The City of Terror

Chapter 641 - Blood and Food

Chapter 641: Chapter 641 – Blood and Food

This could not be helped. His storage space was only 1 cubic meter large. Although the things inside were far smaller than their volume, the storage bracelet still had its limits.

This time, he had killed the Yellow Crab Demons and only stuffed in half before not being able to stuff in anymore.

Looking at this crab meat, Wei Xiao Bei shook his head and chose some of the freshest crab meat. Afterward, he waved his hand and called those Prawn Demons, “I hand these down to you guys.”

The crabmeat was extremely soft and delicious, but this also meant that it was quick to spoil outdoors. This meant that rotting was their only conclusion.

Hand down to us?

Toward Wei Xiao Bei’s generosity, these Prawn Demons that had been trembling from being chased by the Crab Demons became stunned.

Such a good thing can actually happen?

Could it be that the king is mistaken?

It must be known that within the Prawn Demon tribes, food that contained Demonic Qi was reserved for the tribe chief. If any of the Prawn Demons obtained food with Demonic Qi, they would need to hand them over to the tribe chief. If the tribe chief was full, he would not even hand the food down and would just save it to eat in the future.

If these Prawn Demons wanted food that contained Demonic Qi, they had two options.

First was the rotten food. The tribe chief would not eat it, so he would hand it down. The second was during large battles. As long as one was not afraid to die and bite the enemy, then the tribe chief would not tell them to spit it out.

However, their king was now willing to give 100 Crab Demon corpses to them.

We definitely heard wrong!

After Wei Xiao Bei joyfully handed the food down, he waited for the Prawn Demons to weep bitter tears and swear loyalty to him again.

After all, they had also contributed to this. Wei Xiao Bei was not the kind of person to monopolize things. Moreover, being able to deepen the Prawn Demons’ loyalty was a good thing.

However, he never imagined that after handing the food down, the Prawn Demons would not thank him and only stand on the spot with blank expressions.

Wei Xiao Bei’s face chilled. Could it be that these Prawn Demons are having new thoughts?

If that is the case, then I need to think of a new method.

With that said, I have not yet tried cooking stewed prawns in the Dust World, have I?

As Wei Xiao Bei was thinking about this, Prawn Three suddenly felt his shell chill. He immediately came to and looked at Wei Xiao Bei’s darkened expression and thought that things were going bad. He braced himself and asked, “King, are you telling us that you would hand down these Crab Demons to us small people?”

“What? You’re not satisfied?”

When Wei Xiao Bei was slightly angry, the pearl in his dantian began to become active, causing Wei Xiao Bei’s lowered temperature to rise up.

This had caused the seawater beside him to continuously bubble up and let out steam.

“Thank you King. Us small people can’t thank you enough. We were just recalling the treatment when we were back in the tribe….”

Prawn Three knew that Wei Xiao Bei was angry. He did not hesitate and quickly explained until Wei Xiao Bei’s face lightened up before relaxing. After telling the rest of the Prawn Demons to thank Wei Xiao Bei, he drove the rest of them to head toward the piled up Craab Demon corpses.

Everyone is so stupid!

Seeing how the Prawn Demons became happy after his explanation, Prawn Three wanted to spit out blood. If he had not saved them from a desperate crisis, then they might all have turned into food, but they were still in high spirits after he had explained this.

Leaving aside these Prawn Demons excitedly eating the Crab Demon corpses, Wei Xiao Bei moved to the Mutated Dock’s side and inspected it. Most of the blood had already been absorbed by the Mutated Dock.

Wei Xiao Bei could feel that the aura of the Mutated Dock was constantly increasing.

This was considered normal. With so many 2-Star Elite and even 3-Star Creature blood, the Mutated Dock would still gain some benefits even if it was a 2-Star Elite Creature.

However, the increase in the Mutated Dock’s strength was not instantaneous.

Using blood did not only increase the Mutated Dock’s strength but it also largely increased the Mutated Dock’s vitality.

After all, the Mutated Dock did not have much use for strength as it could not move yet.

Wei Xiao Bei pondered about this and moved his gaze to the Prawn Demons.

Looking at them almost made Wei Xiao Bei vomit.

Who knows if it was because the Prawn Demons were worried about him getting angry at not finishing the food or if it was because they had always been like that.

The Prawn Demons would eat the food on one side and poop out excrement while doing so.

However, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but groan and immediately checked their poop.

Under the power of [Enlightenment], its information appeared.

Name: Prawn Demon Excrement (High quality)

Description: This is the excrement of the Prawn Demon. Because it contains the minimum amount of Demonic Qi, it is a top-quality fertilizer. This item can be mixed with other fertilizers.

Effect 1: Increase plant growth by 100%

Effect 2: Increase plant quality mutation by 0.02%

Effect 3: Increases plant demonification chance by 3%


There was no doubt that this excrement was a lot better than the Dust World Fertilizer. Moreover, it had a chance of plant demonification.

However, it was indeed so when he thought about it. This excrement was fresh while the Dust World Fertilizer was refined from bone slags. This bone slag was when Wei Xiao Bei had used the Life Altar’s tendrils to suck a corpse dry. Naturally, the effect was different.

However, these two fertilizers would be good to use in the Wei Family Island. Although it was currently being covered in soil, the soil was mountain soil which lacked fertility.

If you want to plant foodstuff in it, it would require a lot of fertilizer, but even if fertilizer was placed in it, it might not improve the soil.

If these two fertilizers were placed in it, then the chance in the soil should be clear to see.

Wei Xiao Bei had already stored up some of the Dust World Fertilizer. Now, it appeared that he must store some demon excrement.

There was not enough space in the storage bracelet for this.

He once again thought of this problem.

The only way he could increase the space now was to find the Seventh Managing Fairy Maiden.

The problem was how?

Wei Xiao Bei was a bit worried and could only take things step by step.

Those Prawn Demons were fast eaters. They were also quite fast at pooping. In less than an hour, they had already eaten clean the Crab Demon corpses that had piled up like a mountain, turning it into excrement.

These small kernels of excrement were the size of a fist, but they did not smell that much, only a trace of fishiness.

Wei Xiao Bei picked up a kernel and pinched it. It was rather hard and most of the water content was removed.

“Not bad.”

Wei Xiao Bei patted Prawn Three’s back and praised with satisfaction.

Although Prawn Three did not know what the king needed the excrement for, being able to lead the Prawn Demons to do this was already quite admirable.

In general, most upper management wanted these kinds of understanding subordinates. It was not an unreasonable thing.

What shocked Wei Xiao Bei was that Prawn Three’s strength increased by quite a bit. Although he had not ranked up from 2-Star Elite to 2-Star Terror, Wei Xiao Bei felt that he was close.

He now understood that demons grew by eating which was different from him.

In truth, most of the Demonic Qi from the Crab Demons had flowed out from their blood and was absorbed by the Mutated Dock. The Prawn Demons had only eaten a small portion of the demonic qi. If it was not like that, then Prawn Three would have already become a 2-Star Terror Creature.

After all, those Yellow Crab Demons might be of the same rank as them, but their strength exceeded them. Moreover, every Prawn Demon on average could eat more than two crab demon corpses.

If this was a normal situation, with the prawn demon’s strength, they would not be able to obtain such a powerful food. Being able to preserve their life was already not bad, let alone daring to go kill stronger monsters.

Thus, it was very difficult for Prawn Demons to get out of a predicament and not what normal people were thinking.

Naturally, this problem could also be deduced from other aquatic demons, but it was much more prominent in Prawn Demons.

After eating their fill, the Prawn Demons paid their respects to Wei Xiao Bei and once again set off.

An increase in strength made them all excited. Their fears had been wiped clean.

When they returned, a large number of Crab Demons were chasing after them.

These Crab Demons numbered in the thousands. Normal Demon Kings would have been shaken by this, but not Wei Xiao Bei.

After luring the Crab Demons to the right location, the Prawn Demons all began to quickly retreat.

They knew that if they were slow, then they might instantly die from the shock wave.

Because there were a lot of Crab Demons, Wei Xiao Bei did not worry about eliminating them as the blood was not yet enough. He took out the bow and arrow from his storage bracelet and shot an arrow out toward where the Crab Demons were packed more tightly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Wei Xiao Bei continuously shot out seven arrows. The shockwaves from his arrows had turned more dozens of Crab Demons into meat paste that floated in the sea.

However, these seven arrows consumed a lot. Wei Xiao Bei did not foresee that his arm would tremble slightly like this.

He had used too much strength.

The most important point was that he had made a mistake.

Shooting an arrow was different from using the Great Spear. The Great Spear could attack and defend. He could save 30% of his strength.

On the other hand, the bow was different. After shooting an arrow it would not return. Moreover, he had to go all out.

Even if the White Mist Dragon Bow used normal arrows, it was still mighty powerful. Pulling the string of the bow was the same as launching out dozens of punches for him.

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