The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 865 - 865 Six Slaps

Chapter 865 - 865 Six Slaps

865 Six Slaps

“I can’t be bothered with your charity show.” Shen Hanxing’s eyes were cold as he said, “But since you’re bullying a child, I have to do something.” Many netizens would say that some celebrities did charity for the sake of putting on a show. But she had never thought putting on a charity show was bad. No matter what, those people donated money to charity, and it played a role in publicity. So, was it important whether the charity was for show or not? However, Shen Sisi used a child to put on a show, and then she hit a child behind the camera. That crossed the line.

Lele, who was squatting on the ground, heard it. He couldn’t help but raise his head and take a peek. Even after many years, Lele had grown up. He still remembered that glance at that time. It was a glance that changed his life and destiny and was also the turning point of his life. When he was young, he suffered too much pain, experienced too much malice, and felt too many ups and downs. However, later on, he thought about how the pain and suffering of his childhood gradually faded when he met that person. All the pain had been soothed, and he welcomed a new life.

Lele was only ten years old and did not understand such complicated emotions. He only knew that the figure in front of him was particularly safe as if it could shield him from all the wind and rain. He looked at this beautiful big sister timidly. The big sister wore a lady’s suit, and her slender high heels were under her feet. When Shen Hanxing’s aura was fully released, her entire body was imposing. The high heels were like her throne, and she was the noble queen, noble and elegant.

Shen Hanxing’s face was cold, but Lele did not feel afraid. Instead, she felt a strange sense of security. This sister had just said she would care for the bad guys who bullied children. Lele pursed her lips, and her eyes were a little sore. He was no longer a three or four-year-old child. He knew that adults’ words were not to be trusted. Now that this sister was protecting him, he would only suffer more brutal beatings in the future. However, in his short life… It was too rare for someone to stand up and protect him. He stared at Shen Hanxing’s back with teary eyes, looking at her longingly and greedily.

“Why are you meddling in other people’s business!” Seeing the contempt in Shen Hanxing’s eyes, Shen Sisi as if she had been poked in the sore spot. She raised her hand abruptly and wanted to continue hitting Lele. “I am going to hit him even if you stop me! If not for me, this little brat would have died of illness sooner or later! I’m going to hit him today. What can you do to me?!” She was extremely arrogant and was about to grab Lele’s little face. Lele trembled and instinctively covered her head again.


Slap! The crisp sound of a slap came as expected, but Lele did not feel any pain. Instead, a crazy scream sounded in her ears, and every word was filled with hatred. “Shen Hanxing, how dare you!”

Lele’s eyes were filled with confusion. She quietly raised her eyes and saw that the beautiful big sister had grabbed the bad guy’s hand again. The bad guy covered his face, and his eyes were red with anger.

Shen Hanxing quickly stopped Shen Sisi’s violent actions. She looked at Shen Sisi coldly and said, “Shen Sisi, you’re courting death!” She was outraged. Slapping Shen Sisi wasn’t enough, so she raised her hand and hit her again. Slap! “Heartless woman! How dare you bully a child! Do you feel a sense of accomplishment to see a child unable to resist? Hit me if you dare! Save him? Did he beg you to save him? Why do I hear him say he doesn’t want to be treated? What era is it now? Even if you help him treat his illness, do you think he will sell himself to you and let you beat him up as you please? Does it feel good to be beaten?” Slap!

Shen Hanxing would slap Shen Sisi with every sentence she said. When done, she asked coldly, “Do you like being beaten? Do you want me to give you a few more slaps to teach you a lesson?”

Lele’s eyes lit up as she looked at Shen Hanxing. His eyes were filled with admiration. This beautiful sister was so cool! She hit the bad guys until they dared not even raise their heads! It was simply too amazing! He couldn’t help but clench his tiny fists. He yearned for it in his heart. In the future, could he become so powerful? When he grew up, would he be able to beat up those who bullied him?

Shen Hanxing didn’t know what her actions had planted in Lele’s heart. She only saw Shen Sisi’s resentful gaze, then she sneered and raised her hand to hit Shen Sisi again. Those who bullied young children were worse than animals!

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