The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 1676: Ten Thousand Year Wheel Level Phoenix Ancestor

“Hahaha, so weak, so weak!” Underworld Demon Lord stepped on the rubble of a palace and its explosively muscular body occupied the space in Heaven Palace.

Behind Underworld Demon Lord, Inferno Ghost Lord manipulated the blood and skewered the corpses of those Heaven Palace Forbidden army soldiers which were killed. Right now, the chain already skewered a few hundred corpses, just like a collection of trophies!

Limbo Flower Queen stood between the two ferocious monsters and appeared like a misfit.

However, the blood mist lingering around it indicated that this publicly acknowledged strongest Undying rank was also very angry.

She did not make a move, only glaring at the chaotic Heaven Palace with a cold gaze.

Other than these three Undying rank, Ancient Flood Dragon Person was already destroying Heaven Palace and Heaven City.

This Evil Dragon ate a large group of Forbidden army soldiers, instilling fear into the rest of them.

The Black Nightmare from Sequence Lands began to throw a barrage of black flame. This devil could keep laughing creepily and those who approached it would be burned by its Devil Fire, including the souls.

Meanwhile, Five Element God was similarly tyrannical. Water, thunder, earth, wind and fire elements gathered in its body. Any technique it unleashed covered a wide area, as if apocalypse was approaching.


Suddenly, a thunderous roar rang out from a certain palace in Heaven Palace.

This palace was filled with lightning restriction. However, the restriction exploded as the roar rang out!

Limbo Flower Queen turned its gaze towards the exploded palace and saw a robust figure standing there!

“Finally come out?” Limbo Flower Queen’s gaze turned sharp.


That figure roared again. It leapt up and flew towards Ancient Flood Dragon Person which was destroying Heaven City!

Its huge wings almost covered all the light, casting a huge shadow above all Undying rank experts.

Blinding radiance shone from the white light. When Ancient Flood Dragon Person reacted, the cluster of light was already flying towards it with extreme speed!

A pair of sharp claws dug deeply into Ancient Flood Dragon Person’s flesh!

The enormous Ancient Flood Dragon Person was lifted up by the creature in that cluster of light.

Ancient Flood Dragon Person possessed an enormous body, and it also possessed tremendous strength.

However, that creature in the cluster of light was even more tyrannical. It actually caught Ancient Flood Dragon Person like catching a small snake!

With a fierce swing, Ancient Flood Dragon Person was flung out of Heaven City. It crashed heavily into the rocky mountain and swept up a dust cloud!

Everyone in Heaven City was panicking due to Ancient Flood Dragon Person. However, when they saw the Undying rank Ancient Flood Dragon Person getting thrown out of the city like that, they simply looked at that cluster of light blankly!

The cluster of light was absorbing Crimson Sol energy. Its silhouette could vaguely be seen in the dazzling light!

Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing looked at the cluster of light in the sky and mumbled, “Wheel already cannot sit back anymore?

Human Mother slightly frowned.

The real enemy had not shown up, yet Wheel Palace’s Wheel God had to make a move first......

Next, the various era’s strongest would definitely attack Wheel God together. The situation would become harder to salvage.

“It’s the first time seeing its actual appearance......” Dai Qing smiled miserably.

There was no point even after she knew about the truth of world collapsing, it was too late. Heaven Palace had become too corrupted......

Human Mother did not pay attention to Dai Qing anymore. She immediately flew into the sky.

The reason she did not make a move was because she did not want to anger those era’s strongest further. What Heaven Palace should face were not those era’s strongest, but Heaven Demons.

However, Wheel could no longer tolerate these era’s strongest rampaging around anymore.

Ten thousand year wheel, the ruler of Heaven Palace’s Wheel Palace was the previous wheel’s strongest. This was a true ten thousand year wheel level creature.

The power that Wheel displayed just now was already astonishing. Ancient Flood Dragon Person was thrown out of Heaven City like a little snake. It would probably not wake up for a while.

The moment Wheel showed up, Five Element God, Black Nightmare, Underworld, Inferno and Limbo stopped. Their gaze focused on this cluster of white light.

Within the light, a pair of holy wings slowly appeared. They flapped lightly and feathers scattered down.

As those feathers fell, the wounded Heaven City’s Dragon army and Beast army received healing and were covered by a layer of protection shield.

People raised their heads and watched the actual Wheel God.

Only when this Wheel God made a move, could the situation be under control.

“Nirvana Rebirth, Phoenix amongst phoenix!” Limbo Flower Queen focused on the cluster of light.

Limbo Flower Queen was the first era’s strongest. Only it knew who was the previous wheel’s strongest.

It was currently staying in Heaven Palace and became a godly existence.

Since a long time ago, Limbo Flower Queen had wanted to face this senior. The rampage this time had completely enraged this wheel’s strongest!

“Limbo!” Ten thousand year wheel Phoenix Ancestor looked down from high above. Its voice was solemn and cold!

“Long time no see,” Limbo Flower Queen smiled. It looked not much different from a normal human woman.

However, its face and skin were covered by flower patterns. Its eyes showed no emotions at all.

“You should know the consequence of such a rampage!” said Phoenix Ancestor angrily.

“I never did anything,” Limbo Flower Queen grinned.

Certainly, it did nothing.

However, it just allowed Underworld Demon Lord and Inferno Ghost Lord to slaughter and destroy.


Ancient Flood Dragon Person crawled out from the rubble. It seemed to have suffered some sort of humiliation. This Evil Dragon charged back furiously and used its dragon horn to crash into Phoenix Ancestor!

Phoenix Ancestor was a Light Phoenix and had reached the peak through Nirvana Rebirth. Facing the ferocious Ancient Flood Dragon Person, Phoenix Ancestor was unconcerned and casually flapped its wing. Ancient Flood Dragon Person was slapped back to where it crashed.

Ancient Flood Dragon Person charged back again and Phoenix Ancestor chanted an incantation. A light prison was immediately created and imprisoned Ancient Flood Dragon Person outside the city!

“Five thousand years, is it still not enough to tame your mad temper? Compared to White Ocean God, you are really much worse,” said Phoenix Ancestor disdainfully.

“Then, I, Underworld, wants to test it,” Underworld Demon Lord opened its fang-filled mouth and grinned menacingly.

The few Undying rank knew that the ten thousand year wheel level Phoenix Ancestor would definitely be the strongest.

However, these era’s strongest which had reached the peak never really acknowledged that the previous wheel’s strongest would definitely be the strongest in the current wheel.

Just like how Limbo Flower Queen thought, these era’s strongest would never know if the wheel’s strongest senior had been disqualified by time without actually testing it.

Phoenix Ancestor swept a glance and noticed that there were only six era’s strongest present. The other four did not seem to be in Heaven Palace.

At that moment, Human Mother already flew to Phoenix Ancestor’s front and spoke with mental voice, “Wheel.”

“Where are the other four?” asked Phoenix Ancestor.

“Fourth era’s strongest already died, the other three are helping us to fight Heaven Demons,” said Human Mother.

“Looks like there are still clear-minded era’s strongest,” said Phoenix Ancestor.

Human Mother took a glance at the six era’s strongest.

It was clear that they were about to attack Phoenix Ancestor.

Only the wheel would want to eliminate them. They believed that nobody was willing to give up the spot of the Wheel God to the new era’s strongest.

“I will delay these troublemakers, find Slaughter Demon as soon as possible,” said Phoenix Ancestor.

“Will you be fine?” asked Human Mother worriedly.

“Limbo is a little difficult to handle, the others...... Heh, just a bunch of clowns!” snorted Phoenix Ancestor.

Only a wheel’s strongest could look down on these Undying rank era’s strongest.

“Is there any way to prevent Limbo from attacking?” said Human Mother.

Phoenix Ancestor shook its head, “It’s hard to tell from its temper.”

Only Limbo Flower Queen could cause Phoenix Ancestor to be on guard.

As the first era’s strongest, Limbo Flower Queen was actually very close to Phoenix Ancestor’s era.

Furthermore, Limbo Flower Queen was indeed very strong. With Resurrection technique, there would probably be no creature that could kill it in this world.

Even those teaming up with it could be resurrected after getting torn to shreds.

“If Evil Good Ancestor is still alive, Limbo could be handled,” said Phoenix Ancestor.

Evil Good Ancestor was an even earlier wheel’s strongest. However, its lifespan had reached the limit. It was buried under the cliff behind Heaven Palace after its death......

Evil Good Flower race should have gone extinct after Evil Good Ancestor’s death. In that case, there was really no creature in this world which could suppress Limbo Flower Queen which had Resurrection technique.

Of course, even if Evil Good Flower race still existed in the human world, before reaching Undying rank, Ancient Flower Ancestor might not be able to oppose Limbo Flower Queen. After all, Limbo had always been acknowledged as the strongest species in the flower race.

Ancestor was not the strongest. Phoenix Ancestor was not the true ancestor of the phoenix race. It became the strongest phoenix through repeating Nirvana Rebirth. However, normally speaking, ancestor type creatures greatly suppressed their future generations. For example, Evil Good Ancestor’s evil property was the best suppression towards Limbo Flower Queen’s good property!

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