The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 864 - 864 Settling After the Event

Chapter 864 - 864 Settling After the Event

864 Settling After the Event

After stopping the live broadcast, Shen Sisi could not hide her expression anymore. She flew into a rage at the middle-aged woman. “What’s wrong with your orphanage? Did you bring this little brat here to cause trouble? He has been pulling a long face since the start of the live broadcast. What is he trying to do?”

“Miss Shen, don’t be angry.” The middle-aged woman nodded and bowed. Without the live broadcast camera, her flattery became more and more apparent. “I’ve reminded you before that this child’s temper is rather strange…”

“Are you saying that it’s my fault?” When Shen Sisi heard this, her expression darkened. “I chose this little brat because I wanted him to go from being wary to believing in me in my live stream and finally to be grateful to me, not to make him attack me! Is this how you do things? Does Zhan Cangqiong know?” She pointed at the middle-aged woman’s nose and scolded, “Before the next live stream, I want to see this little brat’s attitude towards me change. Otherwise, I’ll make sure you don’t suffer! ”

The middle-aged woman’s expression repeatedly changed when Zhan Cangqiong’s name was mentioned. “Miss Shen, don’t worry. I will make Lele obedient.” She quickly agreed and pushed Lele rudely. “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and apologize to Miss Shen. Say that you are sorry to Sister Shen. It’s your blessing that Miss Shen brought you here to see a doctor. Who are you putting on a face for?”

“I don’t want to be treated!” Lele, who did not react to the middle-aged woman’s shove, seemed to have encountered something terrifying when he heard the word “treatment”. His already big eyes widened even more. “I don’t want to! I don’t want to treat illnesses! I don’t want to be treated!”


“Little brat, this is not up to you.” Seeing Lele was not cooperating, Shen Sisi, who had been forcing a smile on her face, was completely furious. She raised her hand and slapped Lele’s little face. “You have to treat this illness no matter what! How dare you ruin my plan? You deserve to be hit!”

A child’s perspective was initially. Seeing Shen Sisi’s ferocious expression, Lele used a very familiar posture to quickly cover his head and lower himself, protecting his vital parts. He did not escape because he knew very well that it was useless for him to escape. He could not outrun these adults. He did not resist because his experience told him that his resistance was laughable in the eyes of the adults. It was useless to cry because no one would feel sorry for him. It was useless to ask for help. No one could save him from the endless darkness and despair of life. Even if someone kindly stopped him, when he was brought back to a place where no one was, he would only be beaten even more fiercely. The only thing he could do was grit his teeth and obediently protect his vitals while he was beaten up without a word. When these adults were done fighting and lost interest, they would let him go.

Lele clutched his head tightly, waiting for the pain to come. He did not know why those people on the Internet called Shen Sisi a little fairy. He only knew that this woman called Shen Sisi was in cahoots with those demons. She was a terrifying monster, wantonly manipulating his young life, but… the expected pain did not strike him. On the contrary, a pleasant female voice that he did not know how to describe sounded.

“Shen Sisi, how dare you.” Shen Hanxing’s eyes burned with rage as he grabbed Shen Sisi’s wrist, which was about to hit him. His tone was cold. “Forget about the charity show, but now you’re bullying a child. Doesn’t your conscience hurt?” She really couldn’t understand how Shen Sisi could do that. How could Shen Sisi have the heart to hit such a skinny and small child without resistance?

“Shen Hanxing, why are you everywhere?” Shen Sisi felt guilty momentarily when she saw Shen Hanxing appear, but it quickly turned into anger. What was there to feel guilty about? The live broadcast room was closed, and no one else could see it. Her face revealed a hint of arrogance as she raised her chin coldly. “So what if I’m putting on a charity show? Seeing that my reputation is improving, are you anxious?” She was even a little proud of herself. Ever since she brought those rich ladies to the welfare institute to do a live broadcast, her reputation had improved. Very few people would mention the past. Even if they did, because of her charity, people would say that she had turned over a new leaf and given her a new chance. The number of fans on her social media platform was also increasing. Many people liked her beautiful and kind little fairy persona. Shen Sisi could be said to be living well during this time. It was incredibly smooth.

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