The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Black Hat (2)

The current scene being shot was the couple’s dispute outside of Qiao Moyu’s house. At this time, Qiao Moyu grasped her sword tightly as she was about to depart, but she happened to meet Ye Peicheng who came to stop her.

The man clasped her arm with one hand, and with a dull pain within the depths of his eyes, he spoke pleadingly: “If you carry out your revenge now, you’ll only end up dying!”

She looked up in disbelief upon hearing his words: “What do you mean?”

“Yan-er, don’t be reckless. Let’s think things through and make a long term plan.” Ye Peicheng urgently grasped Qiao Moyu’s shoulder.

She looked up at him and fiercely retorted, “He’s my father and your teacher. How could I wait?”

Director: “Cut!”

He frowned as he looked at Qiao Moyu and advised, “Moyu, the man in front of you is your lover. Your father was murdered, but your lover is idly sitting by. What mood should you be in? Shouldn’t there be disappointment and grief? Even pure anger?”

Qiao Moyu replied: “I’m sorry director, I’ll try again!”

In other words, the character she played should only have one thought in mind–to absolutely kill the enemy, regardless of her own life or death!

And the man she loved actually dared to obstruct her. If she didn’t have a relationship with him, she would have already attacked him and brought him down to the ground.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Moyu had a bit of understanding of how being ‘lovers’ would affect the character’s mood.

“Good, get ready!” The deputy director instructed the cameraman to adjust the lens once again.

Qiao Moyu bowed her head without looking anywhere else. When the director shouted for them to start once again, she slowly lifted her gaze and looked directly at Ye Peicheng.

Qiao Moyu’s eyes were filled with disappointment and sorrow. Her voice wavered slightly: “He’s my father, and your teacher. How could I wait?”

Ye Peicheng clearly perceived Qiao Moyu’s mood. His expression revealed a slight surprise, as if he had accidentally hurt the woman’s feelings.

He couldn’t help but stare deeply at the girl in front of him, but then unexpectedly, a hand knife quickly and accurately struck towards him.

It was then, that Qiao Moyu collapsed.

Although she never rehearsed this move, the way she fell looked completely natural, as if done by an experienced actress. Her body relaxed completely and was caught by Ye Peicheng’s arms.

“Cut!” The director was very satisfied. “Moyu, if you can act this well, why do I have to instruct you before you do a good job?”

Qiao Moyu bit her lip and replied, “Maybe because I’m a little stupid, so I need you to enlighten me.”

After her reply, the director sat stunned while the crew laughed altogether.

After two days of working as a team, many of the crew members had fallen in love with the girl named Qiao Moyu. Not only was she straightforward when speaking, she was also very beautiful. Rather than being a delicate and spoiled girl, her personality was actually very pleasant and easygoing.

Upon seeing the crowd laugh at Qiao Moyu, Xing Wanshuang’s gaze darkened. She was dissatisfied yesterday on her way home when she read the comments on the drama’s photoshoot.

Those people online need to get their eyes checked. That photo of Qiao Moyu was obviously really ugly and disgusting to look at, and yet they’re all saying it’s cute. Why would someone even put it up as a wallpaper?

There’s also that one video. They’re calling it amazing just because of a few spinning kicks. Ha ha,they’re all just sensationalizing things!

Unexpectedly, Ye Peicheng, who never compliments others, even liked that actress’ video. She believed that Ye Peicheng’s finger must have accidentally slipped and pressed the ‘like’ button. The man was so splendid and magnificent that she couldn’t even pluck the courage to curry to him or climb his branches. If she, Xing Wanshuang couldn’t get in his field of vision, how could a fake pheasant like Qiao Moyu possibly have a chance of grabbing his attention?

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