The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 1687: Without Chu Mu

The sunlight only appeared for a brief moment and didn’t last long.

The world fell back into darkness. Even more terrifying was multiple black holes appeared in the sky, forcefully dragging things on the ground into a death realm.

The ground continued to crack, revealing an endless abyss. The moving spatial storm rolled through human realm, rendering countless careless organisms into blood rain.

The human realm was filled with black, so Chu Mu on the Crimson Sol couldn’t see anything.

However, he knew the world was on the verge of breaking, and the Northern Territory wasn’t spared!

As the world was getting more and more destroyed, Chu Mu’s emotions grew more and more irrational. He started slamming the restriction uncontrollably just like the Human Demon Ancestor.

He had to go back, or else all his loved ones will perish with the world!

“Chu Mu!! Chu Mu!!!!”

Suddenly, a voice came from the star river.

Chu Mu thought he was hallucinating and didn’t even acknowledge it.

Slowly, the voice got nearer. When he lifted his head, he saw an elegant and soft beauty fall into the Crimson Sol, towards him.

Chu Mu paused. Ye Qingzi?

How did she know he was here, and why did she come to the Crimson Sol?

No, if she enters here, the flames will turn her to ashes!

Chu Mu wanted to yell out to stop her, but she suddenly changed into another person…..

The flames didn’t engulf her as she got ever closer to Chu Mu. In fact….. She also opened the gates of hell and threw herself into this eternal prison.

Chu Mu looked at her with utter confusion but also some loss.

“Why is it you?” Chu mu looked at her and said despondently.

“I don’t have much time, so let’s not talk about that. The Totem Maidens have already created the solar eclipse diagram but we won’t be able to gather enough of the Crimson Sol’s energy before all the Heaven Boundary Monuments are destroyed. We need your help.” Human Mother said.

“What do I need to do?” Chu Mu immediately asked.

He didn’t want to see this world get destroyed. Seeing his loved ones wait for death in an apocalypse was worse than anything he had experienced!

“They’ll activate the Solar Eclipse Diagram soon. You need to control the Crimson Sol’s energy and pass it through the Solar Eclipse Diagram’s link to empower the Heaven City. Only then can we have a chance to gain enough energy for the Heaven Boundary Monuments to stay intact!” Human Mother said.

Chu Mu nodded seriously and started doing as she said.

“Help me create a diagram here that can connect with the one in Heaven City. That will speed up the energy transfer.” Human Mother continued.

Chu Mu hadn’t even had the chance to ask Human Mother why she wasn’t dying to the flames when she already started using her totem powers to create a diagram.


She spent a long time drawing. Chu Mu noticed that four Heaven Boundary Monuments had already collapsed.

Without the support of those four structures, the world truly couldn’t withstand the damage. Over 20% of all living organisms had already perished.

Finally, Human Mother’s diagram was complete.

She told Chu Mu to stand in the center and use his heart to bring in the power of the entire Crimson Sol.

Very quickly, the twelve bridge locks appeared once again, piercing their way from the Heaven City straight to the Crimson Sol.

Chu Mu didn’t think much and started absorbing the crimson Sol energy into the Heaven Palace, hopefully, to protect the fragile world before more Heaven Boundary Monuments collapse….

Human Mother also stood by Chu Mu. Though she may not be able to help with the massive energy transfer, she could at least alleviate some of Chu Mu’s mental weariness.

The flaming hot energy fell from the skies and turned the Heaven City red, threatening to burn everything down.

The Undying rank experts finally realized that Human Mother wasn’t just fearmongering and the world was truly collapsing.

They started using their own undying rank power to help transfer the energy Chu Mu send down towards the Heaven Boundary Monuments to buy time.

After an immeasurable amount of time, the energy transfer actually seemed to start working. The continuously worsening world noticeably paused.

After another long period of time, the shattered spaces around the world started recovering…..

Once recovery appears, it means the world is getting better. No Heaven Boundary Monuments collapsed anymore.


When the world stopped, Human Mother finally let out a breath.

She saw the tired Chu Mu and said in a low voice, “There’s something I never told you.”

Chu Mu glanced at her and said nothing.

“When I created that Crimson Flame heart for you, I had already planned to use this method to save the world, so….. Sorry, I didn’t mean to lie to you, but I didn't expect you to……” Human Mother was clearly ashamed.

“Can we leave here?” Chu Mu interrupted her and asked a simple question.

Human Mother stared into Chu Mu’s eyes. Only after the longest time did she lower her gaze and shake her head.

“No matter what, you killed the strongest demon in the world. You fixed the greatest danger Heaven Palace had faced before. I thank you in the name of all creatures in the living world…..” Human Mother said.

Chu Mu shook his head. He didn’t need the thanks of all living creatures. He was simply protecting those he cared for. It had nothing to do with any other living being.

He only wanted to leave this hollow flaming world and return to their sides. It really was lonely there, too lonely…..

Human Mother saw what Chu Mu really wanted and extended a hand onto Chu Mu’s arm.

She bit her lips and said in a barely audible voice, “I’ll accompany you here.”

When she said that, Chu Mu almost felt as if Ye Qingzi was saying that to him because the Human Mother truly was too similar.

It if really was Ye Qingzi, Chu Mu might feel comforted.

Yet, Human Mother was Human Mother, Ye Qingzi was Ye Qingzi. Even if Human Mother could constantly shift and appear as the woman he was thinking of, she was ultimately just a substitute.

“I can’t stay with you for too long…...” Human Mother said softly.

“You can leave here?” Chu Mu asked.

“No, your heart is made with the crimson sol so this is your territory. Any other organism coming near the crimson sol would become ashes. The reason I can enter here and not instantly burn to death is because I’ve spent countless years nurturing my body with the God Dew. Even so, i can only survive for around a year.” Human Mother said.

“A year…. That’s pretty long already,” Chu Mu said.

She shook her head.

A year?

A year was very, very short. With Chu Mu’s current lifespan, he could basically live the duration of the Crimson Sol’s life as well…...

After a year of company, what Chu Mu faced was a lonely ten years, hundred years, thousand years, ten thousand years…...

Or even, countless years more than ten thousand years.

Compared to ten thousand years, a year was nothing.

Let alone, Chu Mu was about to face endless ten thousand years.

In these endless years, Chu Mu would only be able to live off his memories, until one day even the deepest memories would fade with time. Then, he would become a walking, living corpse roaming the Crimson Sol aimlessly.



Finally, the Heavenly Boundary Monuments were re-erected.

The uneasy world was once again stabilized.

The Crimson Sol finally returned to its normal routine and warmth returned to the world.

Morning sun, fog, crisp air, glistening dew, running soul pets.

Noon, blazing sun, warmth and heat, the sweat of soul pet trainers, the bloodshed between soul pets in battle.

Evening, sunset, brilliant hues of red and purple. Weary travelers coming home, demons laying in caves in slumber.

As the sun went up and down, days passed by without event.

All living beings slowly forgot the period of darkness and stepped back into the path to become the strongest through battle, fighting, and killing.

All of this fell into the eyes of one person.

He laid in the burning hot flames and stared at the living realm with his hands behind his head…...

Wherever the light could reach, he could see.

After the woman who stayed with him for a year left, he lost all thoughts of looking for an exit. Many times, he didn’t even feel like moving. He liked just laying there silently, watching the soul pets and people he was familiar with, seeing how they could live on happily even without him.

Ning Maner stepped onto the path she always wanted to be on. She learned all kinds of abilities to alleviate pain and illness for people. She brought life back to droughts and calamity inflicted areas. She roamed all parts of human soul and gained countless people’s respect and following.

Little Dead Dream stayed with her and never left her side like a loyal guard.

Ye Qingzi stayed in North City. She grew a delicate medicinal garden. When the spring came, the mountainside was filled with breathtaking beauty. She was always there, carefully and slowly taking care of them…...

Chu Tianmang and Liu Binglan weren’t as close as Chu Mu imagined, but they at least weren’t like sworn enemies anymore…..

They probably still needed a longer time to get closer.

Princess Jin Rou got healed by the Limbo Flower. She seemed noble and elegant, but the adventurous spirit within her bones caused her to follow her father Bai Yu around to solve the mysteries of the world…..

Ye Wansheng, the playboy that he was, finally decided to marry Shen Yue and they had two kids together.

Mu Qingyi finally found a person that wouldn’t give up chasing her, yet she never could truly open herself up to that man.

Chao Lengchuan was still waiting. Xia Zhixian hadn’t come back in a long time. He was really worried that Xia Zhixian had abandoned him completely.

However, Chu Mu knew it wasn’t the case.

Xia Zhixian was following by Yu Suo this entire time to take care of her.

Yu Suo seemed to have completely changed. She never stepped back into the grimy world and instead took off to travel the world.

From the beautiful mountains to the ice rivers, from deserts to magnificent oceans…..

That made sense. When she was in Heavenly palace, she had longed for the human realm. When she finally resolved everything else, her wish had always been to walk around and explore…..

They were all doing pretty well, not nearly as bad as he had feared. This was one thing Chu Mu was happy about.

It made sense, too. People always say that they can’t continue living if they lost someone, but in reality, when the person truly disappears, life still continues. Everyone gets used to it eventually.


Chu Mu thought this way, but it was also his way of comforting himself.

Was reality really what he saw though?

Every night, after the sun sets, when Chu Mu couldn’t see them, their tear-filled faces were something Chu Mu never saw.

There were always some people that never cried under the sun in case someone could see.

Instead, they would find dark corners and hide there instead…...


Whenever night fell, Chu Mu would look for an exit.

He still was unwilling to give up because he was very afraid of one thing; he didn’t want to see all these people he knew slowly grow old and pass away…..

He should be with them growing old, so he never gave up on finding an exit.


On a flaming rock mountain, Chu Mu opened his sleepy eyes and subconsciously tried to hug the sleeping person beside him.

Yet, no one was by him.

He almost forgot that the person that stayed with him for a year was devoured by the emotionless flames already.

She originally was an irrelevant person to him, but Chu Mu still felt excruciating pain when she finally left this world. He had never thought that loneliness would be this scary.

Chu Mu closed his eyes and continued to sleep. Only with sleep could he forget some things.

“Wuwuwuwu~~~~~~ wuwuwu~~~~”

Suddenly, an extremely familiar voice came from afar.

Chu Mu opened his eyes.

The time was noon, and the Crimson Sol was right above the center of the Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss

The sound came from there!!

He looked down and saw a figure Chu Mu couldn't be any more familiar with.

She had silver fur, a pair of soft ears. She waved her nine long tails as she lifted her head to call towards the Crimson Sol.

“Mo Xie…” Chu Mu jolted awake.


The winds blew around her as her silver fur danced. She stood, alone, at the edge of the Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss as she called towards the skies with all her might.

She slept for a very long time within the Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.

When she woke up, the world seemed to have completely changed, yet it also seemed to have stayed the same.

None of this was important to her, however. Most importantly, Chu Mu hadn’t returned yet.

Like a kid who lost her mother, she started running around the Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss desperately.

She spewed flames everywhere as she roared into the skies…..

The desperate cries and anxious calls caused Chu Mu to lose control of his emotions too.

He could stand a physical distance from his loved ones, he could say farewell to his friends, but how could he have left Mo Xie alone when she awakes from her slumber?

On the flame mountain, the once silent Chu Mu dashed forward again.

He became a human meteor that slammed straight towards the Crimson Sol’s restriction!




Again and again, he slammed into the restriction. Chu Mu created flaming glows on the Crimson Sol that emanated through the entire world.

Chu Mu had never felt fear like right now.

He could watch the people he knew slowly grow old and disappear because, other than Chu Mu, they all had other things worth living for within their lives.

Yet, Mo Xie had nothing else.

All Mo Xie had was Chu Mu. If she didn’t have him, where would she go, and what would she do?

She was too used to Chu Mu’s shoulder already. How could she ever get used to the cold hard surfaces of rocks…..



Mo Xie’s cries echoed through the Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.

She seemed to know that Chu Mu was at a much higher place. She stepped forwards through the space and started running like crazy, her silver fur flowing with the wind.

Yet, suddenly she stopped running.

Her steps slowed down and she turned back to the Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.

She blew a small ball of flame towards an indent within the ground and extinguished it, choosing it as the place she would lay down.

Her tails curled around her as she used one as a chin rest. Soft cries left her mouth still…..


The falling sun painted Mo Xie’s silver fur red, elongating her body.

Seeing the slowly falling sun, Mo Xie’s furry ears suddenly perked up and she propped herself back up.

She walked to the edge of the mountain, her eyes staring unblinkingly at the falling sun, her nine tails still lightly waving…..

Slowly, the falling sun fell down the horizon, as if a red pupil filled with tears that would fall at any time.

Mo Xie stood unmovingly, gazing at the sunset…...

Finally, the sun disappeared behind the horizon and the world was again enveloped within darkness.

Mo Xie’s eyes also dimmed as the night fell. She slowly turned back and laid down where she was, spiritless.


The first ray of dawn reached Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.

While still in darkness, a silver and elegant little fox quickly ran towards the east side of the Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss to enjoy the first ray of sun.

At night, the little fox would again run hurriedly towards the west edge of the mountains to watch the sunset…..



Under the Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss, three massive figures slowly appeared.

One was an immortal rank Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon. The other two were extremely rare wing type species that haven’t been recorded in any books.

All three soul pets had a soul pet trainer behind them, two male and one female.

“Hei, Tang Jun, what did I say? The Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss has no dragons. They’ve been gone for many years, yet you don’t believe me.” The tall man on a wing type organism said.

“Indeed, but standing at the highest point in the world is still a good experience to have.” The young man called Tang Jun replied.

“Ah, what a cute little fox!!” Suddely, the female soul pet trainer let out a surprised call.

Tang Jun and the tall man glanced over and indeed found a small but cute little fox laying there. Its small, delicate and cute body made one want to hug it.

“Nine tails, silver fur? What fox is this, it must be a rare species.”

“What is the little fellow doing laying here?”

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