The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: A Seductive Figure (3)

Qiao Moyu was too lazy to pay attention to him. She stared at clump of fabric and asked, “Xing Yichen, where did you hide my clothes?”

When the man heard her mention his full name for the first time, he smiled disdainfully. His body felt sweltering hot and he tore at the collar of his shirt irritably. “Didn’t you throw your own clothes out the window?”

Wow, there was such a thing? Qiao Moyu secretly ‘praised’ her predecessor for being so bold. She stood up and walked step by step towards the suite, deciding not to waste time arguing with this man. After getting dressed, she must stroll around this dream and savor being treated as a worthless mosquito blood.

“What other schemes do you have?!” Xing Yichen’s eyes glimmered dangerously.

She shrugged her shoulders and replied indifferently, “I’m going to cover up my entire body with pork meat.” Didn’t he just say that watching her naked was the same as watching a pig?

When she entered the suite, she saw opened the wardrobe and saw a collection of new shirts and pants.

Xing Yichen was very tall. She chose a shirt that was hung and wore it. The shirt reached ten centimeters above her knee and was just as good as wearing a skirt.

Before she came out, she stared at the one-meter-eight bed in the lounge. According to the author, Xing Yichen and Yu Ruohuan would be as intimate as turning the clouds and rain towards the end of the plot.

However, right now, it seems that they were still in the early stages of love and have not yet progressed to that point.

Now having something to wear, Qiao Moyu was in a good mood, and even considered this a rare gem of a dream. The only nauseating part was Xing Yichen’s complaints. After stepping forward, she suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom.

At this time, Xing Yichen didn’t know if his discomfort was due to a drug’s effects. He pulled off his tie and threw it aside hastily.

Qiao Moyu was first to occupy the bathroom. After solving her needs, she clapped her hands and stood up. Suddenly, she felt the blood rush to her head! She can clearly feel her heart beating furiously in her chest.

If this was a dream, why is she able to use the restroom? Which dream wouldn’t end in waking up when one needs to use the toilet?!

Moreover, the scene before her at this moment is so vivid that it’s impossible to only be a dream. Which dream would be this detailed?!

Qiao Moyu felt chilly from the soles of her feet and her heart sunk from an ominous premonition. She raised her eyes and stared at the mirror above the sink.

She felt as if she was struck by something when she saw the strange face reflected before her.

The woman was very beautiful. Her attractive eyebrows and clear pupils were as the stars and rivers. Her nose was straight and tall and her lips were like open petals, with a natural cherry red color. Those lips were raised to a smile, making her whole face look cute and lovely

Her face had a pure kind of beauty, but her body was so sexy it could cause nosebleeds.

Qiao Moyuan observed that she had a C+ cup for her bust. Even when wearing a man’s baggy shirt, her clothing couldn’t hide the proud scenery inside; she had a slim waist, a rounded backside, and white slender legs that were almost impeccable.

It was as if she never had a child, as the book described.

She recalled that in the book, the original host’s appearance was completely natural, without a trace of cosmetic surgery.

So, all the facts implied that she crossed into a story and became Qiao Moyu, the woman that Xing Yichen despised?

It’s not like she’s never read the novel either, but now she’s really experiencing it for herself. It was like an indescribable fantasy at this moment.

As she washed her hands and rinsed her face to test her sense of touch, she had no choice but to recognize this as reality.

What she wants to know is, now that she’s crossed over, will everything in her future follow the plot in the novel or will it change? Is her previous life’s lucky koi attributes still there with her?

After holding back her doubts, she decided to just take things step by step.

She’s not in a hurry to leave the bathroom, since she needs to figure out her situation. Because she recalled in the novel that when the original Qiao Moyu had left the bathroom, a staff member had recorded her in her disorganized clothing. Later on she became popular as a star, but because of that video recording, she was completely blackened in public and was accused of seducing Xing Yichen when she used to be a junior actress.

However, the novel also said that Xing Yichen suffered terribly after drinking the drugged water. Qiao Moyu would take advantage and take a picture together, but the man would push her to the ground then rush to the bathroom, where he would shut himself in and take a cold shower.

She looked around. Hey, she occupied the bathroom to herself, so how was Xing Yichen supposed take a shower?

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