The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven

Volume 3 Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Give One's Life for Each Other

"Chu Moxin, you're not a match for them! Hurry and leave! It's fine if Mowan dies, there's no need to add on your life! Hurry and go!" Yao Mowan was truly panicking now. She rushed in front of Chu Moxin and shouted at him, tears streaming down her face.

"Do all women like to cry so much? They're nothing! This prince isn't scared! So stay behind me." The immature voice contained a stubbornness that couldn't be bulged by even the pulling of ten donkeys. Chu Moxin was smiling, but his eyes were bitingly cold.

"This daddy told you to leave! You hear that? Leave…" Yao Mowan couldn't be bothered to argue with him and just reached out to shove Chu Moxin with all her strength, her tears blurring her vision.

"You're so annoying!" Chu Moxin also didn't care whether Yao Mowan was willing or not. He pulled her behind him, and the bandits charged forward again. A dozen machetes sliced through the air towards Chu Moxin like sinister wild beasts. Chu Moxin didn't dare to let go of Yao Mowan's hand since he was worried that she would stupidly run out again, so he forcefully countered the swords with one hand. It took all his strength to block the blades.

"Ugh…" Almost simultaneously, two swords stabbed towards Chu Moxin from the side. Chu Moxin didn't have time to dodge, so the sword stabbed into his abdomen from the left. The pain was extremely sharp, but all that was on his mind was Yao Mowan's safety.

Just as Chu Moxin cut down the left bandit and turned to check on Yao Mowan, he found that Yao Mowan was currently tightly gripping a blade with both hands. Fresh blood spread along Yao Mowan's palms and fell. The sight was extremely shocking. However, she continued to grip the tip of the sword tightly, refusing to let it touch Chu Moxin's body.

"Are you crazy!? Hurry and let go!" Chu Moxin shouted as he quickly beheaded the bandit that owned this sword. His heart was filled with invoiceable heartache.

"Who exactly out of the two of us is crazy? You idiot! How is my life anywhere as valuable as yours!?" Yao Mowan's tears were falling like rain and her voice was choked with sobs. However, her lips were still hooked in a smile.

"It's just as valuable, so neither of us can die…" Moxin has no way to choose not to come into this world, but Moxin can choose who to die for. Chu Moxin didn't hesitate any longer. He swung the blade in his hands like his life depended on it. Several dozen wounds soon appeared on his body, but he wasn't concerned at all.

Meanwhile, behind him, Yao Mowan had picked up a machete and was hacking at everything with her eyes red. She was trying to guard against all the swords that were swinging towards Chu Moxin, but what could she do? When she blocked this one, another one just approached from a different direction. Pain spread from every part of her body, but she paid it no heed. All she wanted to do was protect Chu Moxin, as if the boy standing behind her was Zhong er. At that time, she hadn't had the power, so right now, she had to use all that she had.

"Moxin!" Her back felt cold. As Yao Mowan turned around, it was right in time to see Chu Moxin fall to the ground, his face covered with blood. It was like a mirror image of the cold palace. Back then, Zhong er had also been covered with blood.

"No!" As a cold blade sliced down once again, Yao Mowan didn't hesitate any longer. She abruptly threw aside the machete in her hand and threw herself on top of Chu Moxin.

"Zhong er. If the path is death… Then let's walk it together…" Yao Mowan pressed her face against Chu Moxin's face, her lips hooked in a smile filled with blessed happiness.

"Imperial Mother… I'm sorry…" The sinister sounds by their ears gradually faded. In this moment, all Yao Mowan could hear was the soft cry of the boy beneath her…

As that blade was about to reach Yao Mowan's heart, it was cut by in half another blade. The bandits hesitated for a brief moment and a moon-like light flashed again before disappearing into the darkness of the night.

Following that, the night reverberated with ghoul-like wails of pain. These bandits didn't even know who the attacker was, they didn't have much time to wonder before their heads fell from their bodies.

"Kill everyone here." A cold voice abruptly appeared. Chu Mobei's face gradually appeared from the darkness. The Three Soul-Reaping Dreams, ranked second in the world of assassination, started moving after receiving Chu Mobei's order. In front of them, these bandits were like ants. They had no power to resist.

"Crown Prince! The little prince is here! And Yao Mowan too…" When Huangfu Junxiu saw the two bodies folded over each other, tears filled his eyes.

On the ground, Yao Mowan's entire body was on top of Chu Moxin's and a long machete was stabbed in her back. Beneath her, Chu Moxin was hugging her tightly with both arms that were covered with wounds.

"Crown Prince…" Huangfu Junxiu wiped his tears hard. He wanted to speak, but he didn't dare to.

"Have people carry them back. The austere prince must be saved, otherwise they can all die! As for Yao Mowan… Just have them do their best…" If it weren't for the fact that King Loulan noticed that Kubu Zheer had disappeared and thought that Chu Moxin had taken her to go find him, Chu Mobei wouldn't have known that Chu Moxin wasn't in Melancholic Spring Courtyard. Fortunately, he came in time. Chu Mobei didn't dare to think any further along these lines. How was he supposed to face Imperial Mother's departed spirit if something happened to Chu Moxin?

"What are you guys still standing there for? Hurry up!" When Huangfu Junxiu saw that Chu Mobei didn't have the intention to kill Yao Mowan, he immediately commanded his subordinates to separate them and carry them back to Baili Residence at the fastest speed possible.

As Chu Mobei looked at the two stretchers being carried away, he swallowed hard. Yao Mowan, you were definitely the one that tricked Chu Moxin into coming to this dangerous place. Based on that one blade you took in your back, this crown prince will spare your life. However, this crown prince won't relent again next time.

"Kill all the bandits in Luminous Moon Ravine," roared Chu Mobei coldly when Three Soul-Reaping Dreams returned to his side.

On Phoenix Mountain, Yin Xue's face was extremely red and the veins on her forehead seemed about to burst forth. At the most crucial time, Yin Xiong suddenly moved to undo Yin Xue's acupuncture seal.

"Where are you going?" Yin Xiong abruptly grabbed Yin Xue's arm when he saw that she wanted to leave.

"Let go!" The cold voice was like the icicles in the summit of snow mountains, they stabbed fiercely into Yin Xiong's heart.

"Even if you go now, it's already too late," said Yin Xiong in a pained voice. A trace of guilt flashed through the depths of his eyes. As a hidden guard, he naturally felt no guilt. But as an older brother, he truly has wronged this younger sister of his.


The wind whistled sharply as something cut through the air. Yin Xiong didn't dodge and took Yin Xue's full power blow head on. Blood spurted from his mouth, but he showed no intention of rebuking her.

"Yin Xue had failed in her duties in not protecting Master. If Master dies, then Yin Xue will naturally follow!" Yin Xue's eyes were cold as ice as her gaze swept across Yin Xiong's deathly pale face. Her heart was completely cold. In the next instant, she had already leaped forth to head towards Luminous Moon Ravine.

The wind-like speed used every ounce of skill and power Yin Xue had. As she stood in Luminous Moon Ravine and took in sight of the hundreds of corpses, her blood chilled and her heart dropped. Without hesitation, she started flipping over the corpses crazedly. Tears overflowed like spring water, blurring her vision, chilling her heart.

In Jade Heart Pavilion, Ye Junqing was clutching Yu Funing's neck, his eyes cold.

"This prince's tolerance is limited! Tell me, how did Moxin die?" Yu Funing's actions had driven Ye Junqing to raise his hand against a woman for the first time.

"Ugh… As long as Prince personally tells Funing that the woman called Jing Xin is Yao Mowan, then Funing will tell Prince about the truth behind Yao Moxin's death!" Yu Funing's face was red from lack of oxygen. Beneath the moonlight, it was conspicuously sinister, even horrifying.

"You! Fine… Fine! Even if you don't say it, this prince still knows! Yao Suluan had killed Moxin in the cold palace! And Moxin's child was also smashed to death by Yao Suluan! Right?" Ye Junqing had already lost any trace of patience.

"Ha… Was Yao Mowan the one that told you this? You actually believed?" Yu Funing's lips hooked in a ridiculing smile. That smile contained too much unreadable meanings.

"This prince believes!" He had never doubted Yao Mowan's words.

"Alright then! Then Prince, just go ask Yao Mowan why His Majesty wasn't with the empress in Changle Palace when she was giving birth? Yao Suluan was nothing but a consort, so how did she have the power to bring the mother of the nation to the cold palace? And at that time, where was His Majesty!?" Yu Funing's eyes were fixated on Ye Junqing. However, the despair and sorrow in her eyes were things that Ye Junqing would never be able to see.


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