The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven

Volume 3 Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Chu Moxin's Rescue

"You can blame all the past wrongs on Junqing. As for Yao Mowan… she really doesn't know anything." Ye Junqing didn't try to explain any further. He truly did feel guilty towards Yu Funing.

"Ha, Prince truly is an affectionate person, but you're truly fickle! Originally Funing still thought that Prince cared that much about Yao Moxin, but who would've thought that less than a year after Yao Moxin passed away, Prince would end up getting together with her younger sister?" Yu Funing deliberately ridiculed him. Her eyes were like ice.

"Consort Xian, please pay attention to your own status!" How could Ye Junqing possibly tolerate Yu Funing insulting him like this? His voice abruptly turned cold.

"Status? Funing really doesn't know her current status! If it weren't for Yao Mowan's schemes, even if Funing had no fate with Prince, Funing would at least still be Consort Xian of great Chu!" Yu Funing hated Yao Mowan to the core. As she spoke, her hands were clenched into fists so tight audible cracking could be heard.

"Since Consort Xian has no intention of revealing Moxin's cause of death, then Junqing shall take his leave." Ye Junqing didn't want to get involved in a dispute, so he cupped his hands in a salute, then turned to leave.

"Yao Moxin had definitely died unwillingly, to be betrayed by the man she loved…" Just as Ye Junqing was about to leave Jade Heart Pavilion, Yu Funing said these shocking words. Upon hearing this, Ye Junqing abruptly froze, then turned around, his eyes cold as ice.

Moonlight spilled down like delicate gauze. Yao Mowan was gasping for breath as she ran on the small road. The road ahead of her was gradually becoming increasingly narrow and the wild grass on both sides were getting increasingly tall. Yao Mowan finally stopped. She pressed one hand against her chest. It seemed that she really had bad luck. This had been the wrong path!

Just as Yao Mowan was about to turn around and head back, countless torches suddenly lit up in front of her, illuminating the night.

"The road to the nether world is easy to enter but hard to leave. Little lady, since you've come, how could we possibly let you leave?" Yao Mowan looked over in the direction of the voice, only to see a tall and sturdy man with a ferocious countenance walk towards her. In the light of the torch, Yao Mowan could see the three sinister crisscrossing scars that laid like centipedes on his face. It was an intimidating sight.

"Was Chu Mobei the one that sent you guys?" Yao Mowan's heart chilled. Despite all these years, Chu Mobei's way of handling things was still as ruthless as before. It had been her negligence. She hadn't been wrong about worrying. There was a must to be careful when interacting with Chu Mobei since the slightest negligence could leave you without even an intact corpse.

"This daddy doesn't know any Chu Mobei or Chu Monan (bei - north, nan - south)! Hand over all your treasures now and perhaps this daddy will let you die more straightforwardly! Otherwise… You can see as well. These fifty brothers of mine haven't had any meat for a good while!" The scarred man pointed towards the bandits behind him with a dark laugh.

"So you guys are lacking meat? How about this? As long as you guys come with me, I'll guarantee that you guys have meat for every meal!" Yao Mowan smiled bitterly. It hadn't been easy for her to get a rebirth. Who would've thought she'd die here?

"Little lady, you're sure funny! The meat this daddy is talking about isn't food!" The scarred man's words made the bandits behind him burst out laughing.

"Isn't it just women? Aren't the ladies in Melancholic Spring Courtyard beautiful? As long as you guys come with me, I'll guarantee that you guys will have women every day!" Yao Mowan had some understanding of Luminous Moon Ravine's bandits, so she knew that it was practically impossible to convince them to let her off. The only reason she was talking with them was in hopes that the Heavens would have mercy and send a celestial down to save her.

"Hahaha! This little lady sure can boast! Based on what!?" The flesh on the scarred man's face was trembling with his laughter.

"Based on the fact that I'm the proprietor of Yao Manifest Trade!" Yao Mowan introduced herself. In her opinion, as long as these bandits had the slightest bit of brains, they wouldn't kill her. After all, it would be easy for them to get a couple thousand million from Yao Manifest Trade for ransom.

However, Yao Mowan overlooked one thing, which was that when Yao Manifest Trade's caravans were being looted, she had Yan Nansheng help with the issue. What she didn't know was that Yan Nansheng had put some serious effort into things and commanded several dozen of his subordinates to head to Mangyuan and kill over half of the bandits in Luminous Moon Ravine. After that, he even warned them not to oppose Yao Manifest Trade. As of now, Yao Mowan had revealed that she was the proprietor of Yao Manifest Trade, so the outcome was easily imaginable.

"You're really the proprietor of Yao Manifest Trade?" The scarred man was no longer smiling and his voice was cold as ice. The people behind him also fell silent and looked towards Yao Mowan.

"Ah, yes!" Yao Mowan replied extremely straightforwardly.

"Truly, traveling far and wide seeking can't compare to coming upon it by peer luck! Brothers! This daddy will get revenge for you all today!" The scarred man suddenly shouted towards the sky and behind him, the other bandits mournfully joined in the shout. For a moment, 'revenge' was the only word reverberating in the valley. It was so loud that Yao Mowan's eardrums hurt.

"Ahem… If I say that what I said earlier was a lie, would you guys believe?" Although Yao Mowan didn't know the details, she could tell from their indignant and blood-thirsty expressions that she had said the wrong thing.

"Brothers, let's go! Turn her into mincemeat!" How could the scarred man possibly allow Yao Mowan to explain herself? He immediately grabbed his sword and charged towards Yao Mowan. The fifty or so people behind him also surged forward.

Yao Mowan sighed, then closed her eyes. For better or for worse, at least it wasn't rape first then kill, was what Yao Mowan was thinking.

When she felt wind sweep towards her head, she didn't resist. She just inwardly cursed Chu Mobei another 7749 times.

"Ah!" During this moment of imminent peril, a dart hit the back of the scarred man's hand and the sword that was heading towards Yao Mowan instantly dropped to the ground. The scarred man screamed as he clutched his hand. His expression became even more sinister.

"You bunch of audacious thieves! If you dare hurt her, this prince will cut you to pieces!" A familiar voice suddenly arose. Yao Mowan's eyes abruptly opened to find that Chu Moxin was rapidly running over. With a leap, he landed at her side.

"Chu Moxin… Are you stupid!? If you saw these many people, why did you still rush out?" The instant Yao Mowan saw Chu Moxin, her heart which had been originally calm due to acceptance of death instantly clenched with worry.

"Are you alright? I'm rescuing you, you know? It's enough that you don't thank me, but you're even scolding me?" Chu Moxin shot Yao Mowan an unhappy look as he hacked another person down with his sword.

"Everyone, attack! Don't let that witch escape!" shouted the scarred man angrily. The group of bandits instantly flooded forward. Chu Moxin didn't dare to be careless anymore and quickly moved in front of Yao Mowan while brandishing his sword.

"Careful!" Yao Mowan's eyes filled with tears as she looked at Chu Moxin who was standing protectively in front of her. If something happened to Chu Moxin, she wouldn't be able to live with herself!

The clashing of the weapons emitted a mournful sound and the flashing of the blades blurred Yao Mowan's gaze. At this instant, Yao Mowan felt a hand abruptly grab her, so tightly that it seemed it would never let go.

When she saw that the bandits were falling one by one, she looked towards Chu Moxin in delighted relief. Right at this moment, a blade pierced towards Yao Mowan without any prior warning. Before Yao Mowan could even think of dodging, Chu Moxin had turned around and pulled Yao Mowan behind him. The blade pierced through Chu Moxin's right shoulder and blood spurted out like water from a spring. However, Chu Moxin didn't even knit his brows and simply tightened his grip on Yao Mowan's hand.

"How dare you guys!? Moxin, don't worry about me anymore, just go! Hurry and go!" Her heart was in so much pain, it was like countless knives were stabbing into it.

"As long as I'm here, you don't need to worry!" Chu Moxin didn't dare to relax in the slightest. His handsome face now contained determined resolve that it had never contained before. After this round of close combat, there were only three left of the original fifty plus bandits. They looked at Chu Moxin timidly. No one dared to advance. As of now, the blood on Chu Moxin's shoulder had already soaked through his clothing.

At this time, a whistle came from nearby and several dozen torches approached like ghost fire. When they got close, Yao Mowan found that at least another hundred bandits were charging towards them.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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