The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Black Hat (3)

“Okay, get ready for the next scene,” the director said as he glanced warningly at the crew who just enjoyed laughing too much. He approached Qiao Moyu and reminded her, “You just found out that your lover was drenched in blood after helping you avenge your father. What expression do you think you should have?”

Qiao Moyu knew that the director was helping her by indirectly giving pointers on how to perform, so she earnestly replied: “Should it be heartache?”

“As the character, you realized that you had misunderstood his good intentions; you also saw his painful wounds, and discovered that he resolved your hatred and carried out vengeance on your behalf!” The director sighed and said, “Alright, get ready! When you go home this evening, study the script! If you there’s still some points you don’t understand when we regroup with the crew, don’t hesitate to ask your seniors.”

“Okay,” she humbly nodded.

The next scene was shot at a narrow road. Qiao Moyu urgently ran along the path until she finally came across Ye Peicheng.

He also saw her approaching, and the couple stoon stared deeply into each other’s eyes at this end of the road. Although the man was soaked in blood and his sword dragged on the ground, he still managed to smile at her.

The woman’s eyes suddenly turned moist and red. She rushed to his side, but she felt a little afraid to touch him: “Ling Cang, what happened to you? Where did were you injured?”

The smile on his face deepened, and he said with a sigh, “My injury is alright. Sister, I finally avenged Master!”

He stretched out his arm and held her in a tight embrace.

At that moment, Ye Peicheng obviously felt Qiao Moyu tense up, as if she was about to break away from his arms and push him away.

He pulled her slightly closer and bowed next to her cheeks. He whispered next to her ear, but it was at an angle where the camera lens couldn’t capture his moving lips: “Keep holding on.”

His voice was so low that she could barely feel his breath. But the impulse to break away instantly dissipated.

She forced herself to settle down and gradually returned to the empty state she had before. Then, she felt Ye Peicheng’s body gradually relax. He looked down at her with a gaze that slowly deepened with passion.

It’s said that Ye Peicheng was born to become a Film Emperor because he can be two entirely different people outside in real life versus inside the drama when acting.

Outside acting, he was indifferent and composed, showing neither joy nor anger. However, when acting, he can display any exaggerated or affectionate expression. Ye Peicheng could act out a psychopath, a hysterical addict, or even a simple and supportive teacher.

And the scriptwriter for the drama “Sheng Shi” had helped him early on in his career, so even though he hadn’t worked with a TV series in years, he directly accepted their casting as the role of the male lead.

At this moment, his eyes appeared almost bottomless, like a deep whirlpool; there were bloodstains on his cheek. His beauty was truly captivating, and like a fatal temptation, he drew closer little by little until his lips were infinitely close to Qiao Moyu’s.

Qiao Moyu wasn’t used to being so close to a man. At this moment, she didn’t feel enticed at all by Ye Peicheng’s affection or attractive looks. Instead, her discomfort drew her out of her previous empty state. Qiao Moyu was feeling very anxious, but the director hasn’t yelled ‘cut’ just yet, so she wasn’t sure whether or not she was making mistakes right now.

That is, until she felt a hand cover her eyes, and the scent of a man overwhelmed her. She felt a hand fasten behind her neck. Ye Peicheng pulled her in and pressed her close within his embrace for a few minutes.

“Relax, don’t move. Just leave it to me.” He spoke with a deep, low voice. Even if Qiao Moyu couldn’t see a thing, she felt as if man’s lips were close to hers by a thin sheet of paper.

She didn’t move as she felt the man’s hands comb through her hair; the warmth of his palms imprinted at the back of her head. The man’s breathe next to her lips was more obvious.

There was a hushed silence all around, and only the traces of the wind could be heard.

Author’s Afterword:

Film Emperor Ye: I’m so handsome, but not only did she stop acting, she even dared to abandon my embrace!

Autho Jin: What about your reputation?

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