The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Meeting Luo Luo (3)

Although the crowd still wanted to linger to watch, they were intimidated by Ye Peicheng’s threatening aura so they had to disperse.

Just when Ye Peicheng was about to leave, a child’s cute voice called after him: “Thank you Uncle!”

He turned around and smiled back at the beaming toddler. Luo Luo waved his chubby little hands at him: “Uncle, bye bye!”

“Goodbye Baobei.” Ye Peicheng’s lips lifted slightly.

Earlier, Qiao Moyu was supposed to be on her way to the checkout, but just when she reached halfway, she suddenly discovered that her period started. She immediately hurried back to the daily hygiene section to buy feminine pads.

Afterwards, she carried her groceries and joined Mrs. Yu and her son. Nanny Yu explained to her what just happened, although she had no clue what Luo Luo and Ye Peicheng discussed about since the two of them were whispering.

After hearing her explanation, Qiao Moyu turned next to Luo Luo beside her and asked: “Little Baobei, can you tell mom why you threw the banana peel?”

Luo Luo pouted his small lips and stubbornly looked up at her: “She said bad things about mom first!”

“So because that aunt said bad things about mom, Luo Luo made her trip?” Qiao Moyu’s eyes were calm as she asked this question.

Luo Luo nodded, not knowing whether or not she was angry with him.

Qiao Moyu picked him up and put him on her lap. She reached out and squeezed his tiny fists, then pulled his hands closer. She said, “Luo Luo, you’re still very small right now. Look, your fist is smaller than mom’s right?”

The boy nodded.

“So while Luo Luo is small, mom will protect you. When you grow up, you can protect mother.” Qiao Moyu looked into his eyes and said, “Today, thank you for protecting me, but Luo Luo shouldn’t do this later or you might fall in danger.”

The little toddler thought for a moment and recalled what Ye Peicheng told him before he left. “That uncle also said the same thing as mom!”

Qiao Moyu laughed: “Which uncle?”

“It was the handsome uncle who just saved me,” he replied.

She didn’t think much about his response and simple ruffled his soft hair. “Luo Luo, when you turn five, mom will teach you martial arts!”


That afternoon, Qiao Moyu received a call saying there was a previous scene with Ye Peicheng that needed to be performed again, so she was asked to go to the film set tomorrow.

By the time she arrived on set the next day, Ye Peicheng’s car had just arrived, but there were two more people who came out from his passenger’s seat.

Father Ye and Mr. Huang got out of the car together. Just when Father Ye was about to ask him about his project’s Feng Shui, he heard Mr. Huang beside him utter out a low cry. Then, the man’s shocked face seemed to brighten as if he had spotted a precious treasure.

“Mr. Huang, what’s wrong?” Father Ye asked.

Mr. Huang stared straight at Qiao Moyu’s direction. Overwhelmed with excitement, he spoke incoherently: “I saw it! The clean aura of the person I saw on the way– it’s nothing compared to that woman over there; it’s like comparing the seas and rivers to the bright moon and stars! Her aura is very pure!”

Author’s Afterword:

Luo Luo: Mom said she’ll teach Baobei martial arts!

Luo Luo’s Dad: She also knows martial arts?!

Luo Luo: So you have to be nice to mom, or we’ll both beat you up!

Luo Luo’s Dad: finished

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