The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Beauty in Plain White (1)

Qiao Moyu was unaware of the psychological changes going on in Ye Peicheng’s mind. When she saw him hang up on the phone, she pointed to the box on the table: “Film Emperor Ye, here’s what you were looking for.”

After saying so, she turned to leave.

“What?” Ye Peicheng’s gaze fell on the box with a hint of confusion in his voice.

Qiao Moyu suddenly realized what was going on; it seems that Ye Peicheng never asked anyone to deliver an item to him. She immediately picked up the box and said: “Nevermind, it seems that I’ve made a mistake. Sorry!”

But Ye Peicheng didn’t give her a chance to run off with it. His eyes focused on the item as he ordered, “Put it down.” He got up and walked over.

The man was tall and wore a black suit, giving him an inexplicably oppressive air. Qiao Moyu had to hand over the box: “You can take a look.”

Ye Peicheng opened the white box and saw a red, heart-shaped cake decorated with several rose petals.

Today is Ye Peicheng’s 27th birthday and those within the entertainment circle should be aware of it. However, he has always kept a low profile so he had no plans on holding a birthday party.

Upon seeing the heart cake in the box, he looked up and glanced sharply at Qiao Moyu with a slight frown.

In his career, there were many who tried to please him on his birthday in order to climb higher. Unexpectedly, this woman who only recently stepped into the entertainment circle approached him with such a motive.

Qiao Moyu knew that there was no use trying to explain herself right now. And obviously, Xing Wanshuang would never admit that she had set it up. Perhaps making excuses will cause Ye Peicheng to look down on her more.

Since trying to deny it was useless, she didn’t want to waste her time doing so. Noticing that there were two forks in the box, she picked up one and smiled at Ye Peicheng. “Shall we eat it then, Mr. Ye?”

Ye Peicheng’s eyes calmly focused on her without a word.

“Oh, then I’ll eat it myself. I didn’t eat enough earlier this morning.” She added, “I heard that today is your birthday. Film Emperor Ye, happy birthday!”

After congratulating him, she put away the box and left directly.

In the lounge, the expression within the actor’s eyes was unclear.

After the break ended, Ye Peicheng and Xing Yushuang resumed their acting. They had changed to their historical outfits and reapplied their makeup for today’s shooting.

At this moment, the official microblog for “Sheng Shi” had blown up.

Generally, it can take several hours or even days for the photoshoot images to be released to the public. After the photoshoot, the best images will be selected, refined, and finalized.

However, one of the highlights for this team is that the original images will be released without any post-processing. This will also be a major challenge for the actors. Since there’s no editing, a small flaw on a close-up image will be magnified infinitely under the high-definition lens.

However, it should be noted that the main cast was outstanding. Needless to say, Ye Peicheng was flawless at every angle. Similarly, Xing Wanshuang boasted a beautiful appearance and a slender figure, along with a good sense of posing in front of the camera. There would be no difference whether or not the photos are edited.

Only a few actors would suffer from this style of shooting, but since those were just minor details, it wouldn’t be too much of an embarrassment.

The final photo chosen for Qiao Moyu was her spinning kick in midair. Her assistant, Xiao Su, happened to pull up the photo. “Aahh..” she couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.

Qiao Moyu, who just finished putting on her makeup, turned and asked: “What happened?”

“Sister Moyu, you were so beautiful in this shot, but what about this photo?” Xiao Su handed the cell phone over to her.

She wanted to ask why an awful photo was chosen out of all the many attractive photos that were taken of Qiao Moyu.

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