The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 1675: Heaven Palace Which Was Destroyed Four Times

The surrounding Totem Maidens were shocked. They did not know what happened.

The light barrier protecting the formation kept shaking. The Undying rank energy shockwave destroyed everything around the formation.

Wind swept up the ash, the entire Heaven City looked like it experienced apocalypse. No matter how bright the radiance was in the sky, the land was assaulted by terrifying energy shockwaves.

Human Mother stared furiously at Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing.

Human Mother had also watched Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing grow up. In the choice of Totem Divine Maiden, although she chose Yu Qie and Yu Suo, Dai Qing’s position was actually not low as well. She was even nurtured the same way as a Totem Divine Maiden candidate.

After Yu Qie and Yu Suo stepped down, Human Mother let her become the next Totem Divine Maiden without any hesitation.

However, Human Mother had never imagined Dai Qing to do such a lunatic thing.

Seeing Dai Qing’s cold and mocking expression, Human Mother suddenly felt sorrowful.

Yu Qie, Yu Suo and Dai Qing were all nurtured by her from young. Why did they choose a path away from Heaven Palace in the end......

Could it be that Heaven Palace had really become a cold palace that only possessed merciless and cruelty. Was it already no different from Heaven Demons?

Perhaps, that was really the case. Otherwise, Heaven Palace would not be filled with those Heaven Demons now.

Human Mother did not want to hear the reason anymore.

Perhaps she was just like Yu Suo who hated Heaven Palace more than hating Heaven Demons. If Yu Suo had to choose, she would rather let Heaven Demons destroy Heaven Palace, because it was not the Heaven Demons which killed her sister. No matter how strong the Heaven Demons were, they could not kill the strongest Totem Divine Maiden Yu Qie.

However, Heaven Palace killed her. Due to the horrifying doctrine of Heaven Palace, Yu Qie did not even resist.

This was the most horrifying part about Heaven Palace.

“If you still possess any humanity, please transfer the leftover Crimson Sol energy to Heaven City,” said Human Mother as she watched Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing disappointedly.

“I cannot. Extending the lives of these trash is even more terrifying than feeding those Heaven Demons!” said Dai Qing coldly.

Heaven Palace started to compromise towards Heaven Demons from an unknown time ago, even to the point of using living people to feed them. This cruel method was used to exchange a momentary peace.

However, did those decision makers know that those people eaten alive due to this decision might not mean anything to Heaven Palace, but it was everything to a certain person?

Dai Qing witnessed her mother getting divided and eaten by three Heaven Demons.

This mother had always been reminding her to work for Heaven Palace, to be loyal to Heaven Palace, to not give up no matter how hard the training was.

Dai Qing was already a Totem Divine Maiden, she knew the current situation of Heaven Palace very well.

She knew that Heaven Palace was definitely going to perish. It would either be overthrown by those era’s strongest or devoured by Heaven Demons. Upon reaching this wheel cycle, the creatures had become even stronger, the built up potential threats had also increased.

Rather than letting Heaven Palace struggle until the next wheel, she would rather end Heaven Palace in this wheel.

Dai Qing did not want to obtain anything from Heaven Demons. She only wanted to let this Heaven Palace end now to prevent more tragedies.

In a system, if even the system manager felt that the system had been sullied, then the system was really not far from breaking down.

When Human Mother asked her why she was doing this, the reason Dai Qing laughed was because she was laughing at Human Mother’s pedantry.

Despite knowing the many problems in Heaven Palace, Guardian Palace already taken over by Heaven Demons, and many people had sold their souls to Heaven Demons, she was still struggling to protect that laughable and meaningless justice.

“Change a batch of rulers. Or rather, this world does not need any ruler. We were originally the stronger group of people from human territory anyway. Why must we leave them and live in this barren land? There’s no season, no culture, no scenery, no feelings......” said Dai Qing as she calmly watched Human Mother.

“Even if you are disappointed towards Heaven Palace, you should not hand it over to Heaven Demons. Do you know the reason for Heaven Palace to exist!?:” Human Mother’s face was turning red from anger.

“What meaning is there? If you can tell me a reason I can accept, I will stop......” said Dai Qing plainly.

“You......” Human Mother took a deep breath.

After staying silent for a while, Human Mother finally suppressed her anger and spoke, “You know that the world is divided into three layers of sky and three layers of earth. Do you know why the other dimensions are fragmented apart from this world?”

Dai Qing shook her head.

“Foolish!” scolded Human Mother, “It’s not that Heaven Palace has never been destroyed before. Just as what you can see, there have always been many problems in Heaven Palace. However, we still persist in protecting it not because we are greedy for authority, not because we want to keep living, but we have no choice but to live on!”

“No choice but to live on? Human Mother, Guardian, Wheel? Is there still some secret you are hiding which you can’t tell? Heaven Palace is about to perish anyway, why don’t you tell me? Also, you said Heaven Palace had been destroyed before?” Dai Qing took a glance at the half-destroyed Heaven Palace.

The Totem Maidens had already stopped chanting. They already knew from the conversation between the two decision makers that Heaven Palace was facing the greatest crisis.

Heaven Palace had been destroyed before?

Shouldn’t Heaven Palace be ever-lasting? How could it be destroyed?

“Four times,” said Human Mother coldly.

“Four times??” Dai Qing opened her mouth but did not know what to say.

Four times, Heaven Palace had been destroyed four times??

Suddenly, Dai Qing recalled something and looked at Human Mother in astonishment.

“You mean, the third layer of sky, second layer of sky, second layer of earth, third later of earth......” Dai Qing was shocked.

“Yes, those four times. The price of destruction each time is the collapse of the world!” said Human Mother with a grim tone.

Various isolated spaces existed in the human territory. Those isolated spaces were like lone islands, existing alone in the void space.

In the past, there were five dimensions in the world.

Now, there was only one dimension, the other four dimensions had become isolated spaces.

Many human researchers had been studying the origin of those isolated spaces.

If they heard the conversation between Human Mother and Dai Qing, they would realize that those isolated spaces were the remnants of the four collapsed dimensions......

Totem Divine Maiden was shocked. She did not know this secret. Human Mother never told her, Heaven Palace had also never recorded this matter......

She hated Heaven Palace, she offered her help when she knew that Heaven Palace was about to be taken over by Heaven Demons, so that everything would end faster.

When Heaven Demons became the rulers, at most, the human race would be exiled, while other races would still live normally in this world.

However, she never imagined that if Heaven Palace was destroyed, the entire world would collapse. Be it the human race, Heaven Demons or the other races and continents, everything would shatter.

Dai Qing was not a pure betrayer. She only wanted Heaven Palace to change a batch of rulers. However, she never thought that the price for changing a batch of rulers would be the destruction of the world......

Furthermore, it seemed to be the final chance of this world, because four dimensions were already destroyed previously. Only remnants in the form of isolated spaces were left, just that nobody knew those were remnants from the other dimensions.

Human Mother looked at the despaired Dai Qing and said, “Heaven Palace is very fragile. The destruction of four dimensions already indicated that Heaven Palace is not an ever-lasting existence. So we need to keep creating a fake image that Heaven Palace is powerful......”

“Then, the Crimson Sol energy?” asked Dai Qing.

“A portion is used to produce God Dew to sustain our lifespan. Another portion is used to maintain the energy for this world to continue existing. The world is supported by ten Heaven Boundary Monuments. They are deployed in various parts of the world and became the pillars of the world. Once the ten Heaven Boundary Monuments run out of energy, void will crush the world!”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” said Dai Qing.

Human mother laughed with a pale expression.

Could such secret be told?

If told, it was none other than telling those creatures with ulterior motives the method to destroy this world.

The stable-looking world was actually really fragile. There was no need to gain the power to destroy the continent. They only needed to destroy Heaven Palace, destroy the Solar Eclipse formation.

Some creatures desired chaos. Undying rank creatures could survive even if the world collapsed. However, those below Undying rank would be completely annihilated......

What Human Mother told Dai Qing now was also what she told Chu Mu.

Human Mother knew that what Chu Mu cared about was human territory. More accurately speaking, those he wanted to protect in the Northern Territory. Telling him this secret would surely make him move.

Certainly, Chu Mu had to stand on Human Mother’s side.

Imprint Valley’s collapse left a really deep impression on Chu Mu. At that moment, the sky was shrouded by a blackhole. The earth broke apart and revealed a bottomless abyss. Creatures in Imprint Valley began running around in panic, trying to find a safe shelter. However, what awaited them was death no matter where they ran to.

In a collapsing space, one could only wait for the moment of death, just like the two Seven Sins Fox Light King.

Chu Mu personally witnessed the cruelty of dimension collapse, and that was just a small Imprint Valley......

If the entire world collapsed like that, billions of creatures would be wiped out. Chu Mu would also be watching everyone else perishing other than the few Undying rank like him......

Such a scene was horrifying just from the imagination.

Hades Fox God also knew this secret. So, despite possessing enough strength to destroy Heaven Palace, it chose to take Chu Mu’s side. Similar to Yellow Spring Emperor, it also had its kins to protect, they were the gods of Ocean Species and Demon race.

As gods, they did not rule, but shoulder the fate and responsibility when the disaster arrived!

The other era’s strongest were enraged. Even if Human Mother told them the fact about the collapse of the world, they would not believe it.

However, Chu Mu, Yellow Spring Emperor and Hades Fox God chose to believe it. Even if this was a lie made by Human Mother, they would not allow this world to be destroyed in their era.

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