The City of Terror

Chapter 642 - Blue Crab Demon King

Chapter 642: Chapter 642 – Blue Crab Demon King

In other words, when the arrow was shot out, it did not only carry all of Wei Xiao Bei’s strength, but also the power of dozens of punches.

If one of Wei Xiao Bei’s punches was considered to be around 30 tons, then a single arrow was more than 1,000 tons.

1,000 tons of force were condensed into a single arrow and shot into the sea. The arrow would naturally begin to fragment the moment it was shot. The only thing that reached the bottom would have been a fragment but it would still be enough to create shock waves.

Naturally, 1,000 tons of force exploding was not inferior to a torpedo fired by a heavy naval submarine.

In short, when the seawater finally calmed down, the marching crabs had all fainted. On the other hand, Wei Xiao Bei did not take successive action. He allowed the sober Crab Demons to escape.

As said previously, Wei Xiao Bei’s arms could not endure anymore after shooting out seven arrows.

After all, Wei Xiao Bei did not have [Archery] skill, nor did he have enough strength to truly bring out the White Mist Dragon Bow’s power.

In simpler terms, the capillaries in Wei Xiao Bei’s right arm had mostly ruptured and his muscles had been strained. He would need at least 5 minutes to recover.

At this time, Wei Xiao Bei activated his [Response Pulse] to find Prawn Three.

He had been gone for quite a while and Wei Xiao Bei thought that he might have been careless and killed by the crab demon.


There is a giant creature behind Prawn Three.

Behind Prawn Three was a Giant Blue Crab that was more than 30 meters in size chasing after him.

On the giant creature’s body was a layer of fluttering cyan-colored gas. Its speed while swimming in the water was equal to Prawn Three. No, it was actually a bit faster. Thus, it was slowly about to overtake Prawn Three.

Naturally, if it was just that, Prawn Three might not be gasping for breath.

The Prawn Demons were not that good at turning around in the water, but they were at least better than the Crab Demons.

On the other hand, the reason why Prawn Three could not do that against this Crab Demon was that it would shoot a pillar of water from time to time.

These water pillars had quite a terrifying power. They were quite fast and shot in a straight line. They would occasionally hit rocks on the seabed, crushing them to pieces.

From the aura coming out of its body, Wei Xiao Bei could tell that was the Blue Crab Demon King that the Prawn Demons had been talking about.

Who knew what Prawn Three did to encounter such a misfortune?

For the Prawn Demons, the Blue Crab Demon King was like a killing god.

Let alone the large car-sized claws that it brandished, just being hit by the pillar of water would have shredded Prawn Three to pieces.

Luckily, Prawn Three was shockingly good at evading. Every time the water pillar was shot out, his body would twist, allowing him to dodge the water pillar.

Wei Xiao Bei was not in a rush to rescue him. Instead, he floated on the peaceful water to allow his arm to recover.

After all, the Blue Crab Demon King did not look weak at all. Wei Xiao Bei still did not know if the enemy had some kind of trump card. In order to be cautious, he waited for his arm to heal.

The other Prawn Demons simply did not know that their brother was currently being chased after. They brought the other Prawn Demons and happily followed the previous arrangement of binging the Crab Demons to shore.

They were not stupid. They knew that with so many gains, the king would definitely hand some of them down. According to their estimate of their own strength, they knew that they would grow stronger this time!

In this open sea, strength was the basis for survival!

How could this not make them happy?

In the end, Prawn Three had finally made it close and saw Wei Xiao Bei, causing him to immediately shout, “King, save me! Please save me!”

Wei Xiao Bei sighed as he still needed a bit more time to fully recover, but this was also enough. He was not willing to simply let go of such a good subordinate like Prawn Three.

Following Prawn Three charge to the sea surface, the Blue Crab Demon King also floated up.

The first to appear above the sea was the blue colored shell that was like an island.

The Blue Crab Demon King did not initiate the attack. Wei Xiao Bei was happy and was able to recover a bit more. Naturally, he also believed that he would not lose to this Blue Crab Demon King.

However, it was still better to be cautious.


When the island-like blue shell floated up, two giant pincers also appeared as well as two eyes that glowed blue. Afterward, a deep voice echoed.

“Blue Crab Demon King?”

Wei Xiao Bei smiled. In front of the Blue Crab Demon King, he was like an ant facing an elephant, but in terms of grandeur, he was not inferior to it at all.

It was very clear that the Blue Crab Demon King was a bit angry, but it was a bit fearful of Wei Xiao Bei.

After thinking for a bit, Wei Xiao Bei understood that the Ba-Serpent aura and the Fire Dragon aura that was on him was enough to put the Blue Crab Demon King on alert.

After all, for aquatic monsters, both auras were higher ranked demons.

If it was the previous Crab Demon tribe chief, it would be too weak. As long as Wei Xiao Bei suppressed the aura, then it would be hard to detect.

However, the Demon King in front was not weak. It would naturally be able to easily tell the aura on him.

“I am the Blue Crab Demon King. This region of sea is my territorial waters! Outsider, immediately leave this place! Otherwise, I will turn you into a meat patty!”

The Blue Crab Demon King’s human language was a lot better than the Prawn Demons. He was even able to attempt to scare Wei Xiao Bei.

“King, don’t believe him! In this place, whoever has the biggest fist is the boss!”

Who knows when Prawn Three had hid behind Wei Xiao Bei, but when he heard the Blue Crab Demon King trying to scare Wei Xiao Bei away, he quickly spoke up, afraid that Wei Xiao Bei would go away. If that happened, then the Prawn Demons would become miserable.

However, after saying this, a large wave that was a few meters high appeared beside the Blue Crab Demon King. The blue gas covering the Demon King began to swivel.

There was no doubt that the Demon King was very angry, attempting to use force to deal with Wei Xiao Bei.

It must be said that the reason why the Demon King did not immediately make a move was that he was trying to catch his breath. It had been quite tired chasing after Prawn Three and even shot out water pillars a few times, causing him to use up some Demonic Qi. Otherwise, it would have already launched an attack against Wei Xiao Bei the moment he saw him.


The sound barrier broke as a water pillar shot out from the Demon King’s mouth. It was extremely fast and it shot toward Wei Xiao Bei.

It’s over! It’s all over!

At that instant, Prawn Three’s innate nature came out. When he watched the scene from 100 meters away, he could not help but sigh as the supporter that he encountered with great difficulty was now done for.

Those demons that could be called Demon Kings were not the same as the normal Prawn Three. After all, Demon Kings possessed a lot of Demonic Qi, and one or two killing moves.

For example, all the demons in the nearby waters knew that the Blue Crab Demon King was specialized in shooting a water pillar. The water pillar that had been strengthened by Demonic Qi could easily break a hard rock into pieces, let alone a single person.

However, when the water pillar disappeared, Wei Xiao Bei’s figure was still there. This startled Prawn Three.

What happened? There seems to be no injury at all.

Other than Wei Xiao Bei’s naked body giving off some steam, there appeared to have been no other changes.

“What a pleasant bath!”

There was no doubt that Wei Xiao Bei was intentionally doing this. He wanted to test the power of the water pillar and see how powerful his current body was.

After all, the density of his body currently was already hard to test with normal methods.

Now that he tried it out, the Blue Crab Demon King’s water pillar simply did not affect him at all.

It had only shaken the Cosmic Qi surrounding his body a bit before being separated.

Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei put away his Cosmic Qi to feel it directly. The water pillar had only cleaned Wei Xiao Bei’s body, washing away the salt that was clinging to his skin and did not cause any other injuries.

The force of impact might have killed a Prawn Demon, but it was truly worthless in his eyes.

Activate enlightenment!

Since he had already tested things, Wei Xiao Bei did not need to show any more mercy. He opened his eyes and looked at the Blue Crab Demon King.

The Blue Crab Demon King was actually stunned after Wei Xiao Bei had taken his attack without any injuries.

What a powerful human!

Before he could consider whether to escape or stay, he suddenly felt as if his soul was being peeped at, and he suddenly became very fearful.

Name: Blue Crab Demon King

Description: This demon is one of the Demon Kings in the open seas of the eastern region. This demon is brutal, rude, and gluttonous in nature. The meat is incredibly delicious, and the shell is incomparable hard. This demon is an expert in water control techniques…..

Gender: Male

Age: 221

Creature Rank: 3-Star Elite

Status: (Omitted)

Skills: Swimming, Claw Attack, Language

Special Skills: Demonic Qi, Water Controlling Arts

Evolution Points: X (Unable to accumulate evolution points)

Items on Hand: None


3-Star Elite?

But, its battle power was enough to give some 3-Star Terror Creatures make a run for their money.

It seemed that Demonic Qi was what truly set them apart.

At this time, Wei Xiao Bei had already jumped out of the water. He relied on [Lithe as a Swallow], to jump on the Blue Crab Demon King.

Wei Xiao Bei did not plan to kill a Demon King if they were willing to surrender.

After all, he needed more subordinates to manage the region and establish his power.

After all, Wei Xiao Bei would not be able to stand guard for a long period of time. Moreover, this place would become the future place where the Dojo’s members would gain evolution points. Just relying on the Prawn Demons to keep the peace of the region would not be enough.

Although the Blue Crab Demon King was panicking, it did not hesitate to raise its claws to grab Wei Xiao Bei when he saw him descend toward him.

It must be said that if the Blue Crab Demon King were to escape underwater, Wei Xiao Bei would have a hard time suppressing him.

After all, aquatic battles would weaken a human’s strength due to water resistance. Humans were not that agile underwater compared to aquatic monsters.

However, they were still on the surface of the water. Wei Xiao Bei could unleash his true strength without any issues.

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