The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Tsundere (2)

At the last second, she changed her mind and replied: “I may need more practice, but I’ll try my best to act the role!”

Sister Wu was somewhat disappointed by her words but she didn’t think much of it. Instead she said, “Well then hurry up and come!” Afterwards the agent hung up the phone.

Qiao Moyu put away her cellphone in annoyance and examined her wrist. The bracelet was there but the deadly threats had disappeared.

She sighed with relief, then noticed that Luo Luo was staring at her. Qiao Moyu immediately crouched next to Luo Luo and asked, “Baobei, do you think mom’s bracelet is pretty?”

However, the toddler looked at her with a blank face, apparently unaware of what she was referring to.

Does that mean Little Luo can’t see the bracelet? Feeling puzzled, she touched her wrist but found nothing there.

After Yu sister-in-law prepared their meal, Qiao Moyu placed Luo Luo on a booster seat and spoon fed him. She said encouragingly: “Here it comes!”

Qiao Moyu placed a piece of fish in front of her son’s mouth. The little boy immediately parted his lips and ate it. Qiao Moyu laughed. She held another spoonful in front of him, this time with pumpkin.

The toddler stared at the piece of vegetable. His long eyelashes fluttered delicately, like the wings of a black butterfly. The boy’s soft eyebrows frowned slightly as he hesitantly looked at the pumpkin for a few seconds. Still, he opened his mouth and accepted it.

Qiao Mo immediately placed the pumpkin in his mouth. The child chewed twice before his expression crinkled into a ball. It seemed very unappetizing as he swallowed it with difficulty.

Next to them, nanny Yu exclaimed in surprise, “Luo Luo never eats pumpkins, but he actually ate when you fed him!”

As soon as the comment was made, the little toddler shifted in embarrassment. Unfortunately, he had already swallowed the vegetable, and could not spit it out again.

When Qiao Moyu saw his arrogant appearance, she smiled thinking it was too cute. The young mother cut another piece of the vegetable and made engine-like sounds as she delivered the spoonful to his mouth: “Baobei you can’t be picky. Pumpkin is very nutritious and baby’s eyes will be brighter after eating it! Of course, my Little Luo’s eyes are clear right now, but they will be much brighter and cuter after eating!”

She continued to coax: “Baobei, eat one more.”

The little toddler was reluctant, but he still gave in and opened his mouth.

Seeing that her son finished chewing, she grinned in satisfaction. Qiao Moyu bent over and kissed his small face. The boy’s cheeks suddenly turned red.

After the child finished his meal, he began to feel drowsy before eight o-clock. The nanny gave Luo Luo a bath and brought him to his room.

His mother shared bedtime stories as the boy laid in bed. Apparently, the little baby had never heard of those stories before so he was very curious. But in the end, he couldn’t resist his drowsiness and soon drifted into sleep…

Early the next morning, Qiao Moyu was escorted by car with her assistant and was dropped off at the production crew.

The historical drama she was part of was adapted from a novel. The book sparked a fire seven years ago and had garnered a large number of fans. Meanwhile, the drama’s Female no.3 had very little screen time, even though her character was the first love of the story’s male lead. Based on the original host’s memory, Yu Ruohuan herself could not win this role even if she had begged grandfather Qiao for it.

It’s a little early at the moment and the main actor and actress had yet to arrive. The drama’s female no.1 is played by Xing Wanshuang, Xing Yicheng’s sister. Because of their sibling relationship, she soon became a first-line actress.

And the leading actor is the ever low-key film emperor, Ye Peicheng. He is the second son of the Ye group, which holds considerable power. It’s rumored that he prefers acting to business. Five years after his debut, he hardly ever relies on his family relations and has succeeded with his own efforts. Ye Peicheng won impressive awards one after the other and is reputed to be one of the most popular male actors these days.

Just then, a loud cheer echoed outside. Qiao Moyu raised her eyes and saw a tall man walking slowly towards the set, surrounded by a crowd.

His eyebrows were cold and sharp as a knife and he carried a calm temperament. His dark eyes seemed to reflect the dark night.

Is that Ye Peicheng? Qiao Moyu sighed. Even the supporting protagonist in this world was breathtakingly stunning!

While she was deep in thought, the man’s eyes slowly swept towards her; not a trace of emotion could be seen at the bottom of his eyes, as if the world he saw before him was lifeless.

(T/N: Qiao Moyu gets the drama role of Female no.3)

Female no.1 = main actress

Female no.2 = supporting actress

Female no.3 = side actress = (MC’s role in drama)

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