The Charm of Soul Pets

Epilogue: She’s in a Certain Space-time

As the tall blue reeds gently swayed in the wind, small ripples broke the surface of the water.

Amidst the reeds was a hat made out of weaved flowers. Underneath the hat was purple hair and a youthful and adorable smiling face.

The smiling face was particularly beautiful and enchanting, and the young girl’s blinking eyes were as spirited and pretty as a pure spring of water.

The young girl was holding bunches of reeds in her hands. Her small pink lips pressed forward, and she gave a light blow. The bunch of reeds instantly flew up into the air like soft blue feathers. It looked beautiful.

The young girl immediately let out a laughter that resembled the sounds of spring.

“Mommy, mommy, come and look…” the young girl ran out from the reeds. She excitedly called out to a woman sitting on the grassy ground.

There were a few reeds circling the running young girl. For some reason, they kept following her, circling her, and escorting her. It was like they were taking care of and protecting their young princess.

The woman on the grass was quietly sitting there. Like the girl, she also had beautiful purple hair that resembled a waterfall. Her hair touched the grass from her sitting position.

She ignored the young girl’s joyous laughter and raised her head, staring at the slowly setting sun in the horizon.

The young girl was very obedient, and didn’t disturb her. A while later, she seemed to have gotten tired from playing. She cutely and obediently laid down on her mother’s leg, curling up into a ball like a small cat.

The sun had set, and the last ray of light disappeared from the land. The absolutely beautiful mother seemed to be thinking about something. Her hands were placed softly on the young girl’s head, and she softly stroked her.

“Si Qie, we’re going to go back.”

“Go back? Will we be able to see daddy after we go back?” a smile instantly rose on the young girl’s face.

“You don’t have a dad.”

"Mommy is lying to me. I’m not one of those girls that doesn’t understand anything.”

“He’s dead.”

“You’re lying, you’re lying, you’re lying!”

“I’ll take you to see him.”

“Really???” the girl’s eyes immediately lit up.




It was night time. A Demon Fox with a full black body ran at an extremely fast speed across the land and mountains.

On the back of the slender and demonic Demon Fox’s back sat a purple haired mother and daughter pair. The mother was so incredibly beautiful. She was like a fairy that had fallen from a palace in the moons to the mortal world. The daughter was like a jade sculpture. She was delicate and adorable.

“Where are we going, mother?” the girl tilted her head as she asked.

“Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.”

The Dark Death King’s running speed was extremely fast at night. The mountains had disappeared behind them in the blink of an eye.

The lofty Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss’s mountain range was now in front of them. These towering mountains were very imposing and would make people shrink back in awe. The Dark Death King powerfully leaped between the mountains, rushing towards the peak of Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss.

The mountain peak was right before them. The Dark Death King stepped heavily on the mountain peak and the sand and stones around it were instantly blown away.

There were time rocks everywhere on the mountain peak. It was rumored that the time rocks were the remains of some creatures. Their souls had passed through space-time as they left their bodies here.

“Where is daddy?” softly asked Xiao Si Qie. She seemed to be afraid of disturbing something.

Her mother pulled on her hand. They slowly walked towards the edge of the mountain peak. The Dark Death King obediently followed beside them.

Xiao Si Qie’s eyes wandered around in search. She felt a bit expectant, but felt more nervous.

She had been with her mother the entire time these years. She knew that she had a relative as close as her mother, but had never seen him before.

When they reached the edge of the mountain peak, a few loose stones and swept up sand let out soft sounds.

On the lofty precipice, there was a person sitting there!

Xiao Si Qie was stunned and looked at the person’s back with astonishment.

He was sitting there like a stone statue. There was no life force coming from him.

He was sitting there as if he had been alone for countless years and had withstood the sun, the wind, and the rain there.

As the moon elongated his shadow, an indescribable feeling of sadness welled up in Xiao Si Qie’s heart, giving her the urge to cry.

Was that man her father?”

But why was he sitting there, completely still? It was like he had lost his soul.

“He… He is my daddy?” Xiao Si Qie asked, somewhat afraid.

Before actually seeing him, she was filled with expectations and excitement. But after actually seeing him, she began to feel fear.

“Yes.” her mother expressionlessly nodded her head.

“Why is he sitting there alone…” asked Xiao Si Qie in a quiet voice.

The young girl’s words seemed to have disturbed the lonely figure. He finally moved.

He slowly turned around. His pitch-black eyes stared at the mother and daughter.

Xiao Si Qie hastily grabbed her mother’s hand and hid behind her back.

A moment later, she peeked her head out and looked at the moving statue.

Suddenly, she discovered that there were two streams of tears running the statue’s face. It was very visible.

Xiao Si Qie didn’t understand. Why was he sad? Why did he cry? Didn’t they tell her that men couldn’t cry?

“Why… why is it you?” the man stood up. He managed to force a pained look on his deathly gray face and an awkward trace of a smile. It was like he wanted to dispel his weak appearance just now of him crying.

He had never been so lonely that he wanted to cry until now. Nor had he cried so hard like a child that had lost his sense of security. Nor had he ever thought he would become so weak again after losing the familiar weight on his shoulder. Despite controlling power that could ruin the heavens and destroy the earth and despite possessing an undying body, his heart was so weak it couldn’t bear those memories.

“If you want to cry, then cry. I’ll act as if I never saw it.” calmly said Yu Suo.

If there was someone there, Chu Mu wouldn’t cry - especially if it was in front of a woman.

He stared at Yu Suo and Yu Suo looked back at him. Even after staring at each other for so long, neither of them could find any topic to break the silence.

Finally, Chu Mu discovered the shy small girl behind Yu Suo.

She was so adorable that people couldn’t but want to go up and hug her. She was so delicate that people couldn’t help but sight and exclaim why such a beautiful young girl would exist in this world.

“She is…” Chu Mu managed to find a question.

“A girl I picked up.” Yu Suo indifferently answered.

“I… I wasn’t picked up! I’m mommy’s daughter. I came from mommy’s stomach!!” angrily said Xiao Si Qie.

However, as if she realized that there was someone else here, the young girl felt that her sudden outburst had been a bit rude and she hid behind Yu Suo again.

Chu Mu was stunned and he suddenly understood. He looked, somewhat in disbelief, at Yu Suo.

But after carefully thinking about it, he felt it wasn’t right either. That opportune event in Heaven Palace with Yu Suo had happened about a year ago. He also hadn’t seen any indications of pregnancy on Yu Suo. Chu Mu figured that she must have done something after it happened to deal with it. Indeed, as far as Chu Mu understood her, she couldn’t become a mother.

Just as Chu Mu felt it was impossible, he suddenly thought of something else.

Back then, why had she given all of the crimson sol’s energy to him? She clearly could have absorbed it herself to reach the undying rank. Could it be because she was pregnant at the time?

The Evil Good Queen was a half human type. If she was different from a human when she got pregnant, then didn’t that mean the young girl in front of him was his own daughter?

Chu Mu was stunned. This sudden identity of being a father had caught him completely by surprise. Most importantly, he had had a child with the woman whom he once despised more than anyone else.

It was hard to accept. It really was hard to accept.

His dream was to have a child with Ye Qingzi, and to be able to peacefully pass the rest of his life in New Moon Land, watching his child grow up.

But… but why was it Yu Suo…

Why was it her?!

Chu Mu still didn’t know what kind of relationship he had with Yu Suo. It was so complicated that it was headache-inducing. Besides that indescribable time in Heaven Palace, they didn’t have any foundations for feelings between the two of them. And now, a child had popped out of nowhere. She was the mother and he was the father…

Crazy. It was truly crazy.

Indeed, their hatred in the past had reached a point where it was either the one or the other die.


Chu Mu’s thoughts were in intense conflict. He really found it difficult to accept.

Yu Suo was still expressionless. In fact, she had experienced an extremely long period where it was difficult for her to accept.

However, when Xiao Si Qie was born, and as she grew up, the young girl slowly became Yu Suo’s most important person. She couldn’t bear it if Xiao Si Qi was hurt at all.

It was Chu Mu’s own matter whether he accepted it or not. Yu Suo didn’t need Chu Mu to accept responsibility. She had merely promised Xiao Si Qie to come see him once.

“Mommy. He… he doesn’t seem to like me,” said Xiao Si Qie in a very quiet voice.

She hid behind Yu Suo and refused to step out.

The man in front of her was her father, but this father possessed a pair of lonely eyes and a serious and stern face. He seemed difficult to approach.

She was a bit afraid… this father was not as kind as she had imagined.


Chu Mu glanced at the young girl who was only about five or six. He looked at her timid and foreign eyes.

He wanted to turn and leave. He needed a period of time to slowly accept this reality.

But all of a sudden, in that instant, his heart was touched.

The young girl’s eyes were very similar to a person he knew. That person was himself…

Chu Mu distinctly remembered the moment when his mother, Liu Binglan, had appeared in front of him. He had also hidden behind Chu Tianmang then because that mother gave Chu Mu a very unfamiliar feeling. It felt like she was refused people from getting near her.

And the young girl’s eyes were very similar to his back then.

She must have been really, really looking forward to seeing her father because Chu Mu remembered that back then, he had also really hoped to see his mother…

It was like a cycle. Chu Mu suddenly discovered that he was acting out the story of his mother and father. And amidst this indescribable instant, he connected together with the strange foundations of a lack of acceptance and a lack of feelings.

Back then, Liu Binglan had coldly turned around without saying anything. This dealt a very, very heavy blow to Chu Mu. From then on, Liu Binglan needed to do a lot to mend this relationship.

If Liu Binglan hadn’t remained silent back then and instead shown a smile, Chu Mu would have definitely thought of that smile as the most beautiful smile in the world. It would have also left a deeply embedded impression.

Then what about now?


A long while later, a somewhat stiff smile slowly formed on Chu Mu’s tearstained face.

This was the ugliest smile Yu Suo had ever seen. But it was still a smile…

Yu Suo didn’t say anything. She just quietly watched Chu Mu.

“Have her come over. I’ll talk with her.” said Chu mu.

“You guys have a chat.” Yu Suo didn’t say anything more. She immediately turned and left.

Xiao Si Qie stood there shyly for a long while, unwilling to walk up.

Chu Mu didn’t say anything. He just sat back down next to the cliff.

A while later, Xiao Si Qie finally took small steps forwards and quietly tiptoed up to Chu Mu.

She copied Chu Mu and sat like him on the cliff. Her two small and white legs faintly rocked back and forth over the edge of the cliff.

“Why did you cry?” Xiao Si Qie carefully asked.

“I lost a very, very important thing.” said Chu Mu.

“You cry after losing something?” Xiao Si Qie tilted her head as she asked.

“Yes. Anyone would.” said Chu Mu.

“Oh.” Xiao Si Qie half-understood as she nodded her head. She said: “If mommy disappeared, I would also cry.”

“She hasn’t treated you poorly?” asked Chu Mu.

”小思妾很认真的说道。“Mommy is the best mommy. She has never mistreated me.” said Xiao Si Qie very earnestly.

“Eh, I can’t really see that.” muttered Chu Mu.

“She said that daddy is a really bad man… she also always lies to me, saying I don’t have a daddy. Then, she’ll say daddy died. Mommy really is something. She’s a grown up yet can’t even lie.”

“...” Chu Mu was instantly speechless.

“Si Qie!” not far away, Yu Suo’s very unhappy voice rang out. Her voice also contained traces of coldness.

Xiao Si Qie hurriedly covered her small mouth, refusing to say anything more. But her eyes craftily twinkled as she looked at Chu Mu. It was like the happiness of not being allowed to say something after sharing a secret with Chu Mu.

“Where have you been these past years? Why haven’t you been with mommy?” Xiao Si Qie continued to ask questions.

“I was trapped in a prison.” said Chu Mu.

The loneliness from the crimson sol had made Chu Mu go completely crazy.

“Then how did you get out?” Xiao Si Qie had quite a few questions.

“There was someone who was trapped in the prison even longer. He had me swallow his soul. After swallowing his soul, I grew even stronger and I broke the seal on prison.” Chu Mu spoke a little at a time.

“Eh? Then… then who was that person?” asked Xiao Si Qie.

“Someone who lost his most important thing. He had also previously swallowed the soul of someone who had been in the prison even longer than him. Unfortunately, his strength was still incapable of breaking the seal.” said Chu Mu.

“If the person who had been imprisoned for even longer hadn't been there, wouldn’t daddy have been unable to escape?”

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

“Then I should thank the person who had been imprisoned for even longer. It was him that allowed me to see my daddy.” Xiao Si Qie closed her eyes and began to give her thanks as if she was praying.

When he saw the seriousness on Xiao Si Qie’s adorable smiling face, a wave of bitterness welled up in his heart.

Those people were truly, truly deserving of Chu Mu’s thanks.

One reincarnation, one him.

With each new reincarnation, one of him had disappeared.

He didn’t know how many times it had been. This reincarnation had devoured that reincarnation. He had borne his final wishes just so that one of him would be able to escape by a certain reincarnation.

If Chu Mu’s strength was still incapable of breaking the seal on the crimson sol after devouring the soul of the voice in the crimson sol, then there would be a day when Chu Mu wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice his own soul for the next one. He would leave it to him to complete the wishes of himself and countless others.

Nobody knew that such a tragedy had unfolded on the crimson sol…

However, it was still too late when this tragedy ended.

When Chu Mu had escaped from the crimson sol, Mo Xie had already entered reincarnation. They no longer belonged to the same space-time.

All he could do was sit on the edge of the cliff and cry…


“Can you find the thing you lost?” asked Xiao Si Qie.

“I can’t.” Chu Mu returned to his senses and spoke in pain.

Xiao Si Qie looked pensive for a moment. Suddenly, she reached up with her small hand and took off the purple pendant hanging on her neck. The, she handed the small pendant to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu looked at the purple pendant. It had a familiar feeling to it.

This seemed to be Yu Suo’s purple pendant. Back then, he had gathered the fragments and returned it to Yu Suo.

“Mommy told me a story. She said that there was a person in the world and she was the only Totem Divine Maiden who controlled the power of time. This pendant belonged to her. Mommy said that this pendant has the power to open space-time…” said Xiao Si Qie very, very earnestly.

Chu Mu looked somewhat dazed at Xiao Si Qie.

He seemed to remember Yu Suo saying that in the past. The Totem Divine Maidens could control time!

“Don’t feel hurt. Go and find it back. It’s definitely painfully waiting for you in a certain space-time.” said Xiao Si Qie.

It was waiting for him in a certain space-time!!

Xiao Si Qie’s words struck Chu Mu like a bolt of thunder.


Grasping the pendant in his hand, Chu Mu pulled Xiao Si Qie into a tight embrace…


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