The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 866 - 866 See If They Can Protect You

Chapter 866 - 866 See If They Can Protect You

866 See If They Can Protect You

“Shen Hanxing, how dare you!” Shen Sisi probably saw through Shen Hanxing’s thoughts and looked at Shen Hanxing in disbelief. She screamed, covering her swollen cheeks, “What right do you have to hit me? What right do you have to pretend to be a good person here?” No matter her attitude towards this little brat, she had brought him here to see a doctor. What right did Shen Hanxing have to hit her?

Shen Sisi’s pupils widened, and her face was filled with fear. She couldn’t help but curse at the middle-aged woman and the assistant, “Are you two blind? Didn’t you see her hit me? What are you all doing here? Useless trash!”

“You want others to help you?” Seeing Shen Sisi’s seemingly unrepentant expression, Shen Hanxing sneered, “Let them try and see if they can protect you.” Her face was cold, her eyes were murderous, and her entire body was filled with a threatening coldness.

The middle-aged woman and her assistant looked at each other. They were momentarily intimidated by Shen Hanxing’s aura and hesitated to step forward. Shen Sisi was scared out of her wits. She turned around and ran behind a mobile bed in the hospital corridor. She looked at Shen Hanxing with fear. “Shen Hanxing, don’t go too far!” She was not a fool. How could she stand there and let Shen Hanxing hit her?


Shen Hanxing sneered. She couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath on Shen Sisi. If she didn’t beat Shen Sisi up and made her cry for her parents today, all her years of fighting would have been in vain!

Just as Shen Hanxing rolled up her sleeves aggressively and was about to teach Shen Sisi a lesson, someone grabbed her wrist. She looked over and saw Ji Yan standing beside her, stopping her from doing anything.

“President Ji! President Ji, do something about Shen Hanxing!” Shen Sisi’s eyes instantly lit up as if she had seen her savior. She screamed, “Shen Hanxing is a lunatic. President Ji, stop her! ”

This voice was very ear-piercing. Shen Hanxing frowned slightly and looked up at Ji Yan quietly. She had trusted him for a long time, so she would not have any other thoughts because of Ji Yan’s actions. She was just a little unhappy.

“Mrs. Ji, even if you want to hit someone, you must be careful of yourself.” Ji Yan felt helpless when he saw Shen Hanxing’s unhappy gaze. He held Shen Hanxing’s wrist with his warm palm and turned her palm over. Her skin was white and smooth, like suet jade, making leaving marks easy. At this moment, her palm was pink, and it looked a little terrifying against her cold white skin.

Ji Yan raised his hand and gently rubbed Shen Hanxing’s palm. He said dotingly, “Does Mrs. Ji not know that the effect of force is mutual? Is it worth it to let your palm hurt to educate others?”

Ji Yan’s palm was hot, and his fingertips were rough. The calluses were gently rubbed in her palm. It was clearly a very gentle action, but it inexplicably gave off a sense of ambiguity.

“Mr. Ji…” Shen Hanxing curled the corners of her lips and blushed. She glanced at him and said gently, “Actually, it doesn’t hurt much.”

“Mrs. Ji doesn’t feel pain, but my heart aches.” There was no emotion on Ji Yan’s face. He only glanced at Shen Hanxing calmly, which made Shen Hanxing obediently take back her words. She lowered her head and revealed her perfect and exquisite side profile. She lowered her voice and said coquettishly, “Shen sis bullied a child. I was so angry that I couldn’t hold it in…” Although her palm was hurting, she felt good beating Shen Sisi up!

“What kind of indecent thing is worth Mrs. Ji suffering for?” Ji Yan’s thin lips pursed tightly, and the contempt in his tone was not concealed. He glanced at Shen Sisi indifferently, unwilling to give her any extra glances. He rubbed away the pink marks on Shen Hanxing’s palm, then took out the hospital’s brochure from the side and handed it to Shen Hanxing. He said, “Mrs. Ji, don’t dirty your hands. If you want to teach her a lesson, use this.”

Shen Sisi’s eyes suddenly widened. It was hard to tell if there was more hatred or fear in her eyes. In the past, she was clearly a little fairy that everyone sought after. Although the Shen Family’s status was not high enough in upper-class society, she was still the white moonlight in the hearts of many rich children. She was the person that they wanted to pursue. But now, in Ji Yan’s mouth, she did not even deserve to be mentioned. She only used that kind of disdainful tone to refer to her. What kind of indecent thing was that? How could this address refer to her? Shen Hanxing was the one who should be stepped on, trampled on, and looked down upon. What right did she have to step on her head? Why? Shen Hanxing slapped her face, and now she blamed her for dirtying her hands.

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