried to intimidate others with a bad temper, there were still those who came close to her and succeeded.

Unexpectedly, she ended up in a dream where someone actually disliked her to the point of not wanting to touch her. Qiao Moyu was very satisfied and happy!

But at that moment, the man who hated her suddenly said in a cold voice, “Why don’t you roll away!”

Qiao Moyu thought this was all a dream anyways so she happily snapped back, “Then you be my spare tire!**” How can she just roll away and leave?

(**spare tire– term for a temporary lover)

After she spoke, Xing Yichen was speechless. His brows knitted even deeper: “Shameless!”

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