The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Tsundere (1)

Luo Luo hid his face so no one noticed his sudden smile. Since the child no longer cried, the company of three went home together.

The original host’s home was quite good. This was passed down to her by her grandfather when she was still a part of the Qiao household. Although she was driven out of the family, she was still able to live in this property.

When the three of them entered the house together, Luo Luo squatted down to change his shoes to indoor flip flops. His little hands were white and tender. After putting on his footwear, he ran with his short legs towards his room, making pitter patter sounds.

Fearing that the boy might accidentally trip, Qiao Moyu worriedly called out, “Baobei slow down, don’t fall!”

(T/N: Baobei–baby)

Upon hearing his mother’s call, the little guy ran two more steps before stopping. He turned to look at her and answered seriously, “Luo Luo has grown up and will not fall!”

Qiao Moyu laughed. She remembered how the book described the original host as someone who wasn’t very close to young children.

Since the second female lead was hopelessly in love with Xing Yichen, she chased after him and tried to make him responsible for the child. She was also a little perfunctory when taking care of her son. Although the original host wasn’t mistreating Luo Luo, she also wasn’t particularly caring nor did she spend much time with him.

The present Qiao Moyu recalled her playful little niece from her previous world. She liked this little girl a lot. As she gazed at Luo Luo, she couldn’t help but think of that niece.

In the novel, Xing Yichen refused to accept Qiao Luo as his own while the original host’s financial situation continued to crumble. Eventually, Luo Luo caught a fever that further developed into pneumonia, resulting in his hospitalization. During that time, the original host was imprisoned at the police station for several days because she hit a reporter.

When she got out of prison and went to pick up Luo Luo from the hospital, she discovered that her son had disappeared. She searched for him endlessly, but was unable to find him even until the novel’s ending.

Qiao Moyu felt distressed at the thought that a boy this lovely would meet such a pitiful end. Because of this, she longed to be close to him.

Qiao Moyu walked to the middle of the room and pretended to fall. “Ouch, it hurts so much, I need someone give me a kiss so I can get back up!”

The toddler who was running off suddenly paused. When he saw his mother on the ground, he suddenly froze on the spot and his eyes widened. Feeling deeply conflicted, he turned around and scurried to her side.

The little boy reached for his mother’s hand and stood beside her, motionless.

When Qiao Moyu saw Little Luo’s fleshy little face, she had the urge to pinch it, but first, she presented her cheek next to him.

Luo Luo gazed fixedly at his mom’s face for two seconds while pouting. Finally, he planted his small lips on her cheek.

Once Qiao Moyu felt a damp sensation on her side, her heart immediately melted. She faced the toddler and showered plenty of kisses on him.

Feeling happy and cheerful, the young woman took Luo Luo’s hand and praised him with a smile, “Luo Luo helped his mother up with a kiss. He’s such a good boy!”

The little fellow blushed red at her words. He quickly turned around and looked away.

Yu sister-in-law went to the kitchen to cook while Qiao Moyu played with Luo Luo.

At this time, her cell phone rang. The screen displayed ‘Sister Wu,’ who worked as her agent.

Sister Wu spoke to her through the line and said, “Qiao Moyu, don’t forget to come to the studio early tomorrow morning. I’ll ask Xiao Su to pick you up around 8 o’clock.”

In her previous world, Qiao Moyu was annoyed at having almost zero privacy. Now that she arrived here where she was thankfully abandoned by the male protagonist, why would she give up her comfortable life and privacy by becoming an actress?

That was why she refused the offer immediately: “Sister Wu, I actually requested this acting role from my grandfather. But maybe–”

Before she could finish her sentence and say the words ‘I’m not suited for this,’ a bright light suddenly shone on her wrist.

The shimmering light was soon replaced with a precious gem bracelet.

Wasn’t this the original host’s missing bracelet? Why did it appear just now?

While Qiao Moyu gawked in confusion, she felt a message transmitted in her mind, saying that she must help the original host achieve her wish to become a Film Empress. If not, she will die without being able to return to her previous world.

Qiao Moyu almost fainted from shock.

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