The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Koi Fish Physique (2)

In the photo, the woman dressed in plain clothes appeared light as a swallow, her hair swaying in the wind in the midst of her flight. Her lovely features were as graceful as a quiet lotus. In this captured moment, she was like a legend brought to life within a troubled world.

Qiao Moyu didn’t notice the shocked expressions of the crowd. She performed another two difficult kicks before wrapping up her performance. She smiled at the director and asked, “Director Zhang, which action pose do you think is appropriate?”

The man snapped out of his daze and suddenly felt that this girl, who unscrupulously took the role with the Qiao family’s influence, didn’t seem as bad as he had imagined. He asked the photographer, “Have you captured every scene?”

The photographer nodded: “Yes, I’ve taken all the photos.”

“Qiao Moyu, you don’t have to perform any more. Just choose from any of the poses you’ve presented for the photoshoot.” The director gave instructions to the others, “Alright, let’s get ready for the first act!”

Just now, everyone had witnessed Qiao Moyu’s presentation. The only person who heard the director’s voice was Ye Peicheng, who stood alone in a quiet corner whilst smoking. He put out his cigarette and approached this side.

As he passed by, the actor’s eyes didn’t even stop for half a second on Qiao Moyu’s figure. However, Qiao Moyu instinctively felt that Ye Peicheng seemed to be in a bad mood.

Qiao Moyu went behind the cameras and chatted happily with Assistant Xiao and the crew. The assistant obviously became her fan; she began to boast about how stunning the actress was during her performance.

Qiao Moyu laughed. Those were the just some of the most basic moves she learned in her previous life. In that world, people were often bringing her trouble because of her koi fish physique, so she had to practice martial arts alongside her brother since childhood for self-defense. Generally speaking, she was good enough to take down one or two men by herself without breaking a sweat.

Just a few feet away, Xin Yushuang and Ye Peicheng were acting a scene together. Since both were experienced actors, the shooting went very smoothly. In a short time, the two of them were already halfway done.

During the intermission, Xing Yushuang’s assistant, Xiao Huan, ran over and handed a box to Xiao Moyu. “Moyu, Miss Wanshuang is busy getting her makeup retouched. Ye Peicheng wanted her to bring this for him. Would you please head over to the lounge and hand this over to him? It’s very important. Film Emperor Ye Peicheng just called and said he wanted it sent to him immediately. Thank you very much!”

Qiao Moyu looked at the box with suspicion.

Since Ye Peicheng needed it a rush, why didn’t this Assistant Xiao Huan send it personally instead of leaving her with the errand? Based on the novel’s plot, she knew that there must be something troublesome.

However, Xiao Huan left the item beside her and ran off right away, obviously to leave her no chance to reject. And if Ye Peicheng really did need this box urgently, who knows what would happen to her if she delayed.

Since the other party has made their move, might as well just deal with the problems appropriately as they come along.

Qiao Moyu stood up and walked towards the lounge on the other side.

At this moment, Xing Wanshuang’s lips slightly raised. Just now, she had overheard Ye Peicheng answering a phone call from home. Afterwards, she straightaway returned to her lounge. Since Xing Wanshuang was part of an affluent household, she knew a thing or two about the Ye household’s current situation.

Ye Peicheng’s relationship with his family was quite strained since they deeply disapproved of his choice to join the entertainment circle. If Qiao Moyu interrupts him during this phone call, she will only find him in a sour mood. So no matter what she delivers to him, unfortunately she will–

Ha ha, she wanted to see how this audacious woman will crumble once Ye Peicheng expresses his disgust. What future will she have left in the drama crew?

At this moment, Qiao Moyu arrived at the door outside the actor’s lounge. She knocked on the door twice but there was no response, so she pushed the door open just a sliver.

Within the room, a man stood against the light. Even with his back turned facing her, he gave off an invisible pressure.

Since she came all this way holding the package, Qiao Moyu quietly entered and gently placed down the box. But the man’s gaze unexpectedly caught her.

In an instant, she could clearly see the fierce and murderous spirit in his eyes. Qiao Moyu was surprised at such hostility, but then she noticed that Ye Peicheng’s expression revealed a momentary confusion while he was on the phone.

Then, she saw that the tense muscles on his face began to relax. Towards the end, the corners of his lips were raised to a warm smile and the originally knifelike features gradually softened.

By the time she placed the item down, Ye Peicheng was almost finished with his phone call. He replied, ‘Okay, I’ll go back tonight,’ then put away his cell.

Although this girl came into his lounge uninvited, Ye Peicheng didn’t seem disturbed by her presence. He was still immersed in the emotions brought about by this recent call.

In the past, every conversation he had with his father would end in a war of words. He expected today to conclude in a quarrel as well, but surprisingly, his father’s attitude seemed to have taken a turn. This was something he had never seen in the past few years.

What could have possibly brought about his change?

Author’s Afterword:

Film Emperor Ye: Why did he suddenly change?

Author Jin: Hey, you should definitely hold the woman’s golden thigh right before you! There’s a bright koi fish in front of you who can bring good fortune. First, you’ll need to get a number plate or you won’t have a spot reserved in her line in the future.

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