The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 1674: Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing

Purple flame and black flame clashed fiercely with crimson flame’s illumination as background!

Hades Fox God was extremely agile, the black flame and Black Sol’s child could not even touch it.

As it dashed around, its bloody claw had already torn open Black Sol’s son’s skin!

Imperial Concubine Dragon Maiden hovered at the side and watched this battle.

She was unable to join in a battle on this level.

They were very expertized in their control of power. Every attack unleashed was like deploying a chess piece in order to prepare for injuring the opponent in the next move.

Just as Haze Fox God said, a battle was not a clash of strength. Haze Fox God’s battle taught Dragon Maiden a lesson.

Dragon Maiden had always assumed the strongest creature was in Heaven Palace. However, it seemed that this Black Sol’s son and Hades Fox God possessed strength on par with Heaven Palace’s strongest!

Chu Mu took a glance at the battle, Hades Fox God’s strength certainly surprised him. After all, Chu Mu just reached Undying rank, even though he controlled the strongest flame, Crimson Sol flame, in this world, he was not as proficient in using it as these two.

However, he did not have the time to spectate the battle.

Human Mother told Chu Mu a very cruel fact. It was the secret between Heaven Palace and Heaven Boundary Monument. Chu Mu had no choice but to protect Heaven Palace. Otherwise, this ten thousand year wheel would be the final wheel of this world!

Crimson Sol energy rumbled before Chu Mu, the fire element aura had reached the peak.

This was the purest Crimson Sol energy, much more than the amount Yu Suo stole.

Hades Fox God and Black Sol’s son were both fire type creatures, but they did not dare to approach this cluster of crimson fire directly. Different types of flames would generate an extremely powerful rejection.

Chu Mu’s Undying rank strength originated from Crimson Sol. Only he could carry this Crimson Sol energy.

Chu Mu took a glance at this cluster of flame hanging like a sun.

After gritting his teeth, he stretched out his arms and lifted up this cluster of Crimson Sol energy!

A ring of strange diagram appeared around Crimson Sol energy. When Chu Mu was forcefully lifting it up, this diagram shone brightly!

A layer of restriction immediately covered Crimson Sol energy, preventing Chu Mu from carrying it away.

Chu Mu frowned and shattered the diagram restriction with brute force!


The entire cave trembled violently along with the Crimson Sol energy, as if the cave would be collapsing.

Chu Mu raised the energy sphere and flew out of the well. The heavy weight caused his hands to tremble and veins to pop up.

Like the sun rising up from the horizon, Chu Mu flew faster and faster, and this cluster of Crimson Sol energy was brought out of the Heaven Demon cave.


Suddenly, many sharp screeching sounds rang out from the tunnels in the surroundings.

They possessed dark yellow eyeballs, membrane wings and snake-like tongues.

The light ray from Crimson Sol energy shone onto the cave walls. Those Heaven Demons swarmed out from the surrounding caves and stared at Chu Mu greedily.

Chu Mu continued to fly upwards. The group of Heaven Demons revolved around the Crimson Sol energy like a huge colony of bats while making strange screams.

“They are actually not afraid of light!” Chu Mu coldly looked at the monsters.

Heaven Demon should be a monster with darkness property and beast property. Burning flames and light rays like this should cause severe burns to them.

However, Chu Mu noticed that the Heaven Demons surrounding him seemed different from those Heaven Demons before. They were not afraid of Crimson Sol’s light ray at all, but seemed to be enjoying this radiance like moths flying towards the light source!

“Are they mutated Heaven Demons??”

Chu Mu frowned.

If a certain Heaven Demon mutated in property, then its offspring might also possess this mutation.

The offsprings would reproduce more offsprings. Eventually, the Heaven Demons would become able to fly and hunt during daytime!

Furthermore, Heaven Demons were derived creatures. This type of creature reproduced even faster than snakes and rats. If the future Heaven Demons were all not afraid of sunlight, then the Heaven Demons which already dominated the human territory could continue to hunt even after the Solar Eclipse ended!

“They made use of Crimson Sol energy to mutate Heaven Demon’s property!” Chu Mu now understood why Crimson Sol energy would appear in Heaven Demon’s cave.

Chu Mu remembered that Heaven Demons seemed to possess a little bit of human bloodline. They probably also knew the adaptation training used by human soul pet trainers.

Old Li once said before that maternal family creatures like these could also be seen as human soul pet trainers and soul pets. The maternal body would be the soul pet trainer, while derived creatures would be the soul pets. Maternal body would strengthen the derived creatures. This was similar to humans strengthening soul pets......

Chu Mu felt an even greater burden after making this hypothesis.

The Heaven Demon race clearly possessed very high intelligence, and they were strong enough to overthrow Heaven Palace.

If they really became the ruler of Heaven Palace, they would treat the human territory as their dining table!

It was horrifying just from the imagination!



The Heaven Demons had gathered and blocked the path above Chu Mu.

It was obvious that these monsters in the middle of absorbing Crimson Sol energy would not allow Chu Mu to take it away!

Seeing these foolish Heaven Demons circling around him, he sneered.

With an incantation, silver and black flames sprouted out from Chu Mu’s body.

The two types of flames separated from Chu Mu and rapidly turned into flaming silhouettes.

The silver silhouette and black silhouette did not possess any soul, they were just illusions created by Chu Mu.

The two flame silhouettes possessed a portion of Chu Mu’s strength, enough to annihilate these Heaven Demons!

Silver and black flames weaved above Chu Mu. Those Heaven Demons approaching Chu Mu were burned to ash and fell into the Crimson Sol energy.

The energy absorbed by these Heaven Demons would return to the cluster of Crimson Sol energy after they were killed.

Although each Heaven Demon could only absorb a tiny bit of energy, Chu Mu intended to completely annihilate these man-eating monsters which could act during daytime!

The well was very deep. There would be a layer of restriction after a certain height.

In order to preserve stamina and energy, Chu Mu simply borrowed the Crimson Sol energy to unleash his own technique, blasting the restriction blocking the way.


Heaven Palace.

The entire city was shaking violently. High above Heaven Palace, a huge beast silhouette blocked everything using its enormous size. The terrifying beast aura shrouded the entire city.

In an instant, Heaven City fell into panic. It was not only because of that huge raging Demon Lord, there were also Evil Dragon, evil Black Nightmare and chained Ghost Lord......

Many era’s strongest broke out of the barrier Heaven Palace used to restrain them and started to take revenge on Heaven Palace furiously.

Grandiose palaces were erased one after another by the techniques of these Undying rank creatures. The powerful Forbidden army amounted to nothing before these Undying rank creatures.

Heaven Palace had never been so devastated even when Heaven Demons attacked. Those experts guarding Heaven Palace never showed up for some reason. The army kept getting reduced to corpses and vaporized under the tyrannical power of Undying rank.

At the center of Heaven City, twelve light rays continued to bind Crimson Sol. Energy was constantly injected into this Solar Eclipse formation.

At the center of the diagram, a woman was still kneeling down and constantly chanting.

Solar Eclipse formation possessed an extremely powerful restriction. Even if Heaven City was destroyed, this restriction might not be broken.

As if hearing the sound of destruction, while Totem Divine Maiden was chanting, her lips curved up slightly.

It seemed that everything was going according to plan.

Suddenly, an unusual power was transmitted from the other end of the Solar Eclipse formation!

A spatial tremor rippled out amongst the Totem Maidens. A few high ranking Totem Maidens turned pale from the shockwave and almost broke the chanting.

Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing frowned. Who is making trouble?

Could it be Yu Suo again?

A trace of anger flashed across Dai Qing’s face.

Previously, the purest and most powerful Crimson Sol energy was stolen by Yu Suo. This was already an extremely humiliating matter to her. That foolish woman was still going to oppose her now?


A gust of wind blew past and Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing opened her eyes. She saw Human Mother standing before her.

Dai Qing squeezed out a smile, “What’s the matter, Human Mother?”

Human Mother’s expression was extremely dark.

At first, she was unwilling to believe that the Totem Divine Maiden she picked would do such a thing, but she now knew that this celestial-like woman was actually a greedy devil!

Pa! Human Mother stretched out her hand and heavily slapped Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing!

This slap was very loud, all the chanting Totem Maidens were alerted. When they opened their eyes, they saw one side of Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing’s cheeks turned red, and blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

Totem Divne Maiden Dai Qing did not become angry from this slap. She was only laughing, laughing maniacally......

“You only noticed now? Too late,” sneered Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing.

“Why are you doing this!?” Human Mother’s cold gaze focused on Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing.

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