The CEO's Woman

Chapter 486 - Fine Prints

Chapter 486 - Fine Prints

"What do you think about the bet?" Li Qiang's lips slowly lifted into an amused smile. He had thought that the Wang Ruoyun in this world would be different from the Wang Ruo on Earth. He was wrong.

As usual, she still makes decisions when challenged. She smiled at the thought of Wang Ruoyun acting all mighty in front of him.

"I think you are stupid." Duo Lin answered. He had been standing a few feet away from Li Qiang, staring straight at his back. "Why would you want to marry that woman?" Even Duo Lin could tell that Li Qiang was confident in winning the fight. This only meant that Wang Ruoyun would not have another choice but to marry him.

Wang Ruoyun is not someone that anyone could just marry. She is a widow of another general. A woman born from a military family who was trained in sword fighting since she was young. She was brute and would not hesitate to kill someone that offended her. There were even rumors that she is more ruthless than her father.

"There are things that cannot be explained with words." Li Qiang turned around and walked towards his bookshelf. He then pulled one of the books that he got from the library in the palace. "You will understand soon." He added.

"Medicine?" Duo Lin asked when he saw Li Qiang started reading the books about medicinal herbs. Duo Lin narrowed his eyes at the contents of the book. Li Qiang was studying poisonous plants and how to extract them. "Are you planning to kill someone?" he asked.

In response, Li Qiang lifted his chin towards the man. "You are very talkative today." He noted and went back to reading the book. Li Qiang had been absorbing knowledge as much as he could. He is not someone fated to practice the elements, so he chose to focus on other things that he could easily do.

Just like medicine. Li Qiang had an excellent knowledge of first aid and even acupuncture as this was part of his training on Earth. However, he was not sure if these skills also apply in this world. So, he started reading books about it.

So far, Li Qiang can say that most of the things that he learned on Earth apply to normal humans here. However, it is not as effective for people who can use elements. Still, he is not planning on giving up.

"Duo Lin… do you know… where can we buy some needles and potions?" he asked. In a magical world like this, potions are quite popular.

"What kind of potions are you looking for?"

"Something basic."

"Then… there should be a lot of shops that sell those in the market. If you are looking for a more advanced type of potions, then you can go to the shop on the outskirts of the market. There are also people who sell forbidden potions in the underground market." Duo Lin answered as he stared at the book in Li Qiang's hands.

The book should have enough warnings that say normal people who cannot use elements cannot use these potions. It is simply too powerful for their body. However, it seems that Li Qiang is not aware of this. Maybe the book does not contain any warnings? He asked himself inwardly.

"As for the needle, any blacksmith in town could make one. But the best blacksmith in the capital does not make any needles. He is also living in the mountains and is very hard to find. Some say that he goes to the underground market sometimes to get the metals that he needed for his weapons. But no one could confirm this."

"How about your dagger?" Li Qiang asked. "Who made those?"

"Oh! I bought them from an auction a couple of years ago."

"I see." Li Qiang nodded before he continued reading the book in his hand. He still had so many things to do, so much information to learn and so many skills to master.


Wang Residence

"Lady Wang… Duke Li is already waiting for you in the training area." Wang Ruoyun instantly frowned when she heard the servant's words.

It was still early in the morning, and the man was already in the training area? Did he really think that this training would give him excellent results? She wondered. "Alright." She gestured for the servant to leave her as she wears her clothes. Wang Ruoyun had been alone for so long that she is already not used to their servant's assistance.

Wang Ruoyun made sure to dress herself properly before she went out towards the training area. And as expected, Li Qiang was there… staring at the soldiers who were practicing their elements.

"You seemed excited." She noted as she stood next to him.

"I just wanted to get rid of this marriage as soon as possible."

Wang Ruoyun instantly lifted an eyebrow at the man's words. She sneered inwardly. It seems that this Duke Li does not really have an intention in marrying her. "Well then… let's start training."

"I haven't had my breakfast, yet."

"Pardon me?" she asked.

"I said… I am hungry. I want to eat breakfast."

Wang Ruoyun stared at him, disbelief flashing in her eyes. Does this mean that Li Qiang wanted to eat with her?

"I got tired of the meals at home. So I figured I should start having my breakfast here. After all… my training is now your responsibility." A sly smirk appeared on his face.

"You — " Wang Ruoyun turned speechless. "You wanted to freeload?"

"I can pay you." Li Qiang shamelessly said. "But… I am already— "

"What responsibility are you talking about?" Wang Ruoyun asked. She did not miss Li Qiang's words about responsibility.

"Oh… the contract. Didn't you read it?"

A line instantly appeared in between her brows. "Duke Li… what are you talking about? The contract never said about you being my responsibility."

"Oh! It didn't actually say responsibility. But the fine print says that you will take me under your wing. Meaning… I will be staying in here with you as you trained me."

"What fine print are you talking about???"


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