The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven

Volume 1 Chapter 16

Chapter 16: There is Something Wrong with the Wine

“There are very few woman like you that remain calm in the face of events.” Seeing Ben Lei leave, Ye Jun Qing indifferently released Yao Mo Wan’s hand and walked to the table, lightly stroking the picture.

“So wangye believes Jing Xin has received special training, that’s why she would show up here?” Yao Mo Wan picked up the ink stick again and asked, seemingly unconcerned. But a flash of pain streaked through her heart. So it turns out this time when they met again, Ye Jun Qing actually thought she was a spy sent by Ye Hong Yi to monitor him.

“Is it not it?” Ye Jun Qing did not deny.

“Then why did wangye allow that general just now say such disgraceful things?” Yao Mo Wan was a bit flabbergast and looked questioningly at Ye Jun Qing.

“Ye Hong Yi’s target is ben wang. As long as ben wang doesn’t harbor dissatisfaction it’s enough, no?” Ye Jun Qing seemed to have some deep meaning as he looked towards Yao Mo Wan. The unspoken implication was that if he tried to stop him, she would already have been cut into pieces by Ben Lei.

“Jing Xin will just return the favor to wangye.” Yao Mo Wan accepted the misunderstanding and just went with it, continuing to grind the ink.

Just then, Steward Zhuo suddenly rushed over. Behind him a furious eunuch from the palace was following him. Yao Mo Wan recognized that eunuch, it was An Bing Shan that followed beside Ye Hong Yi. His conduct was acid, with honeyed words and a sword in the belly, he was hypocritical and murderous. Even though he was an eunuch and was born infertile, but countless palace maids died in his hands. At those times he defended himself with Ye Hong Yi’s prestige and was never punished. Thinking back to it now, it truly was what type of master must have that type of servant.

Wangye, Eunuch An has brought the wine over.” As Steward Zhuo was respectfully reporting, An Bing Shan had already walked in.

“Esteemed Prince, one pot a day. The old servant has brought this wine.” An Bing Shan’s eyes slightly crinkled, and he didn’t greet in courtesy, he just directly placed the violet jade wine pot in front of Ye Jun Qing. Please do not copy or host elsewhere.

“Steward Zhou.” Ye Jun Qing didn’t give a single glance to An Bing Shan and just ordered Steward Zhou to pour the wine, then raised up the wine cup and downed it in one gulp.

“Eunuch may go back and report now.” Ye Jun Qing set down the wine cup and coldly spoke. Hearing this, An Bing Shan smirked, slightly lowered his body, then turned to leave.

At the side, Yao Mo Wan’s willow brows slightly wrinkled, the light in her eyes suddenly turned cold. Seeing this interaction she knew that there was definitely something wrong with the wine.

Wangye was drawing a portrait of the eunuch in front of the empress, aren’t you afraid the emperor may be angry with you?” As Yao Mo Wan spoke, her gaze swept over the wine cup next to the ink slab.

Ben wang just wanted to remind Ye Hong Yi, if not for Mo Xin, how would he be able to suppress ben wang? So regardless of whether Mo Xin is dead or alive, he still must treat her well!” Ye Jun Qing each and every word were like sharp blades that penetrated Yao Mo Wan’s heart. Blood, drop by drop fell, transforming into blooms of red spider lilies.

“Steward Zhou, clean this place up.” All the acts were performed. Ye Jun Qing slowly rolled up the picture scroll and walked down the pavilion. One scroll a day, this was already the tenth picture he drew. Please do not copy or host elsewhere.

The wind lifted, the muslim covering veil of the pavilion slightly fluttered in the wind and a few flower petals gently fell on Yao Mo Wan’s shoulders. The sensation of something ice-cold streaked across her cheek, but before she could even wipe it away, it had already been blown dry by the wind. Ye Jun Qing, even if I return you the mountains and rivers, how can I repay your eternally unregretful sincere feelings?

At around five, the girls from Fragrant Harmony Courtyard were all like frost beaten eggplants as they walked out of the Esteemed Prince’s residence. The brothel keeper knew it would be like that from the start and didn’t say anything to them.

“This is the rest of the money, thank you, Aunt Gui, for helping.” Yao Mo Wan took out three hundred tael banknotes from her chest and put them in the brothel keeper’s hand as she said thank you in a soft voice.

“It was only a small matter, what is lady being so courteous for. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going first!” The brothel keeper’s personality was to open her eyes wide at the sight of profit and so she naturally exchanged polite greetings. Yao Mo Wan nodded slightly and waited for the six palanquins to grandly leave the Esteemed Prince’s residence before turning to held back to Yao Xiang fu.

“I knew something was fishy about you from the start, now I’ve caught you red-handed!” Just as Yao Mo Wan turned the corner, Ben Lei suddenly appeared and blocked her way.

“If I wasn’t looking for you, I would have followed the palanquin back just now.” Her clear pupils shone like stars, without the slightest ripple.

“Do you think I would believe your nonsense?” Ben Lei cautiously looked towards Yao Mo Wan and coldly humphed.

“This is a cup that has held the imperial wine before. Secretly have someone to figure out what sort of poison is mixed in there and then search for an antidote. Think of a way to cure wangye‘s poison. Do it quietly, without any words or movements and you must not let wangye find out.” As Yao Mo Wan spoke she took out the wine cup that was on the stone table from within her sleeve and handed it to Ben Lei. Please do not copy or host elsewhere.

“You …… What’s your intention?” Ben Lei looked incredulously towards Yao Mo Wan, not knowing what to do for a moment.

“You should understand wangye‘s personality well. Since you can’t convince him, it’s best that you just properly safeguard him. The future is long, there is no need to be so impatient at this moment.” Seeing Ben Lei staring blankly, Yao Mo Wan firmly pressed the cup into Ben Lei’s hand then turned to leave.

“Who are you? Why are you helping wangye?” Ben Lei returned to his senses and hurriedly asked.

“Haa——” Yao Mo Wan didn’t reply and just gave a soft sigh, departing.

Yao Xiang fu Entrance

As she saw Yao Mo Wan’s figure appear in her sight, Ting Yue immediately rushed out to greet her. Please do not copy or host elsewhere.

“Miss, you made Yue er worried to death. Are you alright?” Ting Yue worriedly looked over Yao Mo Wan, seeing that she seemed to be fine, finally sighed in relief.

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