The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 1688: How About I Call You Mo Xie?

“I heard the seniors say that this place has a small fox. I didn’t realize it was true!”

The female soul pet trainer wasn’t particularly vigilant. She carefully walked up to the small silver fox lying there.

“Hey, small fellow. What are you doing here?” the female soul pet trainer blinked her eyes and looked at the small silver fox.

The small fox slowly turned its head and glanced indifferently at the female soul pet trainer.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” it let out a faint cry, but wasn’t particularly interested in the female soul pet trainer. Thus, it slowly lowered its head again.

“Feed it something. Small pets are always gluttons.” said the tall soul pet trainer.

The woman hastily took out a snack from her spatial ring that she normally used to feed her soul pets. She carefully handed it over to the quiet small fox.

The small fox sniffed at it, but didn’t eat it.

This is the best pet food available. Do you not like it?” asked the female soul pet trainer.

"Why are you ignoring me?”

“Can I hug you?”

The female soul pet trainer carefully stretched out her hand and stroked the fox’s silver fur.

The fur was neatly combed and soft. It was a very comfortable feeling.

Who on earth had left such an exquisite and adorable noble fox here?

The female soul pet trainer felt curious and slowly tried to hug it.

The fox turned around and apathetically stared at the soul pet trainer who had bad intentions. Suddenly, the fox got up and jumped somewhere else.

“It’s not letting you hug it, haha. It’s rare to see a small soul pet that won’t receive our young lady’s affection.” laughed the tall soul pet trainer.

“Hmph, we’ll see!” the female soul pet trainer flashed an arrogant expression and chased after the small fox again. She stretched out her arm to hug it.

The small fox’s ears shot upright and its body flashed, instantly disappeared from its location. It appeared somewhere else and then listlessly lay back down.

"That small fellow is rather fast.” laughed the tall man.

The female soul pet trainer didn’t give up. She chased after the small fox again.

“You’re not allowed to run!” the female soul pet trainer chanted an incantation, using her soul immortal rank soul remembrance to lock down the small fox.

“Hey, Qin Yue, what are you doing!” Tang Jun was somewhat dissatisfied as he berated her.

Was Qin Yue crazy? Using a soul immortal rank soul remembrance to deal with a small soul pet. That would damage its mind…

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!”

But before Tang Jun could stop her, a wild cry suddenly rang out!

The cry came from the small silver fox. A visible purple flame wrapped around its body and an aura of evil energy suddenly transformed into a terrifying storm that swept outwards from the top of Myriad Dragon Heave Abyss’s mountain peak towards the blue sky!

Amidst the onslaught of demonic energy, the three soul pet trainers saw the small fox transform in the purple flames. Its nine tails were as large as a mountain ridge and when they danced amidst the demonic energy and purple flames, they exuded the prestige of an emperor!

Its silver fur also fluttered in the demonic energy while its four paws stepped on the purple flames. Its body was filled with strength and beauty, while its proud eyes coldly stared at the female soul pet trainer called Qin Yue!

Qin Yue and the other others were stunned. They never expected a tiny pet to suddenly exude such a terrifying aura. They lacked the strength to fight against it!

“Wu wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!”

The cry contained both anger and a sadness that was difficult to understand. Mo Xie, who had transformed into Hades, glared at the three humans.

Qin Yue and the tall soul pet trainer didn’t dare move, while their soul pets prostrated themselves on the floor, trembling. They lacked all courage to fight.

A while later, the Hades transformed Mo Xie still hadn’t attacked. Instead, it arrogantly turned around and walked to the edge of the mountain peak.

It dragged its nine tails behind it. From behind, it looked exceptionally stunning.

The three humans stared at it while it retracted its terrifying aura and once more lay down next to the mountain peak’s cliff.

A few of its nine tails spread out on the ground while a few of them curled up. One of its tails acted as a headrest under its pointy chin. It seemed like it was going to take a nap there…

It was a while before the three soul pet trainers recovered from their fright.

“That’s… that’s Hades, one of the five undying legends!” the tall man lowered his voice.

Qin Yue’s face was filled with disbelief. Just now it had been an adorable and pitiful small fellow. Then, in a instant, it had transformed into the supreme flaming fox emperor.

“I just saw a soul pact imprint on its forehead… it seems to be someone’s soul pet.” said Qin Yue.

"Anyone who has such a soul pet must at least be of the leader rank. Who’s soul pet is it?” said the tall man.

The young man called Tang Jun was silent for a long while…

A scene from many years ago flashed through his mind.

In a city filled with icy monsters, a man riding a black dream beast darted through chaotic packs of beasts, alone, as if he was the only one there.

That powerful figure had left Tang Jun with an impression that he would never be able to forget. That person was someone Tang Jun would forever worship and feel grateful towards!

Although many, many years had passed, he still clearly remembered it. On that stoic man’s shoulder lay a sleepy small silver fox .

Practically every sculpture of that man in Northern Territory’s plaza also had that small silver fox on it.

Moreover, everyone from New Moon Land knew that their King Chu had an undying Hades next to him. They were inseparable and it was possible to frequently hear tales about this one man and one fox.

Tang Jung stared blankly at the back of the Hades Purple Emperor…

“Tang Jun, have you seen it before?” Qin Yue recognized Tang Jun’s expression.

Tang Jun vigorously nodded his head as he said: “It is our King Chu’s soul pet.”

“King Chu?” Qin Yue didn’t recognize the name.

“New Moon Land’s Devil Person Chu Mu. The only human to have stepped into the undying rank. Your words helped me remember him. I heard that he’s accompanied by a Hades soul pet. Could that be the one??” the tall soul pet trainer spoke with shock.

“But… but, according to the rumors, hasn’t Devil Person Chu Mu already died?” Qin Yue spoke in a very quiet voice.

Tang Jun fiercely glared at Qin Yue.

Qin Yue realized she said something wrong. She knew that Tang Jun came from New Moon Land and apparently when he was younger, was saved by Chu Mu from Ice City when it was filled with monsters. Without Chu Mu, Tang Jun could not have his present success…

“He hasn’t died. He definitely hasn’t!” said Tang Jun, with no doubt in his words. He intently watched the Hades Fox as it lay on the edge of the mountain peak.

It was waiting.

It was definitely waiting there for him…

It was lonely and lost. However, it refused to leave this place.

“Let’s go.” a while later, Tang Jun spoke in a soft voice.

“That thing happened a long time ago. It’s probably waited a long while.” said the tall soul pet trainer.


The three of them didn’t have the heart to disturb the fox and quietly left Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss’s mountain peak.

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~”

The fox lifted its head and let out a cry.

It watched the sun set before slowly closing its eyes.

Tang Jun turned around and glanced at Mo Xie. His heart felt even more bitter…

Tang Jun knew in fact that he was just deceiving himself. If that person was still alive, why hadn’t he appeared? Otherwise, why were the rumors all over Northern Territory, Zhengming Continent and Wupan Continent that he had already died?

Everyone knew that he had disappeared for many years. Even New Moon Land’s people had already accepted the reality of his eternal departure. So why was it still waiting here?

Was it Chu Mu that made it stay here to wait for him?

Otherwise, why would it just wait here?

A few years ago, a senior who had come here told them that there was a strange small fox here.

A few years later, the fox was still here.



In a medicine garden in Northern Territory was fully blooming flowers accompanied by the sweet smell of medicine. A woman wearing simple yet elegant clothing and with a saintly aura quietly examined the growth of the medicine.

“Aunty, aunty. You have mail…” a lively young girl whose hair was combed into two pigtails rushed over. In her hands was a letter.

The young girl reached the woman’s side, but the woman didn’t react.

The young girl turned around questioningly and looked at her father who was standing behind her, stroking his beard and acting wise and experienced.

“Qingzi.” that father called out.

Ye Qingzi finally came back to her senses. She looked at the extremely adorable young girl. A smile rose on her face and she lightly patted the young girl’s head.

“Aunty, your letter!” the young girl shook the letter in her hands.

Qingzi looked questioningly at the letter as she received it. She slowly ripped open the letter.

There were only a few short lines of words on the letter, but Ye Qingzi read it for a long time…

Her eyes gradually clouded over with a layer of mist and drops of tears began to fall onto the letter.

Ye Wansheng jumped in fright and he hastily walked up to hug her: “What is it? What is it?”

Ye Qingzi hurriedly wiped her tears and shook her head.

Ye Wansheng grabbed the letter and read it.

“My name is Tang Jun. A year ago myself and some friends went to Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss. There, we saw a small fox. I think that might be King Chu’s Mo Xie. It’s probably waited there for a very long time and I’m sure it’s very lonely. It won’t let other people touch it, but I think only you might be able to bring it home…”

Ye Wansheng also read the words for a very long time.

“I always thought Mo Xie was with him…” Ye Qingzi almost couldn’t speak through her crying.

Only Ye Qingzi knew that Chu Mu could get used to being alone. Indeed, before there was her, Chu Mu had always been alone. However, no matter how used to being alone he was, Mo Xie had always been with him.

Then if he was still alive, how had he coped through the many years without Mo Xie with him??

“So Mo Xie was there the whole time. Let’s go and bring her back…” Ye Wansheng softly said.

“Yes.” Ye Qingzi vigorously nodded her head.


Ye Wansheng and Ye Qingzi were very fast. It didn’t take them too long to make a round trip across Zhengming Continent.

They climbed up Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss’s mountain.

The peak of the mountain was bare, except for a few rocks scattered here and there.

Suddenly, a figure of bright moonlight passed right in front of them.

The creature was nimble and adorable, but also looked pitiful and lonely. It ran from one end of the peak to the other, watching the sun set.

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~”

Mo Xie seemed to know something and as she kept crying out to the setting sun. It wasn’t until the sun fully set did she slowly walk back to her place of rest.

Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng didn’t dare walk over.

They had never seen Mo Xie so sad before, nor had they ever seen Mo Xie so lost before.

Ye Qingzi had brought Mo Xie’s favorite snacks. But the instant she saw Mo Xie, having stayed on the mountain peak for so long alone, she didn’t even have the courage to go up and talk with her.


Ultimately, Ye Qingzi didn’t take Mo Xie away with her.

Everyone gradually grew to accept this reality. They were dejected and sad, but eventually chose to forget.

Only Mo Xie always believed that Chu Mu would return.

Ye Qingzi believed that Chu Mu was trying very, very hard to undo his shackles. If he could see Mo Xie that had always stayed here - not even leaving half a step - he would never give up…



Indeed, on the Crimson Sol, that person who was walking alone on the surface of fire was still searching.

Every day when the sun rose, he could see Mo Xie run out from the darkness of the mountain peak to a place bathed by the morning sunlight. He was able to hear her cries.

Every day when the sun set, he could see Mo Xie from behind as she turned around.

During these many years of solitude, Chu Mu hadn’t stopped his search for an exit from the crimson sol for a single day.

Over the years, Chu Mu managed to find a single place on the crimson sol that was different from the rest.

It looked like an altar with swelling fire stones and heavy flames.

Chu Mu walked up the fire stones and stood on the crimson sol’s altar.

Chu Mu couldn’t see anything on the altar.

This was the only different place on the crimson sol. Unfortunately, there was nothing there.

But he didn’t despair. He merely lay there and did the same thing he did every day: watch the humans from above…

Suddenly, Chu Mu sat up.


Chu Mu muttered to himself.

It was very strange because Chu Mu discovered from this place that he was able to see the entire living world. Most importantly, he was able to see all of the heaven Boundary Monuments at once!

Eleven monuments…

Weren’t there only ten Heaven Boundary Monuments? Why could he now see eleven Heaven Boundary Monuments?

“Could it be that every ten thousand year wheel, an additional Heaven Boundary Monument is added?” Chu Mu

Chu Mu could look down on the world. During this time alone, he began to analyze the markings on the Heaven Boundary Monument.

Heaven Boundary Monuments not only recorded the stories of many strong creatures, but also recorded the lifespan of the world.

The world had its own lifespan. Even with the crimson sol’s energy pouring in, the Heaven Boundary Monuments would not last forever.

However, this limited timespan was extremely long to living creatures.

Every Heaven Boundary Monument recorded the exact same lifespan amount. Every year, one of the numerous markings on a Heaven Boundary Monument would disappear. This would continue until all of the year markings disappeared, and then the world would come to a stop…

Chu Mu didn’t know whether he would have to pass the year markings on the Heaven Boundary Monument like this in the future.

However, Chu Mu was puzzled why another Heaven Boundary Monument had appeared in the living world. Moreover, the lifespan markings on this Heaven Boundary Monument were different from the other ten.

“One marking, two, three…”

Chu Mu carefully counted and abruptly discovered that the world lifespan on the eleventh Heaven Boundary Monument wasn’t even ten years!

“Why is it like this…” Chu Mu was shocked.

He clearly remembered Human Mother telling him that the moment the markings on the top of the Heaven Boundary Monument disappeared, it meant that the living world had reached its end.

When the solar eclipse had happened, the markings on the top of the Heaven Boundary Monuments had all disappeared. That was a sign of the world stopping and world destruction.

Strangely, the other ten Heaven Boundary Monuments indicated that the world’s lifespan was still very long. It was only the eleventh Heaven Boundary Monument that had mysteriously appeared that only had ten markings. Only this monument indicated that the world would be destroyed in ten years.

For a moment, Chu Mu’s thoughts were thrown into chaos. There were eleven world time wheels. Ten of them told him that the world still had a long lifespan. But one of them told him that the world only had ten years left…



The sky was covered by dense clouds, filling the air with a murky feeling.

A torrential rain poured down on the highest part of Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss, landing on Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s purple flames slowly dimmed as if they were being extinguished by the heavy rain.

After the downpour, Mo Xie’s body no longer burned with purple flames. In fact, her fur began to fall off and was replaced by new fur…

“Wu wu wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Wu wu wu wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!”

She let out a long cry towards the sky.

The cry spread a long, long way and nearly the entire world could hear it.

Another flame began to burn on Mo Xie’s body as her fur completely changed. Her body was more slender and exuded a mysterious feeling!

Her cry went on for a long, long time, as if she was crying.


On the crimson sol, Chu Mu could clearly hear Mo Xie’s cry.

She would often cry out, but it was never as mournful and penetrating as this time!

The damned clouds were blocking his vision and he was unable to see what Mo Xie was doing.

However, Chu Mu had a feeling that Mo Xie’s body and soul were changing…

Species mutation??

It was a species mutation!!

Up till now, Chu Mu had thought Hades was Mo Xie’s final mutation. He never expected her to have another mutation.

What would she mutate into??

Chu Mu really wanted to see what Mo Xie would mutate into, but with the clouds blocking him, he couldn’t see…

During these past ten years, Chu Mu had been counting the markings on the eleventh Heaven Boundary Monument.

That day had finally come where the markings were all gone. But Mo Xie had completed her species mutation on this day towards a higher bloodline species…

“What’s going on? Why does the end of the world’s lifespan happen to coincide with Mo Xie’s species mutation??” Chu Mu was confused.

He stared at the living world that was blocked by the clouds.

For some reason, it felt as if everything had suddenly gone quiet…

The clouds weren’t moving at all. Anywhere he was barely able to see was deathly still…

A standstill!

Everything had come to a standstill. Chu Mu couldn’t hear any more noise.

The living world had come to a standstill and Chu Mu couldn’t see any creature moving…

“What’s going on… why is it like this?” Chu Mu was dumbfounded.

It felt as if time had stopped!

Chu Mu looked at the eleventh Heaven Boundary Monument and discovered that the final marking on the monument had completely disappeared. It was the instant the final marking disappeared that the living world came to a stop in time.

“Do you still not understand??”

Suddenly, a voice rang out in Chu Mu’s ear.

The voice was old and carried immeasurable loneliness.

“Who… who are you!!” the same instant Chu Mu was stunned, he also felt wild with joy.

There was life here! There was some other form of life on the crimson sol besides him!!

“It’s not important who I am. Have you not figured it out?” the voice rang out again.

“Figured what out?” Chu Mu asked, confused.

“Although the world hasn’t collapsed, it’s come to a stop.”

“A stop? Why would it stop? Can time stop?” Chu Mu was astonished.

“Of course time can stop. In fact, time can reverse itself…” the voice drifted over.

"Who are you?? Tell me how I can leave this place!” Chu Mu said with lots of vigour.

“Leave? I’m very sorry, but I’m also looking for a way to leave. Moreover, I’ve been looking for one longer than you have…” said the voice.

Chu Mu went silent.

So did the crimson sol truly not have an exit then?

A while later, Chu Mu looked at the world that had completely come to a standstill. He asked: “Why did time stop?”

“Because a certain small fellow isn’t willing to let it flow…”

“A small fellow?” Chu Mu felt that the tone was familiar.

“Don’t bother looking. She’s no longer here.” the voice seemed to know what Chu Mu was looking for.

“What do you know?” asked Chu Mu.

“I know what you know. But I happen to know one more thing than you.” said the voice.


“Her mutation this time is called the Reincarnation Fox. Next, I’ll let you see some things…”


After the voice rang out, the world seemed to have resumed flowing. Chu Mu could see the clouds slowly part.

After the rain, Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss seemed extremely clean. However, it was now filled with countless dragon cries!


“Ao hou!!!!!!!!”


Suddenly, noisy dragon cries had filled the skies of Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.

The rain water was mixed with blood. The mountain peak on Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss’s mountain peak was now filled with fresh blood and enormous dragon corpses.

Both miserable and angry roars rang out together. There was also the cruel laughter coming from certain people.

As he watched this scene, Chu Mu was stunned.

Didn’t the dragon species go extinct already from Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss? Where did these dragons come from??

Also, where was Mo Xie? Why couldn’t he find her??

Groups of dragon flew close together in the sky and near the mountain abyss. They looked restless and uneasy.

Corpse after corpse dropped under the cliffs. Some of these bodies were even cleaved apart in midair…

The entire Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss was pervaded by the bloody wind of slaughter.

“Sha sha sha~~~~~~~”

A cyan Hidden Dragon whose body was riddled with wounds landed on the mountain peak of the Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.

On its back was a fierce-looking flying centipede that was attempting to kill it.

The cyan Hidden Dragon stumbled away in an attempt to flee. Its body accidentally smashed into a time rock.

The time rock looked like a sculpture. When the cyan Hidden Dragon smashed into it, a very, very normal looking soul pet egg rolled out from within.

Whose child was this?

This place was too dangerous!

The cyan Hidden Dragon hurriedly picked up the small soul pet egg with its mouth. Then, it exerted force to beat its wings and flee westward.

The cyan dragon flew out of Myriad Dragon Heaven Abyss.

It kept flying, all the way until it reached a tiny crescent moon-shaped territory.

“This… this is…”

Chu Mu was stunned and almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The cyan Hidden Dragon that had fled Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss with a soul pet egg of mysterious origins in its mouth…

Wasn’t that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon???

Hadn’t the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon already died? What was the soul pet egg in its mouth…

Chu Mu proceeded to watch the most shocking thing in his life.

He watched the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon as it was captured by Soul Alliance and its memories forcibly erased by memory fluid.

It only subconsciously managed to protect the soul pet egg it picked up from Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss…

Chu Mu watched it escape from Soul Alliance and watched it fly to Cyan Nightmare Island, where it transformed into a tiny cyan colored insect…


“Eat, eat. I hope you’ll be able to bring me good luck.” a young man with black eyes and black hair bitterly laughed as he split half a piece of his rations and handed it to the cyan colored small insect.

After the cyan colored small insect finished eating it, its eyes flashed with a clean light.


“A Blue Star Fox. Why is it another small fox…” the young man was nearly speechless as he looked at the small fellow that had stepped into his trap.


“What kind of situation is this… it’s another young fox….”

A tiny Moonlight Fox appeared in front of the young man. The young man was flabbergasted.

He needed to catch a soul pet that was powerful enough to make him the strongest soul pet trainer, not this weak and voracious small Moonlight Fox…

Wait, that wasn’t right. Suddenly, the young man sensed something.

The young man was overcome with joy.

Species mutation. This was a soul pet that had mutated species. Moreover, it was continuous species mutations!!


“Fourth soul pact, open!”


“Quiet, gentle and beautiful. But also dynamic, sharp and evil. How about I call you Mo Xie. It’s very suitable for a crafty small fellow like you.” happily said the young man.

“Wu~~~~~~” as if it didn’t like the young man’s words, the small fox let out a grumbling cry.


This scene should have been from his memory, but Chu Mu was now watching it from the crimson sol.

“How about I call you Mo Xie.”

“How about I call you Mo Xie.”

For some reason, when he heard the young man say those words, Chu Mu’s eyes were filled with tears.

After time had stopped, why did he see the past??

But then, if this was the past, why were there eleven Heaven Boundary Monuments?!!

“She’s called a Reincarnation Fox. The only ability she wields is the one to control time and reincarnation…”

The old and lonely voice rang out in Chu Mu’s ears.

“She wasn’t able to wait for the person she was waiting for. So she chose to reincarnate.”

Chu Mu stood there like he had been struck by lightning.

Continuous species mutations…

That was because her soul had already cultivated to a very high realm. Even after reincarnating to the past, she was still able to break the natural laws of the world.

Chu Mu had tried to guess countless times why Mo Xie was able to continuously mutate species. However, he never expected the answer to be this.

“She’s living in the past…” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

In order to continue lying on his shoulder, she had reincarnated to the past.

“She’s living in the past, but how do you know that you’re not in the past?” the voice drifted in.

Chu Mu was stunned and suddenly understood something!

He was extremely shocked, but when he thought of it, he felt like his brain couldn’t accept this reality.

Reincarnation. Mo Xie had returned to his side from the previous life.

Then was the reincarnation he was in really the first reincarnation?

Had Mo Xie already reincarnated multiple times before him? Was his own journey only one period of Mo Xie’s journey?

When he left her in Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss and told her to wait there for him, didn’t that mean that it wouldn’t be long before Mo Xie mutated species in the downpour and returned to the tiny Nightmare Island…

Thus, time after time, she would undergo reincarnation after reincarnation.

How long had her soul accompanied him for??

“Now you understand. How many years does a Heaven Boundary Monument represent?” the voice slowly rang out.

Ten thousand years. That’s right. One Heaven Boundary Monument represented ten thousand years.

The world he lived in only had ten Heaven Boundary Monuments.

But if another Heaven Boundary Monument had appeared, it meant that if time hadn’t stopped because of Mo Xie’s reincarnation, another ten thousand years should have passed under normal circumstances.

“I don’t know how she appeared besides that Chu Mu in the very first life. I also don’t know when time entered this endless cycle, endlessly cycling over this period of time. It’s reached ten thousand years… perhaps the appearance of the eleventh Heaven Boundary Monument will tell that Chu Mu of the truth.”

“A new Chu Mu is continuously born in the reincarnations, but there is only one of her. It accompanied Chu Mu starting from Nightmare Island until the end in Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.”

“Then, she enters reincarnation and appears once more before you just to hear you give her a name again.”

“She definitely knows that the past cannot be changed. Therefore, even if she still has her reincarnated memories, she won’t dare break the cycle.”

If Mo Xie remembered…

In other words, when she was a Moonlight Fox, she knew everything that would happen to him in the future.

She had parted with him in Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss and waited for him, alone, in Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss for several tens of years.

After mutating species, she entered reincarnation and started anew.

She used her clear eyes to look at the young version of himself. Her ears perked up as she listened to him laugh and say “How about I call you Mo Xie.”

The truth was that she knew she was called Mo Xie. This name had accompanied her for a long, long time already.

But every time she heard Chu Mu give her this name, she would still be very happy and wave her small fox tail.


The surging magma spluttered around him as the scorching tongues of flames danced.

Chu Mu curled up into a ball, like a child, on the altar. He was crying so hard he couldn’t make any sound.

His shoulder felt empty…


“I hope that the appearance of the eleventh Heaven Boundary Monument - this new variable - will be able to tell this Chu Mu the truth. I hope that he will be able to fulfill Mo Xie’s wish.”

The voice faintly rang out, before gradually fading away. For a moment, the only thing that could be heard in the crimson sol was the heartbroken crying of a soul pet trainer.



“I hope everyone can view this chapter as an ending, but also not as one. Indeed, there is still the epilogue of the eleventh Heaven Boundary Monument’s Chu Mu.

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