The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven

Volume 1 Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Hand, Captured in One Grab

Yao Mo Wan stared blankly, standing in place. Her lips twitched. Sure enough the man fits his name, this temperament is even more violent than thunder.

“You, come here.” A clear and melodious voice like the sound of rain striking on delicate porcelain. Just as Yao Mo Wan turned away, she had heard this light call. When she turned back, Ye Jun Qing was currently lifting his eyes to look at her, the gaze of his black jade eyes roamed magnificently. This type of heavenly immortal man, she had in the end, let down.

Walking into the pavilion, Yao Mo Wan immediately felt a bunch of very unfriendly gazes shot towards herself. She gave a slight smile and bowed in greeting. Please do not copy or host elsewhere.

“May I ask why wangye has called for Jing Xin?” Yao Mo Wan was modest but not too humble as she spoke mildly.

“Grind the ink.” Ye Jun Qing dipped the brush in the ink stone then finely traced it across the picture scroll on the table, not lifting his head to look at her again. Yao Mo Wan nodded and rose, walked to the stone table, drew back her sleeve with one hand and picked up the ink stick with her other hand and started to grind it against the flat ink slab, delicately grinding towards one direction.

At this moment, Yao Mo Wan slightly raised her brows. Just then when she looked at the streaks of black between the clear water, it seemed just like her portrait. On the picture scroll, her face had a charming smile and her eyes were captivating, she had on a misty green jade garment paired with a pleated skirt. She remembered very clearly, this outfit was what she wore that night when he had saved her. Her heart, felt like it was stuffed with cotton. There was an indescribable clutching pain. It had already been so many years, yet he was still so clung to it so strongly.

Wangye! What are you still drawing her for! If not for her you wouldn’t have been reduced to this point!” Ben Lei shot a glare at the picture and spoke bitterly. At almost the same time, Ye Jun Qing suddenly lifted his eyes, they were sharp and vast like the penetrating eye of an eagle. Ben Lei immediately choked up. Please do not copy or host elsewhere.

Wangye, excuse this subordinate for saying something that should not be said. The empress is already dead, why must you still endure this situation! The emperor is clearly trying to ruin your reputation then get rid of you! As long as you give the word, a regime change isn’t impossible.” Although Ben Lei’s temperament was violent, but he was also attentive, otherwise he wouldn’t be so heavily relied on by Ye Jun Qing.

“She spent her entire life for him…… ben wang doesn’t wish for her to be disappointed……” A barely dutiable voice pensively sounded, yet it was like a drum that struck Yao Mo Wan’s heart.

“The empress died from childbirth, how could she sign the testimony?” Ben Lei questioned.

“That’s her handwriting, if she did not wish for it, no one has the ability to force her.” The brush in Ye Jun Qing’s hand drew slender strokes, the touch was very light. Yao Mo Wan took this sight in, knowing that he didn’t harbor the slightest grudge. But the more Ye Jun Qing was like this, the more her heart ached.

“Even if wangye doesn’t want to disappoint the empress, you still need not put up with the emperor’s intolerable actions! Wangye probably understands even more clearly than this subordinate. This time’s defeat was completely engineered by the emperor!” Ben Lei angrily spoke.

“If not for the defeat, ben wang wouldn’t have any reasons to be in a drunken stupor and only if ben wang is in a drunken stupor would he agree not to make that testimony public to the world and give the empress a proper funeral.” Ye Jun Qing set down his brush and lightly blew on the picture, his eyes exuded difficult to conceal yearning and longing.

Wangye! How much have you already given this woman in this lifetime! But she only knows to protect that incapable ruler, even in her death she still thought to use that testimony to control you, she owes you too much!!” Ben Lei’s eyes turned red as thistle as he angrily roared. His hands ferociously reached towards the picture scroll but was pushed several meters back by Ye Jun Qing’s strike and knocked into the white marble pillar.

Wangye!” Ben Lei mournfully cried.

“You should go. Ben wang‘s status is particular. If you come so often, according to Ye Hong Yi’s personality, he definitely won’t let you off.” Ye Jun Qing restrained the hurt in his eyes and spoke apathetically.

Wangye is willing to be trampled on by that incapable ruler, but Ben Lei isn’t willing to be humiliated! Even being a farmer to hoe the fields would be better than sacrificing your life for that incapable ruler! Wangye take care, Ben Lei takes his leave!” Men have tears but they do not fall easily. Yet at this time Ben Lei’s cheeks were already streaming with tears.

In front of the table, Yao Mo Wan’s beautiful eyes lowered and she bit her teeth. The pain in her heart rolled like waves. How much did she truly owe Ye Jun Qing?

Just as Yao Mo Wan was in the midst of deep sorrow, her jade wrist was suddenly grasped by Ben Lei.

“What are you grabbing her for?” Ye Jun Qing’s sharp brows creased as he asked.

“She heard everything in the conversation just now, this woman cannot be left alive!” Ben Lei used his sleeve to wipe away the tears at the corners of his eyes and replied prudently. Yao Mo Wan was extremely speechless, suddenly having the sort of miserable feeling like she could get shot by arrows even while lying down.

“Let her go, ben wang trusts that she will not tell.” Not waiting for Yao Mo Wan to react, the other hand had already been seized by Ye Jun Qing.

Wangye! Please listen to this subordinate this once!” Ben Lei crossed gazes with Ye Jun Qing, speaking almost as if he were pleading.

Ben wang said she won’t so she definitely won’t. You should go!” Ye Jun Qing’s insistence allowed Yao Mo Wan to secretly sigh a breath of relief. Ben Lei didn’t speak, his copper bell-like eyes glared fiercely at Yao Mo Wan.

At this moment, Yao Mo Wan looked calmly at Ben Lei and didn’t speak a single word. She just knew that the more you speak the more mistakes, the less you speak the less mistakes, if you don’t speak, there are no mistakes. After a few seconds of confrontation, Ben Lei suddenly flung away Yao Mo Wan’s wrist and furiously left.

Looking at Ben Lei’s back figure, Yao Mo Wan’s lips lifted in an almost imperceptible curve. Ben Lei left because Ye Jun Qing was here, if Ye Jun Qing was not here……

At this point, Yao Mo Wan was still grateful that there was such a loyal and devoted helper by Ye Jun Qing’s side. She owes Ye Jun Qing too much. One day, she will give Ye Jun Qing the mountains and rivers of great Chu.

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