The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven

Volume 1 Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Won’t Let a Single One of Them Off

“The day’s turned cold, let’s return……” Yao Mo Wan’s cherry lips smoothed as she faintly smiled towards Ting Yue. She believes that one day, Ting Yue will understand what she means. But right now, she should have a proper rest. Please do not copy

The next day, Yao Tu wrote a played down report about the firewood room fire and gave it to Yao Zhen Ting. Yao Zhen Ting naturally wouldn’t care much about this little matter and just breezed over it and taking it as the matter was dealt with.

“How should we handle the empress’s funeral?” In the study, Yao Zhen Ting leaned against the chair, exhausted as he asked apprehensively. Since his majesty declared that the empress died from a difficult childbirth, naturally Yao Mo Xin’s funeral must be done grandly as according to the empress’s etiquette. Yao Xiang fu, as the maternal family, unavoidably has to attend to the wake.

“Replying lao ye, all the preparations are ready, we only have to wait for the court to set a date.” Yao Tu respectfully reported.

“That’s enough, you can withdraw!” Yao Zhen Ting used his fingers to rub his temples. Yao Mo Xin and Prince Su’s improper relations is a crime that cannot even be wiped out by death. Now, he only hopes Yao Mo Xin’s matters will not affect Yao fu‘s position in his majesty’s thoughts, otherwise their gains would not be able to make up their losses.

Lao ye……. Lou Yu Xing has already been taken care of, the Virtue Cloud Performance Troupe has also left the Imperial City and will never return.” Yao Tu reported in a low voice.

“Even killing him doesn’t relieve the hatred. If she didn’t have a daughter that was a gui fei, lao fu would personally slaughter her!” Yao Zhen Ting frowned, adding more force to the hand pressed against his temple. Please do not copy

“The old servant will withdraw.” Yao Tu is usually of few words. This is also one of the reasons Yao Zhen Ting trusts him.

Opaque Flower Pavilion

The sunshine passed through the criss-crossed window lattice and cast mottled shadows. Yao Mo Wan’s beautiful eyes fluttered like fans, her forehead was filled with fine beads of sweat. The brocade mattress that was gripped tightly by both hands was filled with creases.

“Ah— Zhong er!” A shrill voice suddenly sounded and Yao Mo Wan abruptly got up, roughly gasping for breath. Even though she was in a dream, but the entire scene of the Cold Palace was incomparably real as it appeared in Yao Mo Wan’s mind, causing her to feel as if she was really there.

“Miss, are you alright?” At this time, Ting Yue shouted as she ran in, asking worriedly.

“I’m fine…… I just had a nightmare, has Liu Xing arrived?” Yao Mo Wan wiped off the tears at the corners of her eyes, leaving no trace, and fiercely exhaled a long breath.

“He’s arrived, he’s waiting in the reception room.” Ting Yue answered. Please do not copy

“Why didn’t you wake me up? Bring the clothes over.” Yao Mo Wan lifted her eyes to look outside the window, reckon it’s almost noon.

“This servant saw that Miss seemed exhausted and couldn’t bear to wake Miss up.” Seeing Yao Mo Wan worried, Ting Yue immediately got the clothes down from the clothes rack and helped Yao Mo Wan wash up.

When Yao Mo Wan walked out of the bedroom, Liu Xing currently respectfully standing in the middle of the reception room.

“Why didn’t you sit down to wait?” Yao Mo Wan asked. Please do not copy

“Liu Xing is a servant, how could it be proper for me to wait for Miss while sitting.” Seeing Yao Mo Wan walk out, Liu Xing’s eyes subconsciously exuded happiness. Yao Mo Wan saw all of this and a smudge of helplessness flashed through her heart.

“Lou Yu Xin is dead?” Yao Mo Wan did not have Liu Xing sit. Letting him clarify this relationship is also good, as to avoid deep-rooted feelings and asking for trouble.

“Miss really has incredible foresight. Last night Liu Xing found someone to tail Lou Yu Xing and just happened to see him be kicked and beaten to death by several masked people.” Liu Xing looked at Yao Mo Wan with worship.

“It’s not that I have incredible foresight but that I understand Father’s style too well. Liu Xing, do you still remember who that white silk pants gongzi ge that attacked you last time was?” Each person that intended her harm, Yao Mo Wan deeply ingrained them in her memory. She won’t let a single one of them off.

“I remember.” Liu Xing nodded vigorously. That time, it was due to the lucky fact that Miss was able to use her identity as the third daughter of the Yao family to intimidate that group of bastards. Otherwise, afraid that he would no longer be alive to serve at Miss’s side.

“Leak the news out, say that before Lou Yu Xin disappeared he had met him.” Yao Mo Wan commanded in a mild tone.

“Miss means?” Liu Xing couldn’t quite make sense of the matter and looked at Yao Mo Wan confused.

“Whether other people know doesn’t matter, but we must definitely let Big Madam know.” Yao Mo Wan added a bit of a reminder.

“Liu Xing understands!” Liu Xing suddenly understood. Just as he was about to leave, Yao Mo Wan called him back.

“You…… did you ask around about the Esteemed Prince’s situation?” If life could be relived once again, she truly wished that night, when Ye Jun Qing saved her from the hands of those bandits, he had removed the silver mask on his face. That was originally Ye Hong Yi’s mask. At the moment when she finally found out the truth, she had already become Ye Hong Yi’s wang fei.

王妃 – “wang fei” the official wife of the Wang Ye, aka Princess Consort/Imperial Consort. I’m guessing this is before Ye Hong Yi became king, when he was still a prince.

I just realized that 肃亲王 was not Prince Su but his title as a prince. Like the way Mo Wen Chen has the title of Bei Ding Hou wang ye. That wang in wang ye is the same wang in Su Qing Wang, they both refer to king/prince. The titles of prince are pretty much preceded by adjectives such as respect, solemn, honest or prominent and and the titles depend on lineage according to wikipedia. So Ye Jun Qing is the ‘Solemn Prince’, because he came after the ‘Solemn Loyal Prince’. The character 肃 can also mean respectful…. So, henceforth Prince Su will become the Esteemed Prince.

“Replying Miss, regarding the Esteemed Prince’s situation, there was no need to specially ask around at all. Right now the entire marketplace is circulating the news of the Esteemed Prince’s defeat and retreat. He took quite a blow, and now he’s completely depressed in his residence. Every day he calls for girls from the Fragrant Harmony Courtyard to pour drinks and chat. He has completely let himself go. The emperor declared that he once did many meritorious deeds for the country so he would not be punished but rather rewarded. However, the Esteemed Prince only wanted a jar of good wine, so His Majesty would send people every day to bestow upon the Esteemed Prince the best wine in the palace.” Liu Xing reported everything that he had heard.

“What a clever method. It keeps in accordance with his sanctimonious style……” Yao Mo Wan murmured to herself, a bit of chill overflowed from the depths of her pupils. But she didn’t understand. Ye Jun Qing had grasp of a massive military force, how could he have fallen to such a predicament? The reason she signed the testimony that day, besides for the sake of saving her Zhong er, was also because she thought of this. That’s why she agreed to the terms. But in any case, it was her that implicated the Esteemed Prince, whether it was based on reason or on emotions, she should still go and take a look.

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