The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Meeting Luo Luo (2)

All of a sudden, the crowd looked over the commotion. Just now, the arrogant red-coated girl’s harsh demeanor changed into a gentle and lovely expression. She winked at Ye Peicheng and smiled sweetly.

However, the actor’s cold and indifferent aura caused everyone to keep a distance. He went straight to Mrs. Yu and asked, “Did you say someone abducted a child?”

Feeling small and intimidated by the man, Nanny Yu couldn’t help but say, “It’s alright, young man, thank you!”

But Luo Luo, who was wrapped in her arms, shouted, “Uncle, the bad aunt in the red dress wanted to take me away earlier!”

Hearing the young boy’s cry, Ye Peicheng’s gaze slowly shifted to the toddler.

To be honest, Ye Peicheng never had much patience with children, but for some reason, this little toddler with his big eyes and small face seemed to catch his attention. The boy’s jet black eyes seemed to have a million things to say.

Somehow, Ye Peicheng thought he was very lovely. The actor asked patiently, “Baby, why did that Aunt want to abduct you?”

Luo Luo looked at the man with wide eyes. He instinctively felt that this man wasn’t a bad guy, so he said, “Uncle, can I whisper it to you?”

Ye Peicheng nodded.

Luo Luo had his nanny hold him up as he put his small face next to the uncle’s ear. He whispered, “That bad aunt said bad things about my mom, so I threw a banana peel on the ground to let her trip! Who let her bully my mom?”

The child’s voice was soft and heart-melting. His breath blew lightly against Ye Peicheng’s ear, giving out a milky scent. The man unexpectedly felt the depths of his heart soften.

He turned and asked him, “So Baobei is avenging his mother?”

The toddler had no idea what ‘avenge’ meant. He looked up at the uncle in confusion.

Ye Peicheng thought for a moment before explaining it to the child.

He broke it down to a child’s level of understanding and said: “That is, when someone bullies baby’s mom, you will help mom by bullying them back.”

The toddler understood and nodded enthusiastically. Seeing that someone finally understood him, he laughed in satisfaction, causing his eyes to brighten and curve up like crescent shaped moons.

Upon seeing the twinkle in the boy’s eyes, Ye Peicheng was somehow reminded of that day when he saw Qiao Moyu beside the riverside, staring right back. Her eyes seemed to glitter, as if filled with the world’s glory.

He looked down at Luo Luo and advised: “Baobei, for now, you can’t help mom by bullying them back because you’re too small. Just like today, they wanted to take you away but you don’t have strength to resist. If you want to protect your mom, then try to grow up. Once you grow up and become strong, they won’t dare to bully her again.”

Luo Luo listened carefully to his words. His little eyebrows were slightly wrinkled as he was deep in thought.

Regardless of whether the boy understood his words or not, Ye Peicheng stood upright. What’s up with him today? Why does he have so much to say to a child?

He turned to the girl in red and asked, “Are you still going to pursue this?”

The girl shook her head and she spoke with a gentle voice: “Film Emperor Ye, I won’t pursue it. I just misunderstood them. The baby is very lovely, super cute! I like him very much!”

“In that case, scram,” Ye Peicheng said indifferently.

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